8 Interesting Summer Makeup Tutorials To Try This Season

Best summer makeup tutorials

Preparation is really the key to every good makeup. Especially in the summertime, when the temperature rises really high. Use sponges, brushes, and everything else that you have to make your makeup glowy, your tan sun-kissed, and your eyes amazing.

Just recently we showcased some of the best summer makeup ideas for your inspiration. This time we’d like to present a couple of interesting everyday makeup routines. From quick makeup or those that you can wear every day, to the more eccentric ones. The choice is yours!

Summer Makeup Tutorials to Save Your Day

Glowy Everyday Makeup

The most essential part of summer makeup looks is preparing your face to glow. As T-zone knows to be problematic during sunny days, make sure to apply a primer before anything else. Don’t forget your lips, as well. Preparing them for matte or any other lipstick is crucial.

After you put on a foundation, apply concealer under your eyes. This should hide all the imperfections. Blend everything to perfection. The perfect tan is the key to all summer makeup looks. If you wish, you can also contour your face. You should finish everything with powder. It will hold all your makeup in place. The bronzer will give you that subtle summer tan. You can add it less or more, as you wish.

Your eyes should be the central part of your makeup. Start by applying the medium-dark eyeshadow on your crease. Add the same eyeshadow to the corners and then use the eyeliner. It should go all across your eye line. Add the same eyeshadow If you are going to some elegant occasion, you can also add false eyelashes.

For the end, make your face glow with a blush and highlighter. For an extra glow, apply the highlighter below your brows and in the corners of your eyes.

Orange For Warm Season

To get a perfect tan, this blogger recommends using a primer that will leave your skin darker with a fake tan and glowy. Blend everything with a sponge. Add concealer under the eyes, around your lips, and everywhere you think you will shine first.

By adding a bronzer and a highlighter, you will provide your skin with some extra glowy look. Don’t forget to add a bit of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes and under the eyebrows.

After doing your brows, you can start doing your eyes. Orange might be an unusual color for your eyes, but it looks terrific. You have to use the vibrant and robust shade to get this look. Apply the eyeshadow on your hand first and then with a flat brush on your lids. Blend it into a cat-eye shape. Blend it before it dries, but don’t overdo it. You can add just a tiny amount of black eyeshadow as well. Apply a bronzer to the low lash line.

Finish everything with two coats of mascara.

A tip: if you like to play with vivid colors and shades, several makeup apps could play handy, as they will help you see the final result without putting anything on your face.

Everyday Summer Look

It is well known that you should try to avoid hard foundations in the summertime. They can only make things worse. That is why in this summer makeup tutorial the beauty blogger suggests starting this makeup look with a concealer.

Always use a damp sponge or beauty blender.

You should do your brows, color them with a gel, and brush through them with a special small eye brush.

When you are done, apply a small amount of your favorite liquid bronzer to your eyes. It can be used as an eyeshadow, in case you are wondering.

If you use a cream blush, apply it to your hand first. That is how you should avoid the excess of product to end up on your cheeks.

Sometimes it is the best option to apply powder only on those places that are prone to shine during the day – T-zone and under your eyes. For the end, use a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones and under the brows. Don’t forget your nose! Finish everything with one coat of mascara.

Summer Cherry Makeup Tutorial

This blogger advised us to never forget putting sun cream on. After that, she applied her primer and concealer.

Your foundation should be light but with good coverage. You can apply it with your fingers, brush, or a sponge. You can use a wet sponge for powder as well and press it into your skin.

After doing your eyebrows, with a brush and a gel, sculpt your nose and add a bronzer. You can also use it as your eyeshadow. Use a bit darker eyeshadow for the lower lid. Before applying the mascara, use a curler for better shape. You can also apply mascara on your low lashes.

After adding blush and setting everything, it is time to do your lips. Mix the two pinkish shades of lip liners. Apply one as a coat and the one above. The upper layer of lipstick should seem like a cherry.

Peachy Eye Look

This eye makeup is great for all those girls looking for something classy yet summer-ready. It is peachy, fresh, and most of all, easy to achieve.

Start with eyeshadow primer cream and apply flat white eyeshadow over it. Set it with cream eyeshadow from your palette and then add a bit of peachy color as a transition shade on your crease. Add warm brown color to the corners of your eyes and on the crease. Blend it well.

Take the lightest shade from your palette and put it under the brow bone. By using the flat brush, apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow all over your lid. You can add false lashes and black mascara. Also, don’t forget to do lower lids. A bit of white crayon on the lower lid and the same shade as on your crease will add a dramatic vibe.

Yellow Makeup for Summer

Always start your makeup routines with a moisturizer, Make sure that it has UVA protection in summer. Continue with your regular concealer and add a color correction concealer to your routine.

Fill in your brows with a colored pomade and apply a foundation. You can add products for contouring as well. The more products you add the more durable your makeup will be. Finish ti part with the setting powder.

Choose the yellow eyeshadow from your palette and wash color all over your eyelid. By using a blending brush, add a combination of orange and yellow into the outer corners of your eyes. Blend all the colors together.

Set the base for the cut crease by using a white crayon and an eyeshadow base. Set everything with white eyeshadow. Blend it with darker yellow to remove the line between the two shades. You can put the same yellow hue on the lower lash line as well. Add a bit of shimmer to your inner lid. An eyeliner will make your eyes pop up even more.

Finish this look with false lashes, mascara, blush, bronzer, nose contouring, and highlighter. A lipstick in meat shade will set everything perfectly for everyday wear.

Pop of Colors on Your Eyes

Start by priming your eyes. This blogger uses any concealer, so it can work for you as well. Use a dry beauty blender, a brush, or your fingers. It doesn’t matter.

First of all, you should apply a crease color, and it should be neutral, warm-toned. Blend it from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes. Continue with a darker orange shade and bring it down on your lid as well.

As this blogger mentions, you don’t need to mix all these shades of coral-orange eyeshadows. However, they all bring a nice transition and hues to your eyes.

Continue with the eyeliner. Pick a nice summer shade such as mint. Apply it as any regular eyeliner you use. Add false lashes and finish the eye look. Don’t forget the eyeliner in a lilac shade that goes on your lower lids. Brush it a bit. Overlay the lilac shade with the magenta eyeshadow. Blend it nicely with a small brush.

After doing her eyes, this blogger continues with her face. Priming, foundation, setting powder, brows, and bronzer.

Like a Sunset

There is nothing more summerish than sunset-inspired eye makeup. This blogger shows us how to achieve it quickly and very easily.

First of all, start with the yellow eyeshadow as the transitional one. Apply it on the crease and blend it. Then pick the orange shade and blend it above the yellow one. Mix the red and dark purple and apply it to your lids. Blend it up towards the crease. Finish off the eye look with mascara, false lashes, and black eyeliner for the waterline.

Apply your foundation for a glowy summer look. Contour your face with concealer and set everything with powder. Apply it under the eyes first and then use your brush to powder the rest of the face. You should finish everything off with matte lipstick in a shade of meat.

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