25 Stylish And Unique Shag Haircuts With Bangs

Shag haircuts with bangs
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While you have a group of women who swear they will never cut their bangs again, others adore them and know how to style them quickly. Shag haircuts with bangs are stylish and easy to maintain. You have layered hair that can be worn both wavy and straight, and bangs that require just a bit more care.

Because of bangs taking too long to grow out, some women regret even cutting them in the first place. However, other love wearing them and are not afraid to even cut them alone at home.

We have prepared the most stylish hairstyles and some bangs-related pieces of advice that you need to know before cutting them off. Let’s jump straight in.

Things You Need to Know About Bangs

These are just a few things you need to consider before cutting off your bangs or when you are in doubt about styling them.

If you are Unsure, Start with Shaggy Bangs

It is totally fine to be unsure about which bangs you need to choose. If you are feeling this way, then we recommend starting with shaggy bangs. They are easy to style, shorter in the middle, and go down to the edges of your eyes. They will frame your face when they grow a bit, so you won’t have a weird grow-out phase.

You Need to Trim Them Regularly

When it comes to bangs, you need to know one thing – maintenance is a must. Whether they are low or high maintenance, you simply need to trim them. Hairstylists recommend doing this every two or three weeks.

You (Probably) Need to Style Them Every Day

Before cutting off your bangs, think about how much time and effort you have, and you will need to style them daily. It is simple – if your mornings are chaotic, then be prepared to be frustrated if your bangs are not styled. However, there are many styles, like mentioned shaggy bangs, that can be styled in no time.

You May Need to Wash Them More Than Your Hair

This means that when you wash your face in the morning, you can do that same with bangs. Go ahead and wash them since they tend to get oily from our skin. You can have a squirt bottle of water near you to help refresh the bangs without washing them thoroughly.

Stylish Shag Haircuts with Bangs

These are some of the best shag haircuts we have collected for you. Some of them are pretty, some are unique and quite eccentric. When it comes to bangs, you will see that they match perfectly with shaggy cuts.

1) Choppy and Short Shag

Photo: Instagram/@farrahfawcettofficial

This hairstyle is a combo of many layers, chopped to look fabulous even when you don’t have time to style it in the morning. Bangs should be styled, so they don’t twist during the day.

2) Messy and Chic

Photo: Instagram/@ernestomeneses

Messy hair is perfect for daily wear, even during working hours. You can use hair oil or mousse to make your hair look messy and wavy right after washing. Leave the bangs straight and keep them in medium length.

3) Multi-Colored

Photo: Instagram/@weareglitchofficial

If you want your blonde hair to look interesting, dye your hair black, but just the part around the neckline. Your crown and ends should stay blonde. This is how you upgrade a hairstyle like a pro!

4) Like a Barbie

Photo: Instagram/@_kelly_o_hair

Pink hair is eccentric but can be very feminine as well. Shag haircuts with bangs don’t necessarily mean you need to stay in neutral shades. Be unique with this Barbie shade, and don’t be afraid to stand out from a crowd.

5) Fiery Shades

Photo: Instagram/@beautifinder

Cooper, golden, and blonde are such fiery shades. When combined together, you get a perfect hairstyle that looks good for both day and nightwear. Short blonde bangs look cure and are simple to style.

6) Pastels

Photo: Instagram/@esteticamagazine

Pastel shades walked into fashion like a storm. Now every fashionista has even one pastel suit, bag, or pair of shoes. Now is the time to try out pastels on your hair. We admit this looks very nice and unique.

7) All Shades of Blue

Photo: Instagram/@nat_clove

The key feature of shag cut is layering. Don’t go for many short layers if you don’t want to look too vintage. This hairstyle, though, has many short layers combined with medium hair. They all fall right into their place and can be easily styled.

8) Short and Sweet

Photo: Instagram/@jessicasaintbeauty

If you are one of those women who like to wear their hair short, then make sure it is chopped and layered in a shag. Bangs are, as always, welcome to round off your face shape.

9) Black and White

Photo: Instagram/@mskittynoir

Two-toned hair has just got a new upgrade. It is not about the highlights or lowlights. This shag haircut is actually dyed half black, half platinum! Isn’t that cool? This style is pretty unique and is reserved for brave women only.

