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24 Must Have Skirts for All Your Summer Occasions

By Kaia Saunders / May 31, 2016
An ethnic print mini skirt

We, girls, have really deep feelings about skirts. And with first warm sunshine we start thinking about an outfit with this statement piece of wardrobe. If you don’t know what skirt you want to dress this spring and summer, you are in a right place. Today we will show stylish skirts for every occasion in your life. Start scrolling now!

Midi Skirts

Let’s start with midi skirts. This length is universal, midi skirts can be official or sexy, casual or gala. This type of skirt is must have for every girl.

Model is seen with a green metallic tank, green midi skirt, neon heels, a metallic clutch and a gold necklace with sunglasses

Look beautiful in a green skirt and metallic top (photo:

Bright colors always make us happy. Wear green midi skirt when the weather isn’t so good. It can cheer you up. Combine it with metallic piece and you will look super trendy and stylish. Here for you one hint, you can also mix two different bright colors like at the picture, it can refresh the whole look.

Model poses with a white shirt and leather jacket, beige midi skirt, heels and a clutch bag and bold sunglasses

Dress up like a prim donna with a classic white top and a beige skirt (photo:

Classical beige always looks rich and stylish. If at winter we wear beige cashmere sweater, so for spring and summer it is a beige midi skirt. Dress up it with casual basics like white blouse or T-shirt and black leather jacket.

Model is seen in a statement top, high-waisted midi skirt, strap heels and black sunglasses

Look taller in this high-waisted skirt and heels (photo:

If you wanna to look a little bit taller wear a high-waisted midi skirt. Look at the picture, the girl isn’t so tall, but using this hint she looks like a model. Also, you can wear high heels to enhance the effect. For a fancy look, wear statement shirt or accessories, but not both of them at the same time. Keep it a little bit simple.

Model graces the street in a knitted sweater, woolen midi skirt, black heels and a big bag with statement glasses

Fight the cold with this gorgeous woolen midi skirt and knitted sweater (photo:

French chic with a woolen midi skirt. Keep this skirt for really cold days. It perfectly combines with knitted sweater. To add a feminine scent wear it with a gorgeous necklace and high heels. You can brighten the look with bright lipstick and massive glasses.

Model is wearing a blue transparent crop top, a high-waisted midi skirt in stripes, black high heels and a big hand bag, accessories highlight the look

Look super trendy in a striped midi skirt and a crop top (photo:

Stripes are always trendy and stylish. If you are a fan of this print you do need to have a midi skirt like this in your wardrobe. For perfect combination wear it with a shirt in the neutral color pallet. Accessories highlight total look, so don’t forget to use them.

Model creates a unique patterned midi skirt

Create a unique midi skirt by doing it yourself and making it look artsy (photo:

Looking for something special and unique? Here for you DIY midi skirt. You can make it too, just buy fabrics you really like and create your own piece of art. The positive side of making a skirt on your own is that the cut and color are unique, but the negative side is that may take some time.

Model poses in a black turtleneck sweater and midi skirt with options of high heels or almost knee-high boots

Look professional in this classic sweater + midi skirt combo (photo:

Midi skirts are good for every occasion. This one perfectly suits for official occasions like office time or business meetings. Wear it with a classic blouse or turtleneck sweater, everything depends on weather and your mood.

Mini Skirts

Every girl secretly, or not, love this type of skirt. Yes, we all have an obsession, but what we need to know that you must have balanced legs to wear the mini skirt. Let’s take a look at the most wanted miniskirts of this season.

Model with a black flared mini skirt, striped top and leather jacket, statement glasses to match

Look fierce in a flared mini skirt and stripes (photo:

Model sizzles in a black flared mini skirt, white lace top, black heels and a statement necklace to match

Be sexy in a white top and flared mini skirt with heels (photo:

Look at these two girls, they know how to wear flared mini skirt. Wear it in a black color with white T-shirt. To make your look stylish wear high heels and accessories like a necklace or big glasses. If you want to add a little bit romance, make a wavy hairdo.

Woman with a nice mini skirt sitting on the table

Great looking mini skirt with flowers (photo:

Flower print always looks winning in any piece of your wardrobe. Try flower skirt, and you will understand how easy it is combined with other clothes. The best way is to dress it with light shirts, but if you like bright looks, dress it with pop colors. Your outfit will be marvelous.

