40 Makeup Ideas To Rock Your Christmas Party

Holidays are close, so it is the right time to find perfect inspiration for your Christmas party makeup. Check out some of the best looks for inspiration.

Makeup is an essential part of your Christmas attire. Whether you are a fan of minimal or glitters, we have made an effort on finding the perfect ones for you. Some of them are very easy to achieve, while for the others you should ask your makeup artist.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Eyes with gold eyeshadowPhoto: stayglam.com

If you are highlighting your eyes with gold eyeshadow, then make sure the rest of your makeup is neutral. This girl opted for nude lip shine.

Smokey eye with a bit of glitterPhoto: stayglam.com

Smokey eye can be even more interesting if you add a bit of glitter on it.

Shining eyes with glitterPhoto: pinterest.com

Glitter all around! If you like your eyes to shine during holiday and Christmas parties, then do your best and do makeup like this girl.

Eye makeup with gold and silver eyeshadowPhoto: pinterest.com

Open your eye by painting corners in bright gold or silver eyeshadow.

Amazing blue makeup. This is, however, quite difficult to achieve.Photo: pinterest.com

This blue makeup will leave all your friends amazed! It, however, requires a lot of knowledge to be done correctly.

Gold on your eyes is always a good ideaPhoto: pinterest.com

Gold on your eyes is always a good idea. A perfect golden smokey eye is impressive not only for Christmas party but for other celebrations as well – birthdays, weddings, etc.

Pretty eyes with bronzer and shiny highlighter. Don't forget to highlight your cheekbones.Photo: Instagram/@luannacharamba

Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones. You can get the best result with bronzer and shiny highlighter.

Eyes shining silverPhoto: vattire.com

How about making your eyes shine silver? Instead of doing classic smokey eye technique, try doing this.

Lipstick and eyeshadow colors matchPhoto: vattire.com

Match the color of your lipstick with the color of your eyeshadow. Both of them are perfect for winter months makeup.

Classic red lipstick? It's more than perfect for winter holidays!Photo: outfital.com

Nothing can beat classic red lipstick. You can easily leave the rest of your makeup minimal by adding a bit of mascara, thin eyeliner line, and bright eyeshadow.

Dark burgundy-brown matte lipstick is made for Christmas partyPhoto: outfital.com

If you didn’t know when to wear that dark burgundy-brown matte lipstick, Christmas party might be the perfect occasion for trying it. Leave the rest of your makeup very minimal.

A dramatic smokey eyePhoto: stayglam.com

A dramatic smokey eye is perfect not only for Christmas parties but for other celebrations as well. Let the corner of your eye be in gold, while the rest of the eyelid is black.

Dark green eyeshadow rocks for ChristmasPhoto: stayglam.com

You can always match with the Christmas colors. Dark green eyeshadow will for sure make you stand out from the crowd.

Pinch of gold on eyelidsPhoto: stayglam.com

Add a pinch of gold on your eyelids, while the lower eyelid is painted in green. It is a fantastic holiday mix of shades.

Glitter cut crease and burgundy lipstick - a stylish combination for winterPhoto: stayglam.com

Glitter cut crease will definitely make you unique and very stylish. Don’t forget to add red or burgundy lipstick.

Glitter eyeliner on the classic smokey eyePhoto: stayglam.com

Be extremely precise with glitter eyeliner. Let the base be the classic smokey eye.

Makeup with a snow-resembling glitterPhoto: outfital.com

Tuck in your favorite turtleneck and do your makeup according to the weather conditions. Glitter will surely match with the snow.

Purple glitter on eyelids together with dark matte lipstickPhoto: outfital.com

Purple glitter on your eyelids matches with dark matte lipstick.

Perfect minimal Christmas makeup, with nude eyelids and ombre lipsPhoto: outfital.com

This is what we call a perfect minimal and Christmas makeup. Eyelids are entirely nude, while lips are done with ombre technique.

Brown neutral lips and shiny eyeshadowsPhoto: outfital.com

Brown neutral lips and shiny eyeshadows are the best and the most approved combination you can try when opting for Christmas party makeup.

Eyeliner mastered at its bestPhoto: outfital.com

If you are a master of doing eyeliner, then you can ‘copy’ this makeup look. This girl has done her eye makeup perfectly.

Classic makeup with red lips and classy black eyelinerPhoto: beautydriver.blogspot.com

Fan of classic makeup? Don’t experiment with colors – red lips and classy black eyeliner will do a perfect job for you.

Cute makeup with prominent dark red lipsPhoto: pinterest.com

Don’t forget this – before every makeup, you should do proper skincare routine. Clean and treat your face thoroughly, if you want the result like this.

Glitter eyeliner on the outer line of an eyePhoto: glaminati.com

Instead of black, opt for glitter eyeliner. However, do only the outer line of your eye. Lips should be done in neutral, meat shade.

Makeup in the shades of cinnamon, red apple, and sweet creamPhoto: society19.com

If you want to revive the spirit of Christmas holidays in the best possible way, do your makeup in the shades of cinnamon, red apple, and sweet cream.

Unique makeup excellent for winter holidays. That's not some ordinary glittery one.Photo: society19.com

Being unique during holidays can be achieved with perfect makeup. However, make sure it is not an ordinary glittery one – copy this girl on the photo above.

Red eyeliner instead of a red nose for a costume partyPhoto: society19.com

If you are doing a costume party with your friends or family, make sure to be Rudolph. Instead of a red nose, do red eyeliner.

Eye makeup in green - like a Christmas treePhoto: attirepin.com

Do your eye makeup in green – like your Christmas tree.

Makeup with white eyeshadow on lidsPhoto: attirepin.com

White eyeshadow on your lids, is that even possible? Yes, you can match with the snow for the winter holiday season.

Fun and unique makeup with gold on lipsPhoto: pinterest.com

Gold on your lips – why not? It is so fun and unique!

Pale skin contrasting with eye and lip makeupPhoto: pinterest.com

Girls with pale skin should contrast with their eye and lip makeup. Gold eyeshadow and berry lipstick combination are just perfect.

Lipstick matched with nail polishPhoto: pinterest.com

Who said you couldn’t mix and match your lipstick with your Christmas nail polish? Make sure you do dark, winter colors, like burgundy, purple or classic red.

Blue eye makeup with pink shadowPhoto: pinterest.com

Girls with blue eyes can easily wear pink shadow on their eyes. You can either match it with your lips or leave them nude.

Makeup with red and orange shadesPhoto: pinterest.com

When it comes to makeup, red and orange shades make a perfect combination. Make sure not to overdo your warm-toned makeup.

Creamy, glitter eyeshadowsPhoto: pinterest.com

Creamy, glitter eyeshadows are the best for achieving the look like this.

Minimalistic makeup with a bit of gold on lids, and the perfect tanPhoto: beautydriver.blogspot.com

Fan of minimalism? No problem – this makeup is everything that you will ever need. Just a bit of gold on your lids, and the perfect tan.

Christmas makeup with brown autumn tonesPhoto: pinterest.com

Let brown tones from fall makeup be your best solution for Christmas makeup as well.

Red is a perfect shade for winter holiday makeupsPhoto: musely.com

Red is not only a festive color, but it is also a perfect shade for whatever occasion.

Lovely Christmas holiday makeup lookPhoto: pinterest.com

Nude, but not wholly – this can be the description of this lovely Christmas party holiday look.

Classic and sophisticated Christmas makeupPhoto: Instagram/@maquiagemlovers

Looking classy and sophisticated during Christmas dinner is easy with makeup like this.