10) Rock ‘n’ Roll Vibes

Photo: Instagram/@tiffanybeamer

Shag haircuts with bangs are connected with rock ‘n’ roll, concerts, and that particular style. If you find yourself a fan of this genre, then you should definitely try this haircut.

11) Cooper Bob

Photo: Instagram/@oliver.taylorbanks.hair

Cooper is such a lovely shade that suits women with fair skin tone and green eyes. A short shaggy bob haircut is perfect for styling. You can make waves or look straight and still have a great day-to-night hairstyle.

12) Lavender In Hair

Photo: Instagram/@Photo: Instagram/@laurenkrechhairstylinglaurenkrechhairstyling

Lavender shade in your hair is suitable for spring and summer. It will make your hairstyle look so bohemian. If you opt for bangs, make sure they are trimmed and appropriately styled.

13) Curly Messy Bob

Photo: Instagram/@archana_zestfitnessstudio

If your hair is naturally curly, you sure feel heavy on your head sometimes. Shag comes to the rescue as an amazingly good haircut for curly hair. You can also cut your bangs. They will look pretty when curled!

14) Long and Curly

Photo: Instagram/@farrahfawcettofficial

This long shag haircut is bohemian-inspired. It will look so lovely on you when you are all dressed up in maxi dresses and strappy sandals. Also, don’t hesitate to leave your bangs curly and not styled.

15) Chic and Shaggy Haircut

Photo: Instagram/@velvetdunes

The chocolate brown shade suits all women. It is such a lovely and sophisticated shade, and it matches pretty well with any kind of haircut. Shaggy cut with layers can be upgraded with highlights or choppy bangs.

16) Red Shaggy Bangs

Photo: Instagram/@jadedoesdoos

Having red bangs mean you will constantly receive comments about your hair. This detail is quite unique, so make sure you keep your bangs in good condition. Dye them regularly since red dye can wash off easily.

17) Low Maintenance Shag

Photo: Instagram/@palaceflophousesalon

If you are pursuing a lovely, low-maintenance hairstyle that you can wear day to night, then this is the one you should give a try. Long and layered, this shaggy cut is perfect for women who don’t have time to style their hair in the morning. Simply put a bit of a hair spray, and you are ready.

18) Auburn Shag

Photo: Instagram/@hairbykarafina

If you were thinking about classic shag haircuts with bangs, then this one is for you. With short layers around your crown and choppy fringes, you can call this hairstyle a perfect one. When it comes to styling, you can wear it both straight or wavy – both ways it will look fantastic.

19) Long and Elegant Shag

Photo: Instagram/@hollygirldoeshair

The thing about shag that we love is that it can be very versatile. It can be rock-inspired, but it is also very elegant. Layered waves can look amazing with a long ball-gown. This is also one of those work-appropriate hairstyles that you will simply adore.

20) Medium Shag Haircut

Photo: Instagram/@hair_bykateland

For many women, medium-length hairstyles are the best. Honestly, they are easy to style, need minor touch-ups daily and regular trimming. Shaggy medium lob is excellent. It can be done with or without bangs, with short or long layers.

21) 70s Vibes

Photo: Instagram/@dannypuopolo

Shaggy hairstyles bring 70s vibes when you wear them. If you like to recreate certain periods, choose this short shag with many layers and bangs. This hairstyle match clothes that you can buy secondhand!

22) All Those Layers

Photo: Instagram/@tyler_the_hairstylist

More layers mean you will get better shag! Just be careful, don’t overdo short ones – you can look too vintage. Choppy fringes are easy to style. You just need to wash them regularly.

23) Pink Around the Face

Photo: Instagram/@crownandcarving

Black hair is great, but let’s see how you can upgrade it. Well, you can dye hair around the face as well as bangs in pink! That’s right – this is how you can get a unique and a bit eccentric hairstyle.

24) Purple Highlights

Photo: Instagram/@morgan.xtine

Purple shag is something that you won’t see every day. But, we have to admit it looks amazing. If you are more of a fan of trying out new things, then go for this layered shaggy look in purple. To start, do highlights in purple, and leave the rest of your hair in some neutral shade.

25) Naturally Curly Hair

Photo: Instagram/@celladiggshair

There is nothing cuter than naturally curly bangs that are messy. You simply don’t need to style them every day. Enhance their natural beauty by letting them be curly.

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