Why Do Short Nails Hurt (And What to Do)

Why do short nails hurt
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Sometimes we cut our nails too short, either by accident or to prevent nail-biting. Even though it is proven to be a great technique against nail-biting, it is not pleasant to cut the nails way too short. We will try to find out why my short nails hurt and what to do about it.

Undoubtedly, short nails have many advantages, and they are trendy, but nails cut too short are definitely not okay to see. They can hurt, cause bacteria to appear, and it can take too long for them to grow back. 

Let’s look at solutions and what you can do if you cut your nails too short.

Did You Cut Nails Too Short? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Thankfully, there are several ways to stop short nail pain and prevent your nails from throbbing.

First things first – make sure the area around the nail is clean and dry. You can use a bandage if there is blood and apply an ointment to prevent further pain.

When you cut your nails too short, you uncover hyponychium. That is the red skin that is hidden under the nails. We sense everything with our fingers, and hyponychium is credited for that. Many nerves endings in it make it super sensitive. The hyponychium is discovered and can hurt really bad when the nails are cut too short.

How To Stop Short Nail Pain

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There are several things you can do to stop short nail pain.

The first is to practice good nail hygiene. It means cleaning and washing your hands and nails for at least 20 seconds with gentle soap. Proper hygiene will prevent bacteria around the nail and cuticle.

You can soak your nails in warm water with a piece of lemon in it. Since lemon is anti-bacterial, it will prevent infection and keep your nails clean. However, be careful not to put too much lemon inside – your nails can sting.

The next thing you can do for your nails is rubbing them with some oil. That can be jojoba oil since it is great for cuticles. The great thing about this method is that you can reapply oil as much as you want during the day.

Make sure to keep your nails dry and stay away from harsh chemicals. Wear rubber gloves if you need to clean your house or do your dishes. By doing this, you will protect your nails and won’t wonder why do my short nails hurt again.

Stopping Your Nails From Throbbing

Another thing that can happen when you cut your nails too short is nail throbbing. However, this usually means that bacteria or fungus invaded the skin under the nail. This pain is more severe than that classic one when you cut nails too short. When your nail is infected, you can expect throbbing or swollen fingers. 

Paronychia is an infection of the skin surrounding the fingernails. There are two types of this infection: acute and chronic. 

Acute paronychia appears sudden with very painful and swollen fingertips. Warmth, redness, and throbbing are usually following the first symptoms. Acute paronychia is caused by bacteria that invade the skin. This bacteria can be the cause of over manicuring, or in this case, cutting your nails too short and tearing the cuticles. 

On the other hand, chronic paronychia is more connected to people with diabetes, those exposed to harsh chemicals, etc. It develops slowly, causing severe swelling and gradual tenderness. It can affect more than one finger at once. 

Now you may wonder how you can prevent paronychia. We suggest trying the following: 

  • Keep your hands dry and clean
  • If your nails are cut too short, always wear gloves, especially when you contact water or harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid nail-biting as much as you can resist. Also, you should stop picking the skin around your nails. 
  • If you do your manicure, be careful with cuticles. Don’t cut them or push them back. 

How To Treat Paronychia

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You can treat acute paronychia by soaking your fingertips in warm water for at least 15 minutes every day. However, if this doesn’t soothe your skin and ease the throbbing, you can consult your doctor. They will probably suggest trying oral or ointment antibiotics. 

On the other hand, chronic paronychia can be treated with antifungal medications. You can also cure nail fungus with home remedies, like vinegar, tea tree oil, oregano oil, and vapor rub.

With proper treatment, throbbing should stop, and paronychia should be treated within 5 to 10 days. The skin around the nail returns to normal, but you should be careful whenever you accidentally cut your nails short.


Why Do Fingers Feel Weird After Cutting Nails?

Some people claim they feel weird after cutting their nails. Reasons are different – from brittle nails that easily break when you cut them to avoid using a clipper. When you trim your nails, you should make sure they are cut in proper length and use a file that will make them less sharp.

Brittle and soft nails can come from a bad diet, lack of specific vitamins, or an urge to bite your nails constantly. You may feel a weird sensation when you cut them, even after a day or two.

You can ease strange sensations by soaking your fingers in warm water after cutting them. Doing this before cutting your nails is also a good idea since nails will be softer and easier to cut.

How Long Does It Take for Hurting Nail To Grow Back?

Our fingernails grow for an average of 3.47 mm per month (around 1/7 inch). Worth pointing out that nails grow differently during seasons. For example, they grow faster than usual in summer.

You can expect it to grow again in about six months if you lose your nail. They usually grow faster on your dominant hand. 

Several factors can contribute to how fast your nails will grow back:
– Location
– Age
– Overall health
– Hormones
– Biting or clipping.

How To Make Nails Grow Faster?

Even though there are not scientifically proven methods of making nails grow faster, these are some of the ways that can improve nail health and at the same time make them grow nicer and faster. 

Grooming Your Nails. Keeping nail hygiene is crucial for avoiding bacteria and keeping your nails short but healthy. Trim them regularly, for instance, once a week. 

Use Nail Hardeners. According to nail professionals, these hardeners should reduce breakage. However, avoid straighteners that contain formaldehyde or formalin. 

Take biotin. Taking biotin daily can potentially reduce the breakage and increase general nail health. All these can lead to faster nail growth. 

How To Cut Nails Properly

The nail clipper should be parallel with your fingernail and not angled upwards. Cut your nails straight across without rounding the edges. Not having your edges rounded is especially important for toenails. It prevents ingrown toenails. You won’t have to ask yourself anymore why your nails hurt.

Short nails are undoubtedly a go-to option for many women. They are easier to take care of compared to long ones.

To enjoy your newest perfectly crafted short nail design, you just have to be careful to not cut the nails extremely short. And if you did, give your nails extra attention. The unpleasant feeling should go away in a couple of days.

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