9 Simple Christmas Outfit Ideas from Lookbook

Simple Christmas outfits

Are you returning home for the holidays? Going back to your hometown often means bumping into the old family, friends, and possibly flings… so when you’re back for Christmas, what you wear can sometimes be vital.

Also, with the festive period coming to a climax, it’s time to embrace the festive atmosphere and dress for the season! This means cute and cozy outfits or glitzy glam for the evenings, there’s always a reason to dress up!

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So, if you’re stuck for outfit ideas this festive season, here are some great and stylish Christmas outfit ideas. 

Easy and Simple Christmas Outfits Examples from Actual People

Keep Warm for Christmas in A Teddy Jacket

Photo: Lookbook/@jointyicroissanty

If you live in a colder area and need a way to wrap up warm, try experimenting with a teddy jacket. These fluffy outwear pieces come in all shapes and sizes, from bomber jackets to full-length overcoats; these are great for the winter.

When it comes to a family Christmas walk or even popping to the shops, a teddy jacket will elevate a casual outfit into a street style look. Teddy jackets are most popular in beige, a great color for the season as it can mix and match. However, you can find variations in nearly every color online. This is a perfect way to complete a winter outfit. 

Geek Chic Is Back with Sweater Vests

Photo: Lookbook/@couturecase

Sweater vests have been a huge trend this year, especially throughout the summer and into the fall – but they can be perfect for winter too! The best thing about sweater vests is their layering ability, whether it be a funky shirt or another cozy knit. You can use the lack of sleeves to add interest and texture to your outfit.

This is a great way to add some high fashion style into your day-to-day Christmas wear. If you want to go all out, look for red and green tartan knits – these scream Christmas and will add an edge of class to your outfit.

A Statement Trench Coat Can Wow Family and Friends

Photo: Lookbook/@danielaguti

Classic beige trench coats will always be iconic and lend themselves to classy winter wear. However, this Christmas, why not deviate from tradition (since this year has been nothing but normal) and opt for a statement trench.

There are so many options on the market that take trench coats to the next level, from pattern and print to black color. Wear this with some chic black-heeled boots for a very glam street style, or pair it with a dress for an evening look. 

All White Outfits for Christmas

Photo: Lookbook/@kondratieva_dsh

When Christmas is mentioned, we usually picture reds, greens, and gold – however, white can be just as effective for a festive outfit. Maybe we won’t all experience a truly white Christmas this year, but with a monochrome all-white outfit, you’ll embody the snowy spirit.

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When going for an outfit all in one color, always look closer at the textures you’re putting together. Bulky knits or dainty laces will stand out more when there is a lack of print, so use this to experiment with them. Lace can also be very on-trend for holiday outfits, so look out for this if you’re doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Keep It Classic this Winter with A Plaid Coat

Photo: Lookbook/@herstyleboard

Plaid coats and jackets might seem like obvious holiday outfit essentials but never underestimate their impact. They can be paired with any outfit, casual or evening, and often come in a variety of colorways, so you’ll always be spoilt for choice.

Black and white plaid coats are extremely chic and can be paired with colors or other muted tones. We love this look, and so will everyone else at Christmas dinner!

Embrace Your Inner Princess with A Ruffle Dress

Photo: Lookbook/@mishcheungx

If you have a Christmas party coming up (whether it be on zoom or socially distanced), consider opting for a ruffle dress. Whilst some may fear the ruffle dress, as it can be seen as too frilly or childish, when done right, it looks straight off the runway.

Ruffle dresses can be mini or maxi, so whatever your preference, there will be one for you. These dresses are great fun to wear, as we don’t always have an excuse to get all dressed up, so if this is the look you’re going for, make sure you go all out!

Play with proportion and color, embrace the feminine look. If this isn’t your thing, perhaps pair it with a biker jacket to give the dress some edge. 

Out Dress Santa In A Red Dress

Photo: Lookbook/@stephaniesjan

If you’re looking to embrace the classic red trope, don’t just dip your feet in the water, go for a full red look for the most impact. A long red maxi dress will look elegant and festive. Bonus points if the dress is in a velvet or lustrous fabric.

A red dress and a muted heel are perfect for celebrating the holidays in style. To complete this look, go for a bold red lip, or match your lipstick to your dress’s tone for full effect. 

Simple Christmas Outfits with Red Jumpers

Photo: Lookbook/@mucha_lucha

Another hot trend this year is the graphic knit sweaters, popularized by Lady Diana, these knits are back with a vengeance. This is a trend that can be worn at any time of year. However, if you want to sport this in the festive season, there are many Christmas-themed graphic knits available right now.

These knits are more stylish than the average Christmas jumper. They’re great for layering on top of a casual outfit and keeping you warm. Pair with a cute mini skirt and some tartan tights for the ultimate holiday feel. 

Dress Your Hair Up Too with Hair Bows

Photo: Lookbook/@themadtwins

When your Christmas look is all planned out, remember to accessorize too! Hair bows are great for Christmas. When worn at other times of the year, they can sometimes look out of place, but they fit right in at Christmas.

Bows can keep your hair out of your face while adding a statement to your hair. Try to match the bow color to your dress/outfit for bonus style points. 

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully, these outfit ideas will inspire you to be festive yet fashionable this holiday season. Make sure you’re the belle of the ball, and your outfit is on point when going home for the festivities! Stay safe and look good.

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