20 Smart Nail Ideas that Go with Everything

Picking nail polish could be stressful.

You have millions of choices, but that only complicates things. Many women follow nail artists on Instagram, and others make Pinterest boards. Some look for nail ideas hacks or go for less-known tricks and techniques.

However, do you really know which of these shades go with your outfits?

That’s why sometimes women prefer to be on the safe side and pick something versatile – a shade that could be applied to any occasion and whatever the outfit.

If you’re among them, scroll down for some universal nail ideas.

Quick Monochrome Nail Ideas that You Can Do at Home

What makes a great signature nail polish shade? It is a color that goes with any outfit, is easy to do, and is low-maintenance. If you are searching for a polish that will be your signature look, scroll down to see our suggestions.

1. Classy Red Nails

Classy Red Nails

As we all know, red is the queen of classic nail polish shades out there. There are numerous interesting short nail designs, but glossy short and red nails are never going out of style.

The most important thing – you can easily make them look great on your own.

2. Chocolate Brown Nails

Chocolate Brown Nails

Even if the chocolate brown shade is not coming to your mind at first, we suggest trying it. This rising star in the nail industry looks excellent with both a shiny and matte finish. You can opt for warmer hues or go for something cooler, with a mix of grey and beige.

3. Light Pink Shades

Light Pink Shades

When you want your nails to look bare but polished, opt for light pink shades. Even Royals, including the Queen itself, use the now-famous shade of Essie nail polish called Ballet Slippers. The shade of blush looks chic without drawing too much attention to your nails.

4. Attractive Nails in Deep Green

Attractive Nails in Deep Green

It might not look that way, but deep green is a pretty versatile shade. It looks unique and vivid, and it will draw attention. But, trust us – you should try it and see how it is matchable with the many things you wear.

5. Brick – Rare, But Peculiar Nail Color

Brick -- Rare, But Peculiar Nail Color

Brick is an awesome combination of red and orange hues – colors often found in fall nail designs. However, such brick shade is pretty much wearable during all seasons.

6. Cherry Shade Nails

Cherry Shade Nails

If you are not into red nails, then cherry nail polish may be an ideal substitution. From cherry to deep raspberry shade – there is a perfect shade for every occasion.

7. Skin Tone Complimenting Beige Nails

Skin Tone Complimenting Beige Nails

Even though it might be hard to find that perfect beige that complements your skin tone, once you do, you can’t stop wearing it. It is such a classy shade that it makes an ideal combination with gold jewelry.

8. Black Nail Polish

Black Nail Polish
Photo: chasingdaisiesblog.com

If you like neutral colors but would like to add a bit of a bold vibe, then pick black. Yes, black is a pretty universal nail polish color that can be matched with, well, everything.

Black nail color means confidentiality, classics, and – a bit of mystery.

9. Elegant Grey Nails

Elegant Grey Nails

Grey nails scream elegance. When we get older, we realize that even those shades that we were avoiding for years are now are favorites. Grey shades are a perfect match for every outfit combination.

Ideas for Nails With 3 or More Colors

Mismatched, aka rainbow, aka multi-colored nails are still one of the biggest trends that started on Instagram.

This involves painting your nails in different shades of one color or completely different colors.

10. Earth Toned Nails

Earth Toned Nails
Photo: Instagram/@shoreditchnails

Even if your nails are mismatched, they are still minimalistic due to earth-toned shades. The combination of orange, brown, and beige is even office-friendly.

11. Nude and Mismatched Nails

Nude and Mismatched Nails
Photo: Instagram/@betina_goldstein

If you wish your nails to be subtle and versatile yet trendy, then paint your nails in blush. Complementary shades of pink, nude, and blush will look great on both short and long nails.

12. Nails in Lovely Pastels

Nails in Lovely Pastels
Photo: Instagram/@emilyburgessx

Pastels are perfect to wear on nails. This is one of those cute girly nail ideas that are bright and look so different than others. From baby blue to lilac and pink – these nails will draw some attention.

13. Aquamarine Nail Colors

Aquamarine Nail Colors
Photo: glamour.com

Colors of water on your nails? No problem! You can wear this mismatched manicure and look great daily.

14. Nude Nails with Pop of Color

Nude Nails with Pop of Color
Photo: Instagram/@jeanettegetrost

If you decide to do nude nails, think about color combinations. Brown goes perfectly with blue, did you know? It might look like you couldn’t decide which color to choose, but in the end, this manicure appears very chic and sophisticated.

15. Nails in Blues and Greens

Nails in Blues and Greens
Photo: Instagram/@troudelapin

This mismatched manicure is pretty neutral, and it can be worn from the office to the late-night

party. We suggest wearing them in fall and winter, but they are great for summer as well.

16. Matte Reds

Matte Reds

Different shades of red look perfect with a matte finish. If you are a fan of the classy red shade, then you will love this manicure as well.

Natural-Looking Nail Ideas

Natural-looking nails are those that go with everything. Blush, nude, and beige shades are perfect for making French manicures and for keeping your nails low-key. These are some of our favorite nail ideas.

17. Creamy Beige Natural Nails

Creamy Beige Natural Nails

Creamy beige is one of the natural-looking nail shades. It is perfect for summer since your nails will look more enhanced on sun-kissed hands.

18. Baby Pink Nails for Sun-Kissed skin

Baby Pink Nails for Sun-Kissed skin
Photo: Instagram/@lemanoir

Same as beige, baby pink looks excellent on sun-kissed skin. This shade is perfect for those with short square nails, as well as for women with almond or stiletto nails.

19. Coffin Nails in Nude

Coffin Nails in Nude
Photo: herstylecode.com

Coffin nails are long and provocative, so you should paint them in nude. You can even go for whiter shades and wear this manicure at the beach.

20. Beige Nude Nails

Beige Nude Nails

Acrylic nails in the beige nude shade look perfect with gold jewelry. You should be careful, though. Find the hue that suits your skin tone.

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