Model is wearing a white shirt with ethnic designs, pink heels for vibrancy

Create one of the most stylish summer looks using a mini skirt with prints like these (photo:

An ethnic print mini skirt

Mini skirt using ethnic motives (photo:

At this season ethnic print is very popular. You can create one of the most stylish summer looks, just using a mini skirt with prints like these. They are totally cool for summer hot nights. Wear them with white or black shirt. If you want to be more fashionable, add one but memorable accessories like a belt or fancy bag.

Model wears a royal blue mini skirt with a white simple top

Bright colors are your best friends at this season (photo:

Model poses in neon yellow mini skirt and black lacy top, statement glasses for that edge

A brightness like this won’t leave you unnoticed (photo:

Bright colors are your best friends at this season. Combine them with another one pop color, or just wear one color piece. Take an example from these girls. They wear bright miniskirts with black and white shirts. Also, you really don’t need so many accessories, just take big sunglasses with you.

A lace mini skirt is paired with a red jacket, statement bracelets and rings for the accessories

Feel super sexy in lace mini skirts (photo:

Have you tried to wear lace skirts? They are very elegant and feminine. Wear it to special occasions like friend’s wedding or meeting up with friends. To highlight your look, use red blazer. Accessories always work good with lace clothes, so don’t forget to wear them.

Model with a white top with a bare back and white skirt, black heels to match

All white skirts are making a romantic look, and with white mini one you will double this effect (photo:

White mini skirt, a floral crop top and white sweater with statement necklace to accessorize

Isn’t it romantic? (photo:

All white skirts are making a romantic look, and with white mini one you will double this effect. Wear it with light white or flower print top for getting a gentle girly look. Good to wear it with flats as well as with high heels, just pick your favorite one.

Model is wearing a polka mini skirt, white shirt with a straw hat, peep toe heels and a fringed black bag

Feel Parisian as you combine a polka mini skirt and a white shirt (photo:

Do you want to feel yourself at the south of France? Wear polka dot mini skirt with a little straw hat. An outfit like this creates a great mood for a little travel, even if you are staying in your town today. Add little black bag with fringe for more fashionable scent.

This coral mini skirt is pleated and easy to combine with basic shirts

Coral is the new mint so try combinations with this (photo:

Coral is a new mint. So if you like this color palette you need a skirt like this in your wardrobe. It’s free and light, so it is easy to combine with basic shirts. Our favorite choice is white top. Dress it for walks with your friends

Maxi skirts

This type of skirt is more for holiday events, wear it for special occasions and you will draw positive attention to your look.

Model shines in an emerald maxi skirt with a black long-sleeved crop top and massive accessories to add drama

Create a royal look with this emerald maxi skirt and a black top (photo:

With an emerald maxi skirt like this, you can create a truly royal look. It all depends on the color, with it you will be like a gem among other girls. For more harmonic look combine a maxi skirt with a basic black top. Don’t forget to wear massive accessories, they add you a rich look.

Model looks fashionable in a plain white top and a bright coral skirt with splits on both sides, a brown leather belt to accessorize

Show off your gorgeous gams by wearing this two-way split maxi skirt and white top (photo:

Create a resting look for the weekend with maxi skirt like this. Splits on both sides unveil your legs, so you can look sexy and relax at the same time. Dress up bright coral skirt with a white shirt. As of accessory, add a brown leather belt and you are ready for a good day!

Model rocks a plain white shirt and a checkered maxi skirt, cowboy boots to look more stylish

Feel like a rockstar in this checkered maxi skirt with a plain white shirt and cowboy boots (photo:

Feel yourself like a rock star with a maxi dress like at this picture. For big drama effect dress it with cowboy boots and white T-Shirt. This outfit is perfect for night walks or dance evenings in the countryside. To look more stylish make yourself smokey eyes and wear few massive bracelets.

Model looks gorgeous in a mesh top and her hand-knitted black maxi skirt, the wet hair look is a bonus

Feel sexier during a day out at the beach with this hand-knitted maxi skirt (photo:

With this hand-knitted maxi dress you will look sexier. It perfectly suits for beach parties. Wear it with mesh shirt like this girl or with your swimwear. No makeup, no accessories, the main piece is a skirt. Just relax and have fun at the beach. By the way, talking abou the beach – shorts can suit pretty well on the beach as well.

Model holds a Louis Vuitton bag with a mint maxi skirt and a lacy crop top

Freshen up with this mint maxi skirt and lace crop ensemble (photo:

Another one great look with a maxi skirt. We all like mint color at spring and summer season. Wear it with a beautiful lace shirt and some accessories to look stylish and fresh. Also have a look at Wrapped in Style: 25 Amazing Wrap Skirt Ideas