How to Create a Beautiful Makeup Without Eyeliner (Tips & Pictures)

How to makeup without eyeliner
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Have you ever thought about doing eye makeup without eyeliner? Whether you used it up or simply want to try something new, you can actually create beautiful eye looks with eyeshadow only. And we have decided to show you how to makeup without eyeliner. You will be surprised. 

Let’s be clear. Particular looks might appear better if you use eyeliner. But if you look at runway shows this season, you can notice most of the makeup looks are done only with an eyeshadow. When you choose an eyeshadow that complements your eye color and skin tone, you get it.

This article will go through the steps needed for the perfect eye makeup looks. We’ll also show two methods you can use to make your eyes pop. What are we waiting for? Let’s dig in. 

How to Create an Eye Look Without Eyeliner?

If you don’t have or don’t want to use an eyeliner, you can certainly do other things to make your eyes look enhancing and beautiful, from taking care of your brows to picking a lip color that complements the whole look.

Groomed Eyebrows

When you decide to try eye makeup without using an eyeliner, the first thing you need to do is to ensure your brows are well-groomed.

You don’t have to go to a professional to get your brows done, but it is important to groom them regularly at home. Also, don’t get them to look too thin.

One of the trends in the beauty industry that has been active for years is natural and big brows, a la Cara Delevigne.

Use Concealer as a Base

There are many eyeshadow primer options on the market, but your concealer can serve just fine. Use it as a base and to cover all discoloration and broken capillaries on your lids. 

Indeed, you shouldn’t forget the under-eye area too. Use your concealer in all places where you want to hide imperfections. 

Eyeshadow on Point

Some women prefer to leave their eyes bare, but you need to know one thing. Even when you decide not to use eyeliner, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on eyeshadow. You can even create a smokey eye just by using eyeshadows. 

Eyeshadow without eyeliner will not look as dramatic as usual. However, even a natural smokey eye can be appropriate for elegant events.

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This sparkly eyeshadow is enhancing enough, so you won’t need eyeliner wings to make your eyes pop, just a bit of mascara.

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Even smokey eyes can be done in neutral shades.

Start by picking a nice and neutral base, and then gradually add color to the corners of your lids. A combination of shimmery and matte shadows gives this look some exceptional vibe.

How to makeup without eyeliner
Photo: Instagram/@natashadenona

Chrome eyeshadows can perfectly enhance your eyes. You don’t even have to think about adding eyeliner – you don’t need it!

These lilacs, pink, and silvery shades complement light eye colors perfectly. 

Don’t Forget Lashes

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You need to compensate and add something that will make your eyes big.

One of the easiest things you can do is add false eyelashes. Whether you prefer to glue them at home or you would like a professional to do that, you can be sure they will look amazing with eyeshadow.

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Even with minimalistic and pretty neutral makeup, your eyes will look amazing if you opt for false eyelashes. Combining lashes with matte creamy eyeshadow will give you a great look with minimum effort.

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Dark smokey eyes can look amazing, even if you decide not to use an eyeliner. When you are done with eyeshadows, carefully glue each lash and finish the look. 

Mascara Instead of Eyeliner

Don’t forget how powerful mascara can look in your eyes.

Instead of worrying about eyeliner, you can simply find a mascara that makes lashes voluminous and thick. There are many on the market, and their prices vary from $3 to $50.

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Mascara can lengthen and make your lashes more defined. Choose between timeless black or go for brown if that matches your eyes.

If you wonder how to create makeup without an eyeliner, then adding mascara is the quickest way.

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Glossy eyeshadows are perfect for creating summer looks. By adding black mascara and false lashes, you will secure your eyes to look amazing and to pop. 

How to Make Your Eyes Bigger Without Eyeliner?

These are two methods that you can try when you want to make your eyes pop without using eyeliner.

Method #1

The first method implies you smooth your eyelids and make them look flawless. You can do that by smoothing out any discoloration, including veins, capillaries, and pigmentation. Use concealer or neutral creamy eyeshadow. Blend them perfectly into your lid and use a loose powder. 

When you are done, use an eyelash curler and apply a few coats of mascara. Tap the tips of your lashes to lengthen them and curl them. If you prefer to make your eyes pop, then do both top and bottom lashes. 

Use a bright and light shimmer eyeshadow. These light shades create an illusion of bigger space on your eyelids. 

Method #2

The second method of making your eyes pop includes some simple yet effective steps. First, you need to apply an eye cream and make that puffiness around your eye area go away. Next, you want to brighten dark circles under the eyes by using a concealer. 

Use your eyelash curler to lengthen your lashes and then contour the crease of your eye. Use an eyeshadow that is just one or two shades darker than the color of your eye. Don’t forget to brighten the inner corners. For this, you can use a highlighter or some really light shimmery shade from the eye palette. 

Finish off the look with the mascara that will prolong the lashes. Ran a spoolie over a bar of glycerin and make your brows naturally fuller. This will also give them a definition, which will provide a nice and natural eye makeup look, but without an eyeliner. 

But, When Do You Need Eyeliner?

The primary purpose of eyeliner is to make your eyes bigger and more open. Some women prefer to wear it daily, while others experiment with the looks without it. There is no actual situation where you can’t create a look without eyeliner. You can always use an eyeshadow, highlighter or simply leave your eyes bare with mascara. 

You will need an eyeliner to create looks like a smokey eye, or if you prefer experimenting with colorful winged eyes. 

Smokey eye will definitely look more defined if you add an eyeliner at the end. For some eye shapes, like deep-set eyes, you can use an eyeliner to make your eyes bigger and not have the counter effect. 

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