How Long Does It Take for Nail Polish to Fully Dry?

How Long Does It Take for Nail Polish to Fully Dry?
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Several methods can help your nail polish to dry faster. We have gathered the best ones, proven-and-tested that will protect your perfect manicure.

The following situation is probably known to many of you. You had just left the nail salon or have finished an at-home manicure when something happened. You have grabbed your phone, something to eat, or your car keys and smudged your nail polish. Even though this might sound dramatic, you need to know that nothing is lost.

While polishing your nails requires patience and time, you can also do some things that will make your nail polish dry faster. We don’t want smudgy nails all the time, right? Since not all of us have time to wait for hours for our nail polish to dry, we have gathered some of the best tested and proven methods

How Long Does it Take for Nail Polish to Fully Dry?

Nail artists say that if you have applied a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat, it should take one to two hours for nail polish to fully dry. Some products can accelerate drying time, such as top coats and specially made drying drops.

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How Do You Get Nail Polish to Dry Faster?

These shortcuts are great for everyone who doesn’t have time to actually wait for two hours for nail polish to dry.

1. Always Apply a Base Coat

This is one of those pieces of advice that you will hear from all nail artists. Don’t skip this step since applying a base coat is crucial. No matter what look you would like to achieve, a base coat should always be your first step.

2. Wash Off Oil Excess

If you decided to do a hand massage with oil before doing your manicure, make sure to wash off all the excess. If your nails are oily or greasy before applying nail polish, it is possible for the polish to crack or start bubbling.

3. Apply Thin Coats of Polish

Less product means quicker drying time. Try to apply a few thin layers instead of two thick ones. That is how you give your nails a chance to dry faster between applications.

This method will also leave you with an even finish. You can practice how much paint you can apply, for instance, on your thumbnail, and see how much you will need for other fingernails.

4. Avoid Old and Sticky Nail Polishes

Believe it or not, using your old and sticky nail polishes can absolutely ruin your manicure. Some nail artists recommend not to use polishes that are more than six months old. Its thick consistency will dry longer than you think. Fortunately, there are ways to thin nail polish.

5. Use Good-Quality Top Coat

Top coats are specially formulated to cut down on the drying time of your nail polish. Top coats are also great as they prevent chipping and make them look fine by adding a sheer layer of shine.

6. Cold Water Method

Submerging your fingers with a fresh manicure in ice-cold water helps your nail polish dry faster. The temperature difference is creditable for keeping the color in place. You should dry your hands afterward – use a paper towel rather than a cotton one.

7. Use Baby or Dry Oil

Baby oil, dry oil, and even cooking oil can help your nails dry faster. Use a dropper and carefully add oil to each nail. It helps your nail polish dry faster and lock in moisture that protects your nails from smudging.

8. Buy Drying Drops

Unlike the top coat, drying drops don’t add an extra layer to your manicure. Usually, these drops are oil-based, so you get your cuticles moisturized as well. You should wait a few minutes after using drying drops, even if your nail polish seems dry – let it set completely.

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Questions like these pop up every now and then. Let’s get them covered.

How long should nail polish dry before bed?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going to bed right after doing your nails. You should wait at least 30 minutes, if not more, for nail polish to dry. You can also try some methods – cold water might be the best one to do before bed.

Does blowing on nail polish dry it faster?

Blowing on nails right after you have polished them will not make them dry faster. Moreover, when you blow on nails, your breath’s humidity will prevent nails dry fast at all. Your nail polish will dry faster if you are at a cool place.

OPI nail polish dry time

OPI nail polishes will dry from 2 to 3 minutes between the coats. It will take 5 minutes to free your hands and about 15 minutes to completely dry.

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