8 Creative Winter Halo Eye Makeup Tutorials For Christmas Holidays

Halo eye makeup tutorials

If you were wondering how to do a perfect glittery eye makeup look, now is the time to learn. Halo eye makeup comes very practical for Christmas since there is a lot of shimmers included.

If you want to see how to achieve perfect halo eye makeup looks, check out these tutorials.

Halo Eye Makeup Tutorials

1. Halo Eye Makeup For Beginners

Let’s start with the beginner-friendly tutorial, which is perfectly represented by makeup blogger Lupe Netro. She makes her eyes look subtle but still catchy and attention-drawing. Be patient, there is a lot of adding colors, blending back and forth, but the result is terrific.

Lupe teaches us that eye primers are essential for not transferring eyeshadows one on the other. The translucent powder is perfect for setting liquid products. She said that the transitional shade should be a neutral, orange one. It helps with blending darker shadows and creating a more in-depth look. This halo look requires a lot of blending moves back and forth.

A clean brush should be near you as it is used to blend harsh edges and smooth the parts of your eyeshadow. To prevent blending eyeshadows near your eyebrows, Lupe suggests using a brow highlighter right after transitional shade. When doing this look, you need to have one fluffy, blending, and small flat brush.

2. Purple-Brown Smokey Eye

This video shows how you can have a perfect halo smokey eye look, which is ideal for the Christmas holidays. Beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill is going to take us through her tutorial step by step.

Primer water is a great product to start and prepare your skin for makeup. It helps to blend in the foundation, and concealer underneath your eyes. Jaclyn said It’s like you are doing your everyday makeup routine.

She suggests setting the concealer and foundation using a large brush. Always make sure there are no harsh lines left when doing your halo smokey eye makeup.

Matte eyeshadow should be reserved for the place right below eyebrows. You should fill in the center of the crease with glitter shade with a wet or dry brush. You will learn that creamy white eye pencil will make your eyes pop.

3. Berry Halo Eye Makeup

Berry makeup is always a good idea for holidays. It seems warm, soft while your eyes will pop out wherever you appear. Let’s see how you can do it with the tricks and help of blogger An Knook. She advises us to be patient and to build eyeshadows gradually from the brightest to the darkest one.

An teaches us how it is essential to use the technique of going back and forth for applying bit darker shade on your crease and outer corner. Also, she adds that you need to apply more color for better effect.

Illusion foiled pigment should find its place on your central eyelid part. Do it with a wet brush. Soothe the lines between dark and bright lines with shimmery eyeshadow. You can see how she blends it on both sides. It is a good idea to apply the pigment once again, this time with a dry brush for an even better effect.

4. Blue Makeup Look

If you are interested in something more exciting and absolutely unexpected, then you need to check out this video. You will love how Katie Michaelis has done blue halo eye makeup.

Blue eyeshadow requires an extra product for brightening your base. With small half circle movements, a dark shade is applied. Blend all eyeshadows well with the taping technique. Katie recommends using the brightest shade as transitional. She re-intensifies the first color by blending it again.

The trick to make a halo eye makeup quickly is to use micellar water and an earbud to remove the excess of the eyeshadow in the lid center. Then apply concealer from the first step. To defuse the edges of concealer, use the brush and the previous shadows.

5. Olive Green Eye Makeup

Which color matches the best with Christmas? Olive green, of course! That is why you should check out this lovely video by An Knook.

For this makeup, you will need a palette with bright and dark grey and dark green shades. Start with the primer and choose the bright grey color to put right below your eyebrows.

The video suggests using a flat blending brush to apply dark green shade around the shimmery center.

6. Purple and Gold Halo Eyes

For a great festive look choose a dramatic purple look a la Holly Boon. You will be one of the unique persons at whatever party you decide to go to.

You can use your concealer to cover your brows. Holly recommends going with the darkest eyeshadow of makeup. Keep the shadow just above the crease and all the way in the inner corner.

Blending maybe takes some time, but that is the only way to get the perfect result. To your lower lashline apply the color that you have used the first.

Holly uses a concealer to draw a line across the center of the lid. You should always follow the natural shape of your eye. You can use glitter primer before applying it to the center lid.

7. Easy Halo Eye Makeup

This look is something easy and appropriate for every day. Marina Hokulani does it most naturally. Let’s check it out.

Marina says that the best transitional shades are neutral ones. To start this makeup in the right way, apply it to the eyelid and crease. She also uses a concealer and makes a centerline.

As usual, she tries to soothe the lines around the halo crease.

In the end, you can apply eyeliner, mascara, or false lashes for the best dramatic effect.

8. Black and Gold Makeup

Adding a bit of gold is always perfect to do for holidays, whether it is on your outfits or makeup. Amys Makeup box shows us how to do a fantastic and easy gold makeup look.

A bit different type of makeup is presented by Amy. She uses a neutral transition shade to cover a lid but leaves the center of the eye clean. With circle motions in the outer and inner corners, Amy applies a darker pinkish shade.

You will see how to apply eyeshadow with your blender brush in an S shape on the outer and inner corners. Amy applies her black eyeliner and makes a hook. She suggests finishing the look with mascara and false lashes.

Now, you know what to do. Get ready for the holiday season and try to recreate one of those fantastic ideas we have shown you. Hope your halo makeup will amaze all people at the Christmas party.

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