Trend Alert: An Aesthetic Graphic Knit Sweater

Graphic knit sweater

Though the sun is finally starting to show itself, sweaters and jackets are still needed for those colder summer days. If you find yourself in need of a new sweater, you should consider the graphic knit trend.

Graphic knit sweaters, over-embellished cable knits, and knitted vests with graphic images have become a wardrobe staple over the last six months. These are an influencer favorite, especially as the late Lady Diana was a big fan of these too. With the Crown returning to our screens, fans have tried to replicate and modernize the icon’s style.

If you’ve seen the stylish jumpers on Instagram and Tiktok and fancy trying out the style for yourself, this is your sign to do it! We’ve researched the top ways to style these jumpers for an artsy and aesthetic look.

Graphic Knit Sweater Ideas and Designs

Floral Knits

Photo: Instagram/@oi.jennifer.louise

One pattern that has been so popular this year is the humble floral design. This is a design motif that has been popular time and time again, but each time it reappears, it takes a slightly different form. For 2021 the floral jumper is a graphic knit with cartoon-like flowers – usually daisies or sunflowers.

These jumpers can be found with graphic backgrounds, like checkerboard styles or abstract lines, or they can take a more traditional style. These jumpers are often full of color and are a great way to add some pattern and pops of color into your wardrobe.

Photo: Instagram/@charliecowap

If you want to jump on this trend, we recommend going bold and bright. Why not get a statement jumper with lime green or bright pink as the primary color? These bright tones mixed with an aesthetic floral pattern will set you apart from the crowds and show your fashion prowess.

Abstract Designs

Photo: Instagram/@thefallsstorebyorsonandblake

Abstract patterns have made their way into the mainstream in recent years. These usually mimic famous artist’s work (for example, all those tote bags that mimicked Mattisse last year). Still, they are a popular design for a street-style look.

Sweaters with abstract patterns knitted in are definitely a trend to invest in for 2021. Unlike printed sweatshirts that can fade and lose the design over time, a sweater with the pattern knitted into the jumper will last longer and give a more authentic vibe.

We recommend pairing an abstract knit with some slouchy mom jeans (especially if that’s an oversized sweater like the one above)or denim shorts for the summer. This is a perfect outfit for running errands or taking a day trip – slouchy cool for days you don’t need to dress up.

Novelty Patterns


Another key trend for graphic knit sweaters is novelty knits. This is basically when random motifs or shapes are chosen and repeated or made into aesthetic fashion designs.

This is one of the areas Lady Diana inspired the most – she loves a sweater with an odd or random knit motif. Most of the shapes and color palettes of these specific knit types tend to look quite 80s, as this is where the original graphic knit styles got popular. So, if you’re a fan of 80s fashion or want to embrace a more vintage vibe, this is a trend for you!

Modern Cable Knits


Another knitwear trend that is big for 2021 is cable knit. Cable knit is a heritage pattern that has existed for centuries, however, the trend takes this knit and modernizes it with bright pops of color and modern cropped lengths.

Buying a colorful jumper is a great way to add some different hues to your wardrobe if you’ve been living in black and white! Also, if you tend to stick to the same textures adding a cable knit to an outfit will add interest – the chunkier, the better with these sweaters!

We love the teal trend. This is a great way to add some summer colors to your outfit rotations. If not, opt for sage green or a pastel pink – if you feel bold, try clashing the green and pink for an out-there 2021 knitwear outfit!

Landscape Patterns

Photo: Lookbook/@Anna-B

Interesting, a lot of fashion this year has taken inspiration from the 70s and natural landscapes. These influences have been interpreted into new trends, one of the most popular being House Of Sunny.

House Of Sunny has become known for its graphic knits and cutting-edge styles over the last year. One of their most popular designs is the landscape sweater. This knit features an abstract placement design and deep ribbed cuffs, drawing upon most of the knit trends of the year.

This sweater has inspired other brands to create similar landscape-based designs. So, if you’ve seen these sweaters on Instagram and were wondering why they are so popular, here’s your explanation. Are you ready to jump on the landscape sweater bandwagon?

Keyhole Sweater

Photo: Instagram/@ylondon_london

Though not a graphic knit, we thought we’d include the keyhole sweater and its comeback on this knitwear list!

The keyhole sweater involves a cut-out on the breast area, and is usually full coverage all over the rest of the body. Though this may sound a bit odd, when worn tastefully, it can look super high fashion and give an off-duty model vibe.

These sweaters can give off a 90s look when paired with cords or denim. They make a great casual everyday look with a bit of interest to set them above a classic sweater. Opting for one of these in a muted or plain color gives the best effect. We love them in monochrome outfits – this lets the style and shape do all the talking.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, this list of graphic knit styles has inspired you to invest in a chic jumper to elevate your style game. These jumpers are different from your standard knitwear styles and lend themselves to more aesthetic outfits, perfect for anyone who loves cutting-edge style or art-based outfits.

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