Natural Makeup Tips To Elevate Your Beauty Routine

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Minimal makeup, minimal rules, right? Oh, we wish it was like that.

The goal of no-makeup makeup is to look natural but to enhance and brighten up the best features on your face. Fortunately for us, many natural makeup tips and tricks can help us achieve that perfect no-makeup image.

To say it is easy to do the natural makeup look might sound like an understatement. You need to follow some tricks to do it correctly. If you don’t like to look too fancy daily, then these tips will help you to achieve subtle and light natural makeup.

What Do You Need for a Perfect Natural Makeup Look

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If you ever tried to pull out a suitable natural makeup but you ended up with unsatisfied results, then you didn’t know which products to use. These are the primary products you need for a perfect natural or no-makeup makeup.

Good Primer

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Even if you have chosen to go for a minimal look, there is an easy way to have a smooth base. Use a primer as the first product of your no-makeup makeup. Depending on how you want your face to look or your skin type, there are many primers you can pick. Illuminating primers will make your face glow, while those with oily skin should go for a filling primer that will smooth and fill their pores.

Suitable Foundation

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It is tricky, but finding the right foundation can solve many problems you have while putting on your makeup – uneven coverage, unsuitable shade, undertone, etc.

Make sure to go light on coverage for your natural makeup. Moisturizers with tint, BB, CC, and other kinds of creams can make your skin look great. They moisturize and give your skin that great tinted color that you will love. Apply foundation or tinted creams with a brush for better coverage or with a sponge for a more dewy look.

The Highlight is a Friend

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Dewy skin is one of the essential things of natural makeup. Beautiful highlighter will make your skin glowy, yet your makeup is minimal. We suggest you go for a creamy one for summer since it will perfectly blend with other products.


Young woman applying blushes cheeks
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There is something about pink cheeks that makes you look impeccable and fresh. If you are about to do a natural makeup look, make sure to use a cream blush instead of a powder one. You can use it as your eyeshadow as well, but make sure to put it on the cheeks, onto the temples, and on the nose bridge.


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If you warm up your face a bit, use a bronzer. This is not an obligatory product, but it will make your skin look sun-kissed. You can even create contours if you like but don’t overdo them. Powder bronzers will keep you from getting oily, while you can also choose those contour sticks.

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With mascara, you will make your eyes pop and your lashes defined yet natural. If you are tired of black mascara, go for a brown one, and try to find the formula that suits you the best.

5 Natural Makeup Tips To Improve Your Look

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Many makeup artists are thrilled to share natural makeup tips and tricks they use when doing natural makeup on models and behind runway shows. These are some of those tricks you should be aware of when applying your makeup.

1. Customize your Makeup Base

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If you don’t like how your foundation looks on your skin, you can always mix it to make it suitable for both occasion and type of makeup. Believe it or not, heavy foundations are not a guarantee for perfect makeup. As a matter of fact, most of the time, you need to choose a lighter base and customize it on your own.

Mix it with a moisturizer for a dewy and natural look. You can also use a foundation with buildable coverage so you can apply it only to critical places on your face.

2. Press on Lipstick Instead of Applying it

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Nars makeup artist suggests we try to press on lipstick and not apply it directly from the tube. First of all, choose a light shade. Then, rub a finger on the bullet of lipstick shade. Dap it on your lips and use a tissue to make them look even more natural and gorgeous.

3. Use Multipurpose Products

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Makeup products should be multipurpose. Don’t pay too much attention to how something is labeled. Not all blushes should be used on your cheeks only. You can dap them on your eyes as well to make them pop and look fresh. Also, don’t forget that eyeshadows can quickly become your favorite powder bronzer.

4. Skip Powder and Pick Cream

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For a beautiful and natural look, you should pick creamy products instead of classy powder ones. The consistency of creamy products blends perfectly with your makeup, leaving you with glowy natural skin.

You can find many creamy bronzers, highlighters, and eyeshadows for your natural makeup. As soon as you try them, you will realize you love them so much.

5. Curl Your Lashes

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Mascara is one of the products that make your eyes pop even if you tend to do a natural makeup look. If that is not what you want and you don’t like it when your lashes are overdone, make sure to remember this.

Learn how to curl or wiggle your lashes. You apply a small amount of mascara into your roots only to get volume and definition. This will make your lashes look natural yet gorgeous.

These natural makeup tips might sound obvious, but you will notice a difference in the way you look at the end. Small details matter! Whether you decide to try pressed lipstick or add a bit of moisturizer to your foundation – it will give you that final boost that we all strive for.

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