18 Fashion Items Most People Skimp When They Shouldn’t

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There is nothing more fulfilling than creating your own unique style. Finding the clothes that fit perfectly, are made of suitable materials, and in print that you prefer might sound like a perfect situation. Yet, reality might be a bit different. Streamlining your perfect wardrobe can affect your budget.

“Buy fewer but better” might sound cliché, but it’s still valid. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be full of luxurious items, but there are certainly some things you shouldn’t skimp on. Here are 18 fashion items most people skimp, but you won’t.

1. Sleepwear

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Few people think about sleepwear. Usually, all those old T-shirts and shorts are good enough to spend the night in.

However, investing in good matching sleepwear and nightgowns is a good idea. They offer more benefits than simple comfort. The comfy fit feels better, and breathable materials help regulate your body temperature. As a result, you will get a night of good sleep.

2. Denim

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Since there are so many different jeans styles, people tend to buy all of them. Skinny, baggy, mom jeans, straight-cut jeans – all great. Denim is known as a sturdy material, but if you purchase cheap jeans, they won’t last long. Especially jeans with a lot of elastin won’t last long. Paying more for jeans will ensure quality, a comfortable feeling, and a stylish look.

3. The Little Black Dress

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The little black dress is a timeless item you can have in your closet and wear repeatedly. So, why buy it in poor quality?

Since it is a staple of women’s wardrobe, you should take it seriously. You can wear it with heels, flats, jackets, and coats. It is definitely worth investing in.

4. Athletic Wear

Fashionable girl wearing an athleisure tracksuit
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Whether you are an active person who trains daily or just feel comfortable wearing leggings, try to avoid cheap athletic clothes.

Having more colors for those cheaper leggings or sports bras might seem like a good idea, but they won’t last long. Instead, opt for durable materials like merino wools, nylon, poly-dri, polyester, and spandex. You will feel comfortable wearing it and staying dry after training.

5. Swimwear

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It is tempting to buy new swimwear every summer. Yet, it is important to know that good-quality swimwear won’t get ruined after one vacation.

It is up to you to choose good-quality swimwear with stretchy fabric that will hug your body perfectly. The swimsuit must keep its shape. Usually, this is not the case with cheap ones.

6. Underwear

Woman shopping lingerie and underware
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Good-quality bras, panties, boxers, and briefs are pretty expensive. That is probably why people usually skimp on those things when they shouldn’t. Good underwear is one of the things that need to be costly to be good. Underwear needs to be made of good materials, with support in the areas that need it.

7. The Pencil Skirt

Business woman with glasses blouse with dots and pencil skirt
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Given how much you expect to wear them, you should spend more on knee-length or pencil skirts. It is important not to save on this staple item, especially if you plan to wear it for work frequently.

8. A Wallet

Girl with brown wallet with money
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A wallet is something women use daily. The condition of your wallet is visible to everyone around you whenever you pay for something.

How many times have you bought a cheaper wallet, not made of leather? The scratches appeared almost immediately, and you even didn’t have enough space inside.

Next time, buy a quality one.

9. A Suit

Stylish woman with deep blue suit
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Everyone needs a great suit. Whether you wear it as workwear or prefer having one for formal occasions, a good-quality suit is a must. A good suit costs a lot, so many choose to buy those that cost less.

However, the silhouette might not be good, the cut is poorly done, and the material is low-quality. The suit is the item that you have to invest in.

10. A Bag

Woman in stylish beige coat and jeans with handbag
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It is tempting to buy every new bag from popular fast-fashion brands.

Instead, choose a classic, good-quality leather bag that is big enough to wear daily. Such an item will bring you more joy and satisfaction than buying five poorly made (but trendy) bags.

11. Sunglasses

Girl with short hair in pink sunglasses
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Even though cheap sunglasses can be found everywhere – from the street to the shopping malls, there might be better choices for you. It is nice to have a few pairs of sunglasses to wear with different outfits, but think twice before you buy them.

Low-quality lenses can ruin your eyesight, so do not skimp on your new sunglasses. 

12. A Watch

Elegant woman wearing beige hat wrist watch
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It is the same as with sunglasses – having numerous watches in your wardrobe won’t necessarily mean you will use them more. If you want it to last, a watch should be bought from specialized brands. It is a luxurious item you must carefully pick and wear for years.

13. Eyeglasses

Stylish mature woman with gray hair and glasses
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Eyeglasses are essential for people who wear them. That is why investing in a good pair of eyeglasses is necessary. Be sure to pay more for anti-glare and blue light filters, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

14. Shoes

Woman in striped dress trying new shoes
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Nothing can harm your feet more than uncomfortable clothes. In addition to that, stylish shoes are a great addition to your outfit. Shoes will last much longer if you invest in them.

15. Jewelry

Woman wearing stylish earrings and necklace
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Like many different things, you shouldn’t be cheap about jewelry. Even though cheap jewelry is available everywhere, it quickly loses color.

There are a few reasons why you should pay more for a pair of earrings or a necklace. First, when you buy cheap jewelry pieces, most likely, you will only carry them briefly. Second, you can sell your quality jewelry if you stop liking it.

The real gold or silver never loses their value.

16. Fragrance

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Cheap cologne and perfumes can be too strong and often have an unpleasant chemical smell. Nobody likes an overpowering smell that comes from cheap perfume. Instead, opt for something classy from a genuine and tested brand. Many high-fashion brands have timeless perfumes. You won’t need much to smell great, and they can last a long time.

17. Winter Outerwear

Skiers enjoying beautiful mountain landscape in winter
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Most people find the difference between cheap ski clothes and name brands when they try buying both. Certain brands make good quality clothes for winter, and they are not even over the line with their prices. The main difference is in keeping you warm and dry during snowy months.

18. A Leather Jacket

Happy girl wearing blue jeans and leather jacket
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Even though so many jackets on the market seem good, durable, and made of fake leather, you need to know one thing. They will be torn after a few wears.

On the other hand, leather is a sturdy and long-lasting material. Instead of buying a few jackets, go for one leather jacket in a neutral color like black or grey.

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