A Look at 25 Beauty Trends Dominating TikTok Right Now

TikTok beauty trends (collage)
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TikTok has become a reliable destination for learning the best tricks, tips, and trends in the beauty industry. Are you ready to see what TikTok offers in terms of beauty trends?

TikTok beauty trends are all about promoting creativity and experimenting. With a lot of information to offer, from DIY Facelifts to exploring with glitter, you can find a solution for almost any beauty struggle.

Here are 25 beauty trends that are as bold as they are bizarre. When you want to try something new or refresh your beauty routine, these ideas will help you spice it up.

1. DIY Pore Strips

Woman using a deep cleansing pore nasal strip
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Regarding skincare products, girlies on TikTok are creating creative home solutions. Instead of going for expensive skincare products, TikTok has home remedies. These home remedies will help clear dead skin cells, whiteheads, and blackheads. One of the most popular DIY Pore Strips is using an egg and paper towel and letting it dry on the skin. Once dry, peel it off and watch it remove most of the blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells.

2. Ramen Noodle Hair

Woman in summer clothes with curls hairstyle
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Do you need help choosing the right hairstyle? Why not explore the ramen noodle hair trends on TikTok.it’s simple. All you need to do is wrap your hair around a chopstick or straw and use your hair dryer. The result will be your hair looking exactly like a ramen noodle.

3. Avocado Hair Mask

Woman making nourishing mask with avocado in kitchen
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Avocado is an elite fruit because it can be used in the kitchen and your beauty routine. Avocado adds moisture to hair. Therefore, if you struggle with a dry and itchy scalp, an avocado mask might be what you need. Try an avocado hair mask today. 

4. Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner

Woman chooses mayonnaise in supermarket
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Who needs to buy expensive hair treatment when you can use Mayo? Mayonnaise has been known to strengthen, hydrate, and soften hair. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the TikTok girlies have caught on to this trend. Slather on and let it sit in your hair for a while. Afterward, rinse it off your hair and marvel at the results.

5. Coffee Exfoliant

Woman preparing coffee scrub
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Skip the cup of coffee and settle for a rejuvenating coffee exfoliant instead. Mix some coffee grounds with coconut oil and scrub away the dead skin cells. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, making it a reliable anti-inflammatory solution. Furthermore, it helps with hyperpigmentation and clearing dark spots.

6. Cheetos Blush

Holding a bag of cheetos
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Sounds ridiculous? Well, for some reason, Cheetos dust turned into a blush palette. Even though this trend sounds far-fetched, the results are better than we would have expected. You can snack on Cheetos as you do your makeup and use the Cheetos dust to add color to your face.

7. Elmer’s Glue Lip Plumping

Strawberry lip scrub made at home to exfoliate lips
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Who needs lip fillers? When can you use Elmer’s glue and get the same results temporarily? The trend starts with you applying Elmer’s glue to your lips and letting it dry. Once dry, you will peel it off; a plump pout awaits you.

8. Sharpie Eyebrows

Woman with curly hair plucking eyebrows
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Are you tired of filling in your brows daily when doing your makeup? Tired of smudging your eyebrows and having to start all over again? Try a Sharpie permanent marker; you won’t have to fill in your brows for a few days.

9. Kool-Aid Lip Tint

Pack of kool aid jammers
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The Kool-Aid lip tint is not a new social media beauty trend. It hit the internet way back in 2014. However, it is slowly making a comeback. Instead of saving up for the perfect lip tint, dab some Kool-Aid powder onto your lips.

10. Jelly Nails

Hands with a bright nail polish
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Say goodbye to acrylics and hello to jelly Nails. Jelly nails are just layers of clear gel polish. It gets its name from the jelly-like texture. If you are tired of getting acrylics, spice up your manicure with jelly nails.

11. DIY Botox

Children play with cornstarch
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The homemade botox trend gained a lot of popularity in 2023. We must warn you that the results vary before we get into what it’s about. Therefore, your results on TikTok may not be what you get when you try it. The homemade botox consists of water and cornstarch. All you need to do is apply it to your creases, and they fade away.

12. Honey Hair Lightening

Young woman during a hair session with honey
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Lightening your hair doesn’t have to happen with chemical treatments. You can use a more natural option, which is honey. Honey may not have the same effect as chemical treatment. However, when used on hair for at least 2 hours, it boosts your hair’s natural highlights.

