4 Reasons Cute Oversized Sweaters Are a Winter Must-have

Woman in white cute oversized sweater
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Women’s sweaters in the winter months aren’t revolutionary, but like all clothes, certain styles come in and out of fashion! We’ve seen cropped sweaters, patterned ones, and tie-dye techniques too over the last few years, but what’s fashionable for this winter? 

A great option to choose this year is a cute oversized sweater! Why wear a tight one when you can rock a cozy, baggy option instead? 

Keep on reading to explore how to wear these sweaters and why you should try this winter style.

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Why Cute Oversized Sweater Is Your Season’s Top Essential

1. You Can Pair Them With Anything

One of the reasons a cute oversized sweater is essential this year is because this garment is so versatile!

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Whether you opt for a tucked-in style, a loose baggy style, or you cinch the sweater in with a belt, there are always styling options. This is also a bonus if you like to switch between different styles, as a minimal oversized sweater can fit any aesthetic. 

2. They’re Chunky and Warm

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Another key bonus to wearing an oversized sweater is that they keep you toasty in winter! Instead of building up thin layers in an outfit, a thick sweater will keep you warm, and you can add additional layers if needed.

It’s so important to dress up warm in the cold weather, though it can be tempting to opt for lighter pieces and always prioritize comfort for winter shopping. Warmth can be chic too!

3. They’re Super Soft and Cozy

Similarly to keeping you warm, a large sweater adds extra comfort to your wardrobe. An essential rule is to make sure you feel cozy when creating outfits.

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Many of these sweaters come in soft fleece fabrics or stretchy knitted styles, making sure you’re cozy and warm when you wear them. Some have buttons, some – don’t, but the perks of the oversized style also mean you’re not in a tight top, so you can feel more comfortable when you enjoy Christmas snacks! 

4. Looks Great With Scarves or Hats

If you want a complete winter outfit, on-trend hats and scarves can add to the winter vibe! Though you may not consider them fashion accessories, hats, scarves, and gloves actually are great items enriching your overall look. 

Instagram and fashion blogs always give great inspiration for these accessories, but it’s always a good idea to match them to your sweater or cardigan for a coordinated look.

Pick them in the same fabrics or similar colors. Knitted beanies and beret hats are pieces that never go out of style in the winter months. 

5 Inspiring Outfits

Need some extra style inspiration? Try some of these cute oversized sweater outfits this winter!

1. Classic Denim Sweater Style Outfit

When looking for Christmas outfits, a good look that never goes out of fashion is classic blue denim. When you pair high-waisted blue jeans with a minimal baggy sweater, you have an understated style that will always look on-trend. Pair with a messy bun for that chic French look.

2. Sweater Dress Look

If your sweater is baggy enough, you can try wearing it as a dress for a feminine take on this style. The dress look is particularly great when you have a knitted sweater rather than a hoodie style. 

You can also try this style with a chunky belt or thigh-high boots for some extra styling details.

3. Bold Color Statements

As oversized sweaters are larger garments, you can use them to make a statement with color. Forget adding pops of color in small details. Opt for a bright baggy sweater to brighten up an outfit. Oranges, yellows, and mint greens are particularly on trend this year, and they all look great with faux-leather pants!

4. Off The Shoulder Oversized Sweater

Photo: chiclittlehoney.com

Though off-the-shoulder sweaters might sound a little risque for smart events, the cuts add some class to the outfit.

Here, as the rest of the sweater is oversized, it doesn’t appear too revealing and adds a very feminine touch. This can be paired with jeans, pants, or skirts for a versatile look. 

5. Cute Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

Photo: affordablebyamanda.com

Turtleneck or roll neck style sweaters are a winter must-have, especially in an oversized silhouette! 

We recommend owning a cream or black one and then one or two color options for a versatile range. Whether you tuck the sweater into a mini skirt or pair it with some tailored pants for an office look, this sweater always looks good. 

Wearing Oversized Sweaters for Plus Size

Photo: musingsofacurvylady.com

If you’re a plus-sized gal, don’t shy away from this winter trend as it’s perfect for a casual outfit and a dressy evening look too. Many online stores offer oversized options for all sizes. If not, opt for a sweater a few sizes up to get the baggy look.

Sweater dresses with heeled boots look great on curvy women, so make sure you try this style for winter!


Still wondering what the best ways to style an oversized sweater are? Here are some FAQs and quick tips to help you upgrade your winter wardrobe!

What to Wear With an Oversized Sweater?

While a complete oversized sweater outfit depends on the style you want to achieve or the event you’re going to, there are some general tips for styling these comfy garments!

When in doubt, tuck the front of the sweater into high-waisted pants or a mini skirt. This looks great on everyone and makes any outfit more coordinated. 

If your sweater is a chunky knit style, find a scarf in a similar texture for a matching accessory detail. When the knit type is similar, you don’t need to color match the two pieces.

Try a roll-neck sweater with a blazer or a tailored coat for a professional winter look. This works well when you add high-waisted tailored pants and heeled boots too.

How Can I Make My Chunky Sweater Look Good?

Styling a chunky sweater really depends on your style aesthetic, but here are some tips.

If your sweater is super chunky, make it the statement piece of the outfit. This means you should opt for basic or minimal pants, coats, and accessories too. Let the bold sweater take center stage!

A chunky sweater will look best when you feel comfortable in it. This may sound cliche, but make sure you feel warm and cozy in it, and this will give you more confidence to rock the look!

The Takeaway

Oversized sweaters will never go out of style, and they make you feel like you’re wrapped in a fluffy hug! These garments are a must-own for all girls who want to stay warm and on-trend this winter.

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