7 Creative Ways to Refresh Your Florals For Spring

Trendy blonde wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a V-neck floral blouse. Match dark denim and girly florals to create this season's trendiest look.

Spring is officially here, and you know what that means: florals all around. Not only are bright, vivid flowers everywhere in nature, they’re all over the fashion scene too!

Unlike years before, though, florals haven’t suddenly sprung up this season only. Throughout this past autumn and winter, floral prints have made a huge comeback. We see all sorts of flowery motifs – everything from large tropical leaf designs to small, dainty patterns.

How will you style your floral clothes this season? We’ve got some handy hints on how to refresh those floral prints for a fresh new take on this classic print.

1. Go Full Hippie Chic

There’s a good reason that all the best music festivals take place in the spring. There’s a hint of fun and mischief in the air that is almost palpable… and the fashion is not far behind.

The warm yet crisp weather calls for fun, flirty style that’s easy to wear and trendy to boot. This season, the style brief is casual hippie chic with florals in the starring role.

We love this trend as it incorporates so many of the sizzling styles we’ve come to know and love over the past few seasons. This easy-going, quirky fashion trend includes girly favorites like chiffon kimonos, fringed skirts, patchwork cardigans, floral print shorts and bell sleeve blouses. Think carefree festival style… the more laid back and effortless the look, the better!

Tips and Tricks:

The mood is all about bohemian elegance. Hippie fashion in the 60s and 70s was all about tie-dye clothing and platform heels. The modern version is a lot more understated but still captures that youthful spirit. The key is to dress for comfort; that means loose, lightweight fabrics like mesh lace, chiffon, fine crochet and breathable cotton.

A flowing, fringed kimono can transform any spring outfit. Whether it’s covered in petite little daisies or large swirling daffodils, a floral kimono is enough to dazzle up even the most basic outfit. Simply wear it over a plain white vest and denim cut-off shorts for an effortless spring ensemble.

A great trick to styling bohemian clothing is to play with textures and varying dimensions. Tight-fitting skinny jeans, for example, fit perfectly with an oversized off-the-shoulder chiffon top. How about a crocheted woolen crop top? It makes the ideal partner for soft floral cotton shorts.

Get the Look:

Boho chic women are wearing a floral kimono and a floral romper. These festival-ready outfits feature two of this season's most talked-about trends: kimonos and floral rompers.Photo: official-dressed.com
Stylish brunette is wearing floral shorts and a coral vest. It's time to pull out those floral shorts from last season. And if they have a tasseled hem, even better!Photo: sazan.me
Elegant brunette wearing white shorts and a floral kimono. Let the warm spring weather inspire your carefree style with a lightweight floral kimono.Photo: mafaldacastro.com

2. Add a Touch of Floral Here and There

We all remember the classic scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep sarcastically says: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”.

We admit she may have had a point. The floral print is by no means new. Each year around this time, we’re inspired by nature to infuse some flowering blooms into our clothing choices. But if you’re not ready to go full floral just yet, how about introducing a few subtle pieces of floral here and there?

All it takes are one or two faint traces of floral to add that springtime charm to your look. This trend works wonders when added to neutral colors like black, white and gray. There is simply no excuse not to go blooming crazy this spring!

Tips and tricks:

If you’re nervous about fully embracing all things floral, start by incorporating a few small items into your wardrobe. A floral print scarf or a handbag covered in colorful flowers can do wonders to inject some color into your spring closet.

Look at the clothing already hanging in your closet and use that as a guide. If most of your garments fall into the neutral color range, choose floral prints that blend easily with these shades. The same goes for pastel colors – look for floral items that match that same color scheme. The most important thing is to opt for a floral print you know you will feel comfortable enough to wear.

If floral seems altogether too girly and feminine for you, how about black and white floral? This trend is all about the print, so choose whichever color makes you feel the most confident and stylish.

Get the Look:

Stylish blonde in blue cuffed jeans and floral stiletto heels. Blue denim and a button-down shirt get a floral upgrade with sunny floral pumps.Photo: memorandum.com
Trendy woman is wearing skinny blue jeans and a floral off-the-shoulder top. What could be sexier than bare shoulders adorned in bright florals?Photo: livvyland.com
Stylish blonde wearing a white statement T-shirt and floral pants. Basic white plus tropical leafy florals make one mean team.Photo: barefootblonde.com

3. Go Dark and Edgy

There’s nothing sexier than the unexpected. And few style combinations are as quirky and eye-catching as sweet florals mixed with a dark edge. We love the stark contrast between the innocent nature of delicate flowers set against a modern black background. The result is an alternative look that is sure to turn a few heads your way.

Best of all, you probably have all the basics already stored in your wardrobe. You know, those black skinny jeans, dark ankle boots and edgy little crop top? They were made for a dark and edgy spring dressing.

Tips and Tricks:

The past few seasons have been filled with pretty florals adorning all sorts of items. Pick out those items with even the tiniest bit of black running through it. Use this color point as a means to match it with the monochrome classics you already have in your closet. A light jacket with black and white floral print, for example, fits perfectly with a basis of solid black underneath.

Don’t be scared to mix different edgy prints together. How about a floral dress matched with a little cardigan covered in skulls? Just be sure to make sure both of them share the same basic color pattern and get styling!

This style combination is also ideal for sporty girls looking to infuse some athletic flavor into their look. Take a floral dress in your favorite flowery pattern and style it with a pair of classic Converse trainers. You’ve instantly got a modern street style that’s comfortable and right on trend.

Get the Look:

Trendy brunette is wearing black pants and a light floral jacket. Get edgy, modern street style by pairing loose black pants with a sweetly feminine light floral jacket.Photo: thefashionthroughmyeyes.com
Trendy woman is wearing a black embroidered floral dress and black suede boots. When it's still cold out, nothing is cooler than an embroidered floral dress and thigh-high suede boots.Photo: pippa.ie
Sporty brunette wearing a black floral dress and white trainers. Athletic girls can get in on the trend too – classic white trainers are ever-so cool matched with black edgy floral.Photo: lovefromjackie.com

4. Get Creative with Accessories

Not entirely convinced that floral is for you? No worries – there are plenty of fun ways to integrate this summery trend into your look. Little floral accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to wear the trend without breaking the bank.

They come in all shapes and sizes. How about a belt with touches of floral, or maybe a handbag adorned in elegant, delicate flowers? These are great ways to try out the trend without fully committing and spending too much money. One tip though – make sure that the flowers are not too garish or eye-catching for it to match with a variety of different items in your closet.

Tips and Tricks:

Use the floral trend as a fun way to transition your wardrobe from the drab colors of winter to the sunnier shades of the warmer months. A beautiful floral scarf made of fine chiffon is an elegant little addition that can add instant pizzazz to your look.

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, the shops are filled with a variety of floral print trainers right now. A pair of flowery sneakers makes a funky and still feminine accessory to a plain white outfit.

Remember that kimono you bought last summer as a cover-up for the beach? Now is the ideal time to bring it out of storage. We’ve already seen the boho hippie style coming back into fashion. A floaty chiffon kimono is an easy way to spruce up a simple outfit of basic blue jeans and a plain white vest.

Get the Look:

Chic brunette wearing a fitted blue dress and a floral belt. All it takes to brighten up a plain blue dress is a lovely floral belt tied around the waist.Photo: miaventuraconlamoda.com
Elegant woman is wearing a long camel coat and a floral handbag. What's classier than a camel-colored coat and stiletto pumps? A slinky floral handbag, of course.Photo: thebrunette.fr
Trendy woman is wearing blue jeans and a pink floral kimono. Recycle last summer's floral kimono and wear it as a stylish spring cover-up.Photo: miamiamine.com

5. Mix and Match Fabrics

Wool and silk, velvet and chiffon, cotton and leather… spring is the season to match opposite fabrics into fabulous creative outfits. Maybe it’s the unpredictable weather, but the in-between temperatures have become the ideal time to play with different textures and style combinations.

These types of mix-and-match looks often give off a vintage, old-world feel. We can just imagine old Hollywood stars of the 1920s wearing similar hotchpotch pairings, can’t you? There’s never been a better excuse to bring out your most luxurious and decadent items to play.

Tips and Tricks:

So it’s a little rainy outside. Make the most of the dreary weather and bring out those winter knits. A wooly knitted sweater can easily be transitioned into spring by adding a flowing floral maxi skirt. Top it all off with a faux leather moto jacket – perfect!

Look to the runways for inspiration. This year’s New York Fashion Week was filled with lavish velvet creations – wide-legged velvet pants and light velvet jackets, to name just a few. What better way to show off this decadent fabric than with a cheerful light floral button-down shirt?

If all of this mixing and matching has left you a bit confused, just remember this: keep it simple. The key is to stay within the same family of colors. Match pastel colors with other pastels, neutral shades with similar neutral colors and so forth. The fabrics are different enough; clashing colors would look clumsy and disjointed.

Get the Look:

Trendy brunette wearing a floral maxi skirt and a pale pink leather jacket. Let your creative side loose and blend decadent pastel fabrics with a pretty floral maxi skirt.Photo: thestyledfox.com
Stylish brunette is wearing pink velvet pants and a floral blouse. Get with the fashion crowd and match pink velvet with pale pink florals.Photo: layersofchic.com
Elegant blonde wearing a pale pink pleated maxi skirt and a floral button-down shirt. Be your stylish best in a chic combination of fine pleats and pale pink florals.Photo: memorandum.com

6. Floral Meets Denim

Good old denim. What would we do without this versatile style staple? Spring fashion and florals, in particular, come alive when matched with a pair of jeans.

No matter what the mood or occasion, you can rely on denim jeans to fit the bill. Spring florals are no exception. If you thought that floral clothing was too child-like or old-fashioned, just add a pair of funky denims. Instantly the tone of the outfit transforms into something cool, contemporary and modern.

Whether you prefer skinny jeans, ripped knees or a high-waisted style, denim matched with floral is one definite style must this season.

Tips and tricks:

A pair of skinny jeans is your best bet when it comes to unpredictable spring weather. While your legs stay warm and covered, you get to play with color and patterns on top. Color co-ordinate your outfit by choosing a floral print that accents the exact shade of your jeans. A pair of distressed light blue jeans, for example, looks stunning when worn with a turquoise floral off-the-shoulder top.

Denim is the one style item that can be both fancy and laid-back, depending on what you pair it with. Make the most of this versatility and use floral to add some girly elegance to sleek white denim for an elegant ensemble. At the other end of the spectrum, a floral bomber jacket is the ultimate cool-girl item to add spunk to a grungy street style look.

Plain, no-nonsense denim is the ultimate opportunity to wear those sheer, transparent floral tops that are ever-so-stylish at the moment. The hard lines of the denim act as the perfect contrast to ultra-feminine fabrics like silk, chiffon, and satin, just make sure they’re covered in gorgeous flowers.

Get the Look:

Trendy blonde wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a V-neck floral blouse. Match dark denim and girly florals to create this season's trendiest look.Photo: caraloren.com
Stylish woman is wearing ripped blue skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder floral blouse. An off-the-shoulder blouse covered in beautiful flowers is spring's must-have fashion item.Photo: cuppajyo.com
Trendy blonde woman in denim jeans and a blue floral bomber jacket. A floral bomber jacket is an urban twist to spring's flowery trend.Photo: thestylescribe.com

7. Layering over Florals

For all the fun and frivolity that floral fashion brings, let’s not forget that spring has its fair share of rain, clouds and windy weather. A cover-up is an essential part of spring dressing and the more stylish you can make it, the better.

We don’t necessarily mean layers and layers of thick, heavy fabrics. Leave that for winter. Instead, play around with the dimensions you can create with different textures and fabrics. A flimsy little floral slip dress is cool and sexy underneath an edgy moto leather jacket. Or how about an easy white vest and blue jeans layered underneath a floral embroidered cardigan?

Layering is ultimately about your personal comfort. Best of all, you’ll be guaranteed to create a unique ensemble every single time.

Tips and Tricks:

The trick is to layer your clothing cleverly. Make a floral dress or romper the basis of your outfit. This item should provide all the color for the entire look; the rest of the clothing should be kept neutral and monochrome. Let black stockings, a light black scarf, and a long overcoat complete the look while keeping your warm and cozy.

A sexy way to welcome in the spring weather is to layer your clothing in such a way that you leave some skin bare. Why not match a little floral romper with a thick woolen sweater and Doc Martin boots? Leave out the stockings to show a daring bit of leg.

Once again, the very versatile kimono makes another appearance. When it comes to layering, a floral print kimono protects you against the cold and adds some sass to your overall persona. You get bonus style points if it’s frilly, fringed or tasseled!

Get the Look:

Edgy brunette is wearing a black floral romper and a long gray overcoat. Pile on layers of warm, cozy fabrics to cover up a pretty floral romper.Photo: sorayabakhtiar.com
Stylish woman is wearing a floral romper and an oversized woolen cardigan. It doesn't get any sweeter than a cute floral romper and a luxurious long woolen cardigan.Photo: galmeetsglam.com
Elegant woman wearing ripped skinny jeans and a long black floral kimono. For sleek spring style, simply pair stonewashed denim with a Japanese-style floral kimono.Photo: styleandblog.eu