14 Fashion Trends That Spark Controversy: Styles People Love To Hate

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Fashion is endless innovation and creativity. Yet, there are certain trends that manage to rub many people the wrong way. In this article, we explore fashion trends that have garnered their fair share of contempt. From fake pockets to large logos, these choices elicit strong opinions from those who would rather not be caught dead wearing them.

1. Overly Large Accessories

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Comically giant sunglasses or exaggeratedly oversized hats often crosses the border between whimsical and bold statement and being silly or absurd. Not everyone may appreciate the humor in oversized accessories. However, those who embrace the silliness find joy in breaking fashion norms.

2. Clothes With Silly Text On

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Clothes with quirky, seemingly meaningless text are all the rage. They are shouting out slogans or clichéd phrases. “I hade clothes that are cute until you look up close and the back says something silly like “but first, coffee”.

3. Fake Pockets

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Women’s jeans without functional back pockets frustrate many people. “The shorts I’m wearing right now have fake back pockets. I’ve tried putting my phone in my back pocket about 10 times today and am ready to just rip the shorts off my legs at this point”.

Another one agreed, “As a man, I can’t imagine being a woman with no pockets on jeans. Seriously, who thought that it was a good idea to make fake pockets!?”

4. Large Logos

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Isn’t it like wearing a billboard? “I see a shirt I like with an oversized polo man. It ruins the shirt”. Another shared his experience, “I saw someone today in a bright red Coca-Cola shirt, literally just a huge block of text with “Coca-Cola.” Why do you pay money to purchase a shirt to advertise for someone?”.

5. Stickers on Hats

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Once considered cool, leaving the sticker on a hat has lost its luster for many. “When I was young, I bought a hat and left the sticker on because it was the thing to do. A few years later, I realized it was dumb and also peeling, so I tore it off.”

6. Cropped Sweaters

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Some crop tops might have their fans, but when it comes to sweaters, opinions differ. “I like cropped tees, but I hate cropped sweaters. Like, if it’s warm enough to have my stomach out, it’s too warm for a sweater!”

7. Fast Fashion

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Not just because of short-lived seasonal trends that are in for 3 weeks but rather because of the damage fast fashion production does to people and the planet. “Everyone suffers from it, but especially the people forced to make clothes in cramped spaces and horrid working standards for minimal pay, just so people can buy a shirt for 3 dollars.”

8. Extremely Ripped Jeans

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Ripped jeans are no stranger to the fashion world, but there’s a fine line between trendy distressing and what some might consider excessive. Overly ripped jeans can be polarizing, with opinions ranging from stylish to simply torn.

9. Short Pants

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Short pants can be a source of annoyance, particularly when the inseam is consistently shorter than expected. I hate that it’s always “the 3 inches missing at the end of every single pants I buy.”

10. Women’s Sweaters With No Back

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These sweaters are completely normal in the front, but the back is nonexistent. Either a super deep V or connected at the neck and wide open the rest of the way down. “Why would I choose a sweater but want my entire back exposed?”

11. Excessive Accessorizing

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Excessive accessorizing involves piling on jewelry, watches, and scarves to the point where the outfit becomes overwhelmed. It makes the wearer appear cluttered and distracts from the individual pieces themselves.

12. Couples Clothing

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Like “king” and “queen” hoodies or “Beauty” and “Beast” shirts.

They are often seen as a fun way for couples to express their love and connection in a light-hearted manner. However, this trend is simply seen as a stereotypical notion of romance and partnership by most.

13. T-Shirts With Cities Printed On

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T-shirts adorned with city names may be a token of travel or hometown pride, but they can also come across as cliché to those who prefer a more nuanced approach to their fashion choices.

14. Following the Trends

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Ultimately, the most divisive trend in fashion is the act of blindly following trends. “Fashionable” should mean that the person dresses in a pleasing way that suits their body rather than conforming to the ever-changing whims of the fashion industry.

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