4 Tips To Achieve Flawless Natural Asian Makeup

Natural Asian makeup
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Asians are often seen as having perfect skin, flawless makeup, and, in general, just looking gorgeous. Yet we all know that nothing comes by default. This article gives advice and tips on how to rock the fresh-faced, natural Asian makeup look.

How To Perfect A Natural Asian Makeup

1. Back to Basics: Getting Fresh, Dewy Skin Look

Natural Asian makeup often involves a gorgeous complexion that appears to glow. There are several ways to achieve this, depending on what you’re working with. If you’re diligent about skincare or blessed with good genes, you may not need to use foundation at all.

If this is the case, apply concealer in a shade that matches your skin tone (not a shade lighter!) to any areas that are discolored or any blemishes you may want to cover. Set it with a bit of translucent powder and highlight it to your taste.

If you’d love a really perfect finish, you can use a tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream, or even a full foundation with a dewy finish. Leave all of your matte foundations and powders for another time – in this look, we want sheen and glow.

If you want even more glow, use a highlighter or even a shimmery eyeshadow in the shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply this to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and anywhere else you want, such as the bridge of your nose.

2. Finding The Best Foundation For Asian Skin

The most important thing to remember is that buying the right foundation formula and shade is crucial for having good makeup altogether. Always make sure you try shade on your jawline before buying – the right shade is everything you need for impeccable makeup. 

If you are an Asian woman looking for a perfect foundation that will complement your eye makeup, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, you need to know your undertone. Beauty expert Bobby Brown in her book “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual” recommends yellow-based foundations in contrast to pink ones. She mentions that yellow-toned foundations look perfect and natural on Asian skin. 

3. Find Out How do Korean Do Their Natural Eye Makeup

Asian eye makeup has some peculiarities. But, to be frank, mongoloid eyes look pretty gorgeous with natural makeup. You need to know a few tricks about making them more defined, bigger-looking, and longer if they are hooded. 

Applying the same light shade on your lid and on your lower lash line will make your eyes ready for further makeup. Use a matte shade to prevent swollen look. By applying a darker shade (brown or burgundy) in the inner and outer corners, you will be adding some depth. Make sure to apply metallic or shimmer eyeshadow in the middle of your lid and in the outer corner. 

Brown eyeliner is a great product to have if you have hooded eyes. It is also perfect for daily natural makeup as well as making your eyes look defined. Use soft pencils that blend well. Don’t forget mascara – it is a final product of your eye makeup look. 

4. Getting The Glossy Gradient Lip Look

The natural Asian makeup look isn’t about bold lipsticks or bright colors. Instead, opt for a sheer pink lip tint or gloss. If you’d like to try a more complicated look, the glossy gradient lip look is cute and still natural.

To get this look, first, take a concealer in your shade and apply it to your entire mouth. Make sure that the concealer around your mouth blends in well with your foundation or bare skin. Once you’re satisfied with that, apply a pink or berry lipstick to the center of your lips, as shown. Then, blend your lipstick outwards using a Q-tip, brush, or even your finger and top it off with a clear gloss if desired.

A second way to achieve this look is to take two different lipsticks in similar shades – a darker lipstick color and a lighter lipstick color. Take the lighter shade of lipstick and thoroughly apply it on both your top and bottom lip. Next, take your darker, redder or rosier shade and carefully apply it to the center of your lips. Blend with a finger, Q-tip, or brush. Finish the look with a clear gloss. Now you’re ready to enjoy your new, fresh, and natural Asian makeup look!

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