Top 30 Braids For Blondes To Attract Looks At Winter Parties

By Janice Wasem / Updated on July 2, 2019
Amazing braided hairstyles for all winter holiday occasions. Whatever winter party you’re attending, braids should always be perfect. Check out how to rock them.

It is well known that on blonde hair everything looks more highlighted and visible. That is why braids are always a great idea to work with.

Whether you like side, Dutch or French braids, we have some inspiration for you all. So, sit back, relax and try to soak up every look and find the perfect hairstyle for upcoming winter celebrations.

Side braid plus volumePhoto:

Side braid plus volume will certainly gain you a lot of positive comment on any winter party.

Braids work so well with blonde hairPhoto:

Braids work so well with blonde hair. They are always perfectly highlighted when made on blondes.

French bun combined with braidsPhoto:

If you want something elegant and modern at the same time, then it is good to choose this hairstyle. French bun combined with braids hairstyle is perfect for winter celebrations.

Side chunky braidPhoto:

Side chunky braid that melts into one big fishtail is something that you can wear not only for parties but as an everyday hairstyle as well.

Dutch braid is perfect for woman with medium length hairPhoto:

The well known Dutch braid is great for girls with medium length hair. It is perfect for both elegant and casual events in the winter time.

Twists and braids combinationPhoto:

Twists and braids in combination might sound strange, but they are looking fantastic! Pull and twist – that’s all you need to do to grab all the attention on winter party. Subtle highlights add even more charm to this cute hairstyle.

Fishtail on ash blonde hairPhoto:

Fishtail is the name of this long braid that looks amazing on ash or dirty blonde hair.

Absolutely bohemian twistPhoto:

If you have incredibly long hair, don’t hesitate to do a twist like this. It is absolutely bohemian and perfect for many winter parties.

A back braid like this is not so complicated to makePhoto:

Layered hair, ash blonde color, and this length are perfect for a back braid like this. Trust us, it is not so complicated to make.

Side braids melt into onePhoto:

Side braids that melt into one look more than fabulous. On dirty blonde hair, it looks even more visible.

Relaxed braid for bohemian typesPhoto:

If you are into bohemian vibes, then try this relaxed braid. You can wear this hairstyle with any outfit, not only boho ones.

The ballerina bun ideal for winter eventsPhoto:

The ballerina bun is sophisticated, ideal for winter weddings, birthday celebrations, and other events.

Combination of two French braidsPhoto:

Combination of two French braids is excellent and easy to make. You can wear your hair like this after the party as well.

Smaller braid melting into a big one on the shoulderPhoto:

Similar to two French braids is this lovely hairstyle.

One twist is on the side of your head, melting into a big one on the shoulder.

A braid like waterfallPhoto:

Pulling your hair over the one side and keeping it loose will bring you a hairstyle like this. It looks like a waterfall!

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