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8 Step by Step Makeup Ideas for Summer

Summer is fast approaching and for students, that means loads of beach fun, bumming around by campfires, or lazing around at home! For some, it means part time jobs, working late hours, but still enjoying the summer heat with vacations and family outings. And what better way to welcome the summer and show off your bikini bod or new summer look with the proper makeup?

It isn’t only your sense of fashion that shows off your true self, but also the colors that blend in with your face as well. Makeup makes or breaks the look, after all, your beautiful face is the first thing people notice upon meeting you! You wouldn’t want to be going out to family vacations or celebrating a summer night out with makeup that definitely does not match either your outfit or skin color, would you?

Luckily, there are loads of cosmetics and makeup ideas you can find online or from the sound advice of your girlfriends! With summer bringing in new trends and colors, you’ll definitely find the perfect summer makeup routine to match your style and still have fun under the sun.

The perfect summer colors this 2016 would be pastel and bold colors, maybe even a mix of both. Glitter and neon are coming back in this season too, so expect bolder styles. But of course, the everlasting and classic white and nude will stay, so for those wanting an au naturale look for the work day, you’ll still be “in” this summer with the simple yet elegant shades. You won’t want to show up to work wearing bright neon lipstick or eye shadows, would you?

When it comes to makeup (especially when working!), the simpler, the better. Especially since summer is all about warm, vibrant colors! But that doesn’t mean that everything should be in the nude or “too” simple. It’s all about mixing and matching, so add some color and fun into your makeup routine while still keeping the hot look you’d like to achieve this season. From nights out with friends to cozy dates, a professional day for work or a beach trip with the family, you’ll be able to find the best summer look for just about any event!

Here are 8 great step-by-step makeup ideas for this summer 2016!

1) Vibrant and flirty makeup

Look flirty in this purple eyes and pink lip combo.Photo:

Going out with friends and want a to-go look that looks vibrant but flirty at the same time? Try dark purple eyeshadow with bright lipstick! This look is great for dark skin tones and young adults.

Add a bit of primer with a transparent color before anything else to keep your makeup intact. Simply brush a bit of purple across your eyes and add on nude pink lipstick to combine both bold and pastel colors to achieve that innocent, seductive face.

2) Great makeup for a light skin

Get this perfect summer look with shades of pink.Photo:

For light skin, the perfect summer look would be simple yet bright to give off that Barbie vacation look! The perfect bright colors will make you look perky and ready to bring on the heat as you tan by the beach or hang around by the pool with friends. This is also a great look when going on a date. Look fun but natural with vibrant shades of pink.

Coat your lips with a lip liner that’s transparent in color, and add a light shade of pink lipstick. Do your usual makeup routine and add a bit of dark blush on to reduce the paleness of your skin tone, then add some lush, black lashes to complete your look.

3)Bronze glow

Add shimmer to eyes against a bronzed face to get that perfect look of summer.Photo:

For those between skin tones, don’t worry because there’s something that would match your color while still looking great! To celebrate the coming of summer, add some shimmer to your eyes and keep them glowing with gold glitter eye shadow, a bronzed face to show off that beautiful tan skin of yours, and glossy, nude lips.

All you need to do is to add a bit of bronzer and glitter eyeshadow to your usual makeup routine and replace the red lipstick with a nude pink shade. Add a bit of glimmer and highlight your glowing face with a bit of pearly cream blush on to finish the look.

4) Sliver hue makeup for darker skin

Look elegant and fun with silver shimmer eye shadow as if you're going to a disco.Photo:

For those dark skinned wanting a bit of shimmer for their night out, silver hues are the best way to go without looking as if you’re a disco ball from the 70s! Wear a black dress and have your hair up, and you’ll be looking extremely elegant for any social event.

Add a bit of silver to your bronze blush on, and then put on silver hues across your eyelids, making them pop and look classy but fun at the same time. Show off your lips with bold red colors and a bit of lip gloss to finish off the glow.

5) Brightened and natural look

Give off a professional look without being too serious with a natural look.Photo:

Light skin and wanting a natural look for work tomorrow without taking up too much time? This look will be great on you as it gives off a professional look without looking too serious. Brighten up the office with shades of bright pink.

Focus on your cheeks here as you add a bright pink blush on to have that healthy and fresh look on pale skin. Add a bit of light magenta lipstick and lip gloss for the ultimate summer pastel color finish. Monochromatic plus a pink pastel color is trending this summer, so give up the boring dreary office look and add a bit of vibrancy with makeup like this!

6) Elegant and classy makeup

Get that classic look with bright red lipstick.Photo:

Light, medium, or dark skin tone? Not wanting to take up so much time for makeup but still want that classy look for a fancy social event? Well, what exudes simplicity and elegance at the same time than bold or bright red lipstick?

Red lipstick is a staple found in every woman’s makeup bag, and it definitely won’t be dying out anytime soon. Simply brush some blush on and a bit of nude eyeshadow to brighten up your face but tone it down to focus on the lips, then finish it off with bold red lipstick. If you want to tone it up a bit without looking caked, add a bit of winged eyeliner to make both your eyes and lips pop.

This is a great look for social events or even when on the beach, to keep your look toned down and simple, but with a face that’s bound to turn heads.

7) Pink is for summer

Pink is definitely back this summer and perfect for summer parties or festivals.Photo:

Who said bright pink lipstick makes you look too neon and out of style? Pink is definitely back this summer and it’s one of the staples that have to touch your lips as well! Perfect for light skin and a summer party or music festival, you’ll definitely look fun and vibrant to open up a conversation with.

Add bronzer to your cheeks and apply hot pink lipstick, brushing a bit of glitter and lashes on your eyes as well to finish off your no-frills summer look.

8) Add some neon

Add a bit of fun to your eyes with bright colors that yell fun and perky.Photo:

Neon colors aren’t just for those with light skin, but for dark skin tones too! Add a bit of fun to your eyes with bright colors that yell fun and perky!

Simply brush on bronzer and nude lipstick, then add your bright neon eyeshadow with black eyeliner to finish it off. Keep everything natural to make your eyes pop up more and catch a lot of attention with those bright summer eyes of yours. Make sure your lipstick has a bit of color to it, though, and not just a nude color that matches your skin tone!

Opt to go bare or with makeup that enhance your pictures at the beach.Photo:

You’ve got your beach outfit ready, your nail polish colors sitting there ready to be used, but what most ladies are afraid of is to finish it off with the right makeup, opting to go bare to avoid their eyeshadows running down from sweat! But like what I said, makeup exudes beauty and makes your face pop up, and though there is a chance of having to touch up when under the sun, there are solutions to that.

There are hundreds of waterproof makeup brands that don’t crack under pressure (or the heat of the sun!). Sweaty? Hot? Not a problem, because with tons of sweat proof and durable cosmetic brands, you won’t need to constantly worry about runny makeup or wasting time having to touch up every few minutes. You can find these lifesavers online or in your local makeup store, striking great deals especially since it’s the coming in of a new season!

Getting a makeover.

You won’t only feel great for summer, but you’ll also look great with the right colors and makeup. Start off summer the right way with a makeover with girlfriends and find the trending colors that suit you this season!