13. Crushed-up Birth Control Pills as Acne Treatment

Beautiful woman touching her hair
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Acne is a sore spot for most women. Making them go to weird lengths to get rid of them, and birth control pills are one of them. As bizarre as it sounds, dermatologists do use birth control pills to treat acne in some cases. The difference is that with the TikTok trends, you don’t swallow the pills. You crash the pills, mix them with water, and apply them to your skin.

14. Toothpaste Pimple Treatment

Girl looking at mirror while checking pimple
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Toothpaste has always been the go-to zit remover. Some experts don’t recommend using toothpaste as a pimple treatment solution. The trend includes dabbing a small amount of toothpaste onto your pimple and leaving it overnight. It dries out the pimple and reduces it significantly.

15. Lemon Juice Hair Highlights

Split ends repair treatment
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Lemon is a popular lightener in the beauty industry, especially for DIY Beauty treatment enthusiasts. Place lemon juice in a spray bottle when using it as a highlight. Spray it generously on your hair and step into the sun. The sun is the secret ingredient that makes the highlight.

16. Ice Cubes for the Face

Woman rubs her face with an ice cube
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Who knew that ice cubes would make a debut in the beauty industry? Your face blood vessels constrict when you use ice cubes on your face. The ice acts as a wake-up call for your face, making you instantly appear brighter and radiant. However, the results are temporary. Additionally, skin exposed to low temperatures for a long time impairs blood flow and irritates the skin.

17. Lip Gloss Eyelids

Make up artist applying cream base eyeshadow primer
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Spice up your makeup routine using lip gloss instead of eye shadow on your eyelids. The shiny, glossy look is bold and edgy. Celebrities like Hailey Beiber have entered this TikTok beauty trend in the past.

18. Egg Face Mask

Woman with beauty face mask
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Are you looking for a healthy DIY Face Mask? The egg white mask is suitable for all skin types. Apply egg white to your face and let it dry. You can peel or wash it off your face. Egg mask prevents acne, reduces sebum secretion, and tightens pores. The vitamin B content in eggs helps fade dark spots and wrinkles.

19. Vaseline Eyelash Growth

Young beautiful asian brunette woman
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Using Vaseline as an eyelash growth serum is an innovative hack. Vaseline doesn’t make your lashes grow. Instead, Vaseline locks in moisture, which reduces lash breakage and allows them to grow longer.

20. Faux Freckles

Red haired girl with freckles in a summer field
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Freckles were once considered less attractive. However, TikTok users have embraced freckles with open arms. They are going as far as doing their makeup and including some faux freckles on top. Additionally, some TikTokers have gone the extra mile and had permanent faux freckles tattooed on them. The faux freckles trend became popular because it creates an illusion of a more natural look.

21. Rainbow Eyebrows

Beautiful woman with creative rainbow eyebrows
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Eyebrows don’t have to be boring. Step away from the typical brown and black brows to a more playful color pop, like rainbows. TikTokers are exploring vibrant hues on their eyebrows and creating bold and creative looks.

22. Euphoria-Inspired Makeup

Girl with euphoria inspired makeup
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The Euphoria-inspired makeup trend is all about bathing in glitter and shimmering. The trend also uses bold colors to create fun night-out-worthy makeup looks.

23. Lipstick Blush

Girl touching her face in front of the mirror
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Lipstick doesn’t have to be limited to your lips. Why not get that rosy cheeks effect with pigmented lipstick? TikTok users dab lipstick on their cheeks and blend it out or smudge to give a natural blush look.

24. Olive Oil Makeup Remover

Young woman applying olive oil mask on hair
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That olive oil on your kitchen shelf can double up as an effective DIY makeup remover. Olive oil, like other oils, helps the skin retain moisture in the skin, even when removing makeup. Therefore, you don’t have to use an alcohol rub wet wipe that dries out your skin.

25. Milk Bath Soak

Preparing milk bath
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A milk bath soak sounds luxurious and calming after a long day or week. TikTokers have discovered the benefits of pouring milk into their bath. Milk contains lactic acid that exfoliates the skin and helps it retain moisture.

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