17 Simple Style Tweaks That Will Instantly Make You More Elegant

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Social media is a treasure trove for outfit ideas. Revitalizing your wardrobe shouldn’t necessarily mean buying new clothes. Often, the pieces that will inject a new life into your outfits are already in your wardrobe. Have you ever felt like your outfit is missing something? You are far from alone.

Spring is an ideal time for reinvigorating your style. While switching from winter clothes to spring, you can see what you have and how you can style your outfits in an entirely new way.

Try to be smart about styling. Whether it is a color combination, playing with proportions, or just a different way of styling a belt – even minor tweaks can make a significant change.

Take the opportunity this spring to try these 17 easy style tweaks to enhance your look.

1. Try a French Tuck

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If you like wearing a blouse or a T-shirt over your jeans and pants, now is the time to change that. A French tuck or a half tuck is an excellent style tweak for both casual and elegant outfit looks.

Tuck a small section of your blouse, sweater, or T-shirt into your pants. The key is to leave the sides and the back out.

2. Avoid Too Big or Too Small Clothes

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Whether you wear a dress that is too tight or pants that are so big they drag on the ground, nothing looks worse than ill-fitting clothes.

Your body changes, trends come and go, and you shouldn’t stick to what you have. Instead, if clothes don’t fit, see a tailor and make them fit perfectly for you.

3. Be Aware of the Proportions

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There is a simple, timeless rule – if you are wearing something voluminous on the top, wear something tailored on the bottom. Otherwise, your outfit will look imbalanced.

For example, if you wear an elegant, flowy skirt, opt for a more fitted blouse on the top. It keeps an outfit streamlined and stylish.

4. Have a Sturdy Handbag

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If you got used to wearing the same oversized totes and bags, it is time for a change.

Instead of the soft and big shopper bag, choose a sturdy handbag that will upgrade your look from daily to elegant. 

5. Details That Matter

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You might wonder what to do with clothes that have some cheap-looking details. It is simple – don’t buy clothes with crooked zippers, uneven stitches, and visible frays.

It will save you money because you will not have to go to the tailor and streamline your looks.

6. You Can Never Be Wrong With Monochromatic Looks

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It is OK to be a fan of colors in your outfit. However, wearing the same or almost the same shade is a great idea for an elegant appearance.

If you want to wear an all-black-everything look, throw a leather jacket on your shoulders for a different texture. The key to monochromatic looks is their versatility, elegance, and chicness.

7. Stick with Classy Patterns and Prints

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There are a lot of patterns and prints that you can wear. If you want to dress elegantly and luxuriously, sticking to classy patterns is smart. Some of the best tried-and-true prints you can wear every time are polka dots, plaid, houndstooth, floral, and stripes.

8. Draping Over Your Shoulders

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Do you feel like something is always missing from your outfit?

A draped leather jacket, sweater, or cardigan over your shoulders would give your look an instant elegance boost.

It is a very simple yet so effective style tweak when it comes to reinvigorating your style.

9. Avoid Wearing Mini Skirts and Cropped Tops

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Mini skirts and cropped tops are uncomfortable and won’t make you look chic and elegant.

Instead, opt for a knee-high or midi skirt, and stay away from cropped tops when you want to look polished and sleek.

10. Go for Bold Jewelry

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It is crucial to stay away from plastic and fake jewelry. Accessorizing with plastic jewelry can ruin your whole outfit.

There is a good reason why all fashionistas pick durable gold or silver jewelry pieces. Bold jewelry can make a huge change to every outfit. They last forever and can be a great addition to every elegant combination. 

11. Match Hardware Such as Buttons and Jewelry

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Mismatched colors of buttons on the bag, blazer, or jewelry make the outfit look poorly styled. If you own a coat or a blazer with gold or silver buttons, there is no better way to style them than matching them with jewelry. It adds a dose of elegance to any outfit.

For instance, match gold hoop earrings with golden buttons on your blazer or a silver necklace with silver buttons on your coat.

12. Undergarments Need To Fit Good

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What is good in dressing up in a sophisticated and elegant dress without good-fitting undergarments? Not to mention that no one likes those panty lines. Invest in good-quality seamless panties and a good-supporting bra that makes you feel comfy.

13. Tying Your Trench Coat in a New Way

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Instead of using a buckle on your trench coat, use the chic knot knot to transform outfits from casual to sophisticated. Creating a special knot will elevate your trench coat outfit and create proportions that look amazing on any body type.

14. Always Have Lipstick in a Bag

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Understandably, busy women don’t have time for a ton of makeup. Some even forget to put on lipstick. And that is where this tweak should help. Lipstick is the secret weapon that can instantly lift your look. A pop of red or nude lips can transform any outfit from sporty and casual to chic and elegant.

15. Don’t Over-Accessorize Your Bag

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Some bags look great while still having too many accessories on them. But most of the time, pom poms, chains, charms, and keychains can make a bag look too heavy.

Remove these unnecessary details, and you will have a polished and chic bag. 

16. Keep Your Shoes and Bags Clean and Shiny

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There is nothing worse than having an elegant outfit with a bag that is full of scratches or shoes that are not shiny. Keeping these two things shiny will enhance your overall look.

Use a special cleaner to keep bags and shoes clean and marks-free.

17. Remember Posture and Confidence

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Feeling good in your skin might be the most important tweak. Posture goes hand-in-hand with confidence and feeling great while wearing clothes.

Standing straight and smiling can be the most powerful tool in your style arsenal.

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