9 Current Fashion Trends You Might as Well Leave On “Seen”

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Someone said that trends are for those lacking their own style, or something like that. There’s some truth to it. Trends are cool to play with, but if taken in a literal way – well, you won’t be looking cool. You’ll blend into anonymity. It’s like they say you have no idea how to express your personality, so you wear what everyone else does. Here are some current trends, easily forgettable like any recent Hollywood blockbuster.

Hermes Oran Sandal

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Current No. 1 on my “blah” list. For someone who has hyperhidrosis, these look painfully unattractive. Flat, boring, uncomfortable, and too many fast fashion knock-offs. Seen at resorts for people who live above their budget, at airports (why when the plane AC freezes your feet?), and around the city. If Angelina Jolie wore them, it doesn’t mean they’re good.

Wearing a Blazer or a Waistcoat on a Bare Chest

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This trend, prevalent in men’s fashion, feels impractical, unhygienic, and high maintenance. When you see Jared Leto wearing it, you know it’s not so cool, either. I wouldn’t like to see my man in it.

Cropped blazers

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While not totally awful, it’s been overused to the point of saturation. And it’s not even cool. Way too many versions, nothing to see here. Maybe when the fast fashion versions in polycancer fade away from my consciousness, maybe then it will make some sense. But I doubt it.

Striped Shirt Dresses

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Meh. These have been circulating for a while now. When they first appeared, they were okay, but let’s stop trying to make them a staple. They’re nothing more than a dress to wear at home while making red sauce spaghetti. Maybe not even that.

Feathers as Trims

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Okay, they’ve been around for a couple of months and never went full-on, thankfully. I’ve seen them on women with office jobs when they want to dress up for a dinner, aiming to look glammy. Doesn’t work. They end up looking like a luxury retailer’s ad – clean, neat, flavorless.

Kardashian-Style Makeup

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My niece is a 19-year-old angel. She looks like one of those iconic 2000s models. Once she “dresses up” for going out, putting on mixtures of foundations, contouring, fake lashes, and three sizes bigger lips, she’s ready for a drag queen party. Too heavy for that angelic baby face, which could do just fine with some copper eyeshadow and a bronzer.

Bottega Veneta Knot Bag

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Just because it’s Bottega Veneta doesn’t mean it’s the best ever. Yes, it’s an amazing, trusted luxury brand, but the bag still looks like nothing. It doesn’t evoke any strong feelings – no lust, no stimulation, nothing. That’s why I don’t even hate it with a raw appetite.

Celebrities Covering Their Faces

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Enough, we’ve seen this. It was cool a couple of times, it was a statement, and that was it. Now that too many people do it, including wannabe popstars that no one has ever heard of – it looks cheap. Make it expensive, that attention-grabbing gag. Invent something your own. Yeah, that takes effort.

Leotards in Public

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Just saw a woman wearing one – a sleeveless, very short, blue leotard with a lower part looking uncomfortable as it can be. Why would you like to look like a toddler? So many female performers wear leotards in every single performance as well. We’ve seen everyone’s gluteus maximus way too many times.

Think on Your Own

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If you want more, just visit some of the most popular fashion bloggers on Instagram. They’ll have it. Probably, their own label will have at least a cropped blazer. Wow, how creative! And probably produced in an ethically questionable manner. The bottom line is if you see too many people wearing tacky, trendy things, step back – these things have a narrow lifespan. They aren’t synonymous with creativity; since they appeal to anyone, you don’t want them. You are unique, aren’t you?

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They say, “There’s no second chance to make a good first impression.” In the beautiful world of fashion and lifestyle, pulling your best look and style will make a lasting impact. Whether you’re dressing up for an interview, attending a date night, or hanging out with friends at a social gathering, your dress sense can announce your personality before you utter a word.

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