Cape Coat in Winter: Dressing Ideas and Style Guide

Women wearing a cape coat in winter

Cape coats are an elegant way to dress up your outfit. Whether you wear it to work, school, or a date, you will look stunningly fashionable. But, if you’re unsure what to pair this versatile coat with, you may end up looking like a winter mess. 

These coats always appear in the fall and winter months, making women everywhere look sophisticated. They are often seen in big cities and chic holiday parties, cementing their status as a classy Christmas coat – but you don’t have to style them like this!

To avoid any winter fashion faux-pas, we’ve created this guide to help you style a cape coat in winter. From preppy styles to alternative aesthetics, we have tips for all tastes. Keep on reading to explore the dos and don’ts of cape coats. 

What Is a Cape Coat?


A cape coat is a winter must-have! This garment is a style of coat that covers the wearer’s back and arms and fastens like a coat at the front. These coats usually flow to the hips or mid-thigh area, allowing the long fabric to flow elegantly. It’s common for the sleeves to have an arm slit or to sit open, giving the illusion of draped fabric. 

These coats often come in neutral colors and thick fabrics, giving women worldwide a staple coat for cold weather. Wool is a common fabric for these coats as it’s warm and holds shape well, but you can find styles in more affordable fabrics as well. 

What’s the Difference Between Cape and Cloak?

A common question that comes up when discussing cape coats is “how are they different from cloaks?”. Though these two garments are similar, there are some key differences. 

Unlike a cape, a cloak is a much longer garment that only covers the shoulders and back.

Cloaks can reach the floor in the most extreme cases, whereas a cape will only flow to the wearer’s hips. Both garments can feature hoods and similar fabrics, but capes are much more common in the fashion world as cloaks have a costume-like look. 

How to Wear Cape Coat in Winter Without Looking Creepy


Capes are often associated with fairytale and fantasy stories, so you need to be careful how you wear them. Though they can look incredibly chic, there’s a fine line between theatrical and fashion! 

Here are some of our top tips to help you style your cape coat in a stylish and contemporary way:

  • Avoid longer cape coats if you wear a long skirt or dress. Too much loose fabric will give you a baggy look – this may be warm, but it won’t flatter your figure. 
  • Opting for neutral colors like black, beige, and browns can make the outfit look more contemporary. While red capes may look festive, you need to be careful with the outfit styling. Don’t add too much color, or you’ll look like Little Red Riding hood!
  • Mix your cape coat with modern jeans for a streetwear outfit. Avoid baggy jeans and choose simple kick flares to emphasize the cape silhouette. It will help to avoid looking odd or creepy!

Best Colors to Choose This Winter

Are you looking for a cape coat for this winter? Here are the top colors for this winter season. 



Perhaps the most traditional colors on the list are beige and camel.

These neutral colors will match any garments in your wardrobe, and you can easily create a classy look. This color is usually associated with trench coats, but wearing it in a cape gives it a more feminine twist!



This entry may confuse you as we’ve previously stated that red can look a bit “costume-ish.” However, when styled well, red is ideal for the festive period. Pair a red cape coat with neutral or plain colors for the best look. Add some soft curls and a red lip to finish the outfit, and you’re ready for the Christmas party!



Though black and gray cape coats will always be popular, navy is set to be the most popular option for this season. 

Navy cape coats work as a dark base layer, but they offer a softer look than black as they have some blue pigment too. Mix your blue cape coat with jeans and a snug jumper for a perfect daytime ensemble. 

Cape Coat Pairing Advice

Before you rush out and buy a cape coat, it’s always best to consider what clothes you already own that will style well with it. Doing so helps you work out which coat will suit you and your wardrobe best. If you’re feeling stuck, keep reading to explore our favorite pairing ideas and cape outfit inspirations!

1. Add A Chic Shirt


If you like the preppy or more conservative look, a cape coat and a crisp white shirt work very well together. Layering the coat over a dainty blouse or shirt adds a smart touch to a feminine outfit. 

If you can, use a white shirt that has classy details, such as a feminine collar or intricate cuffs. This outfit may be better for autumn months as it isn’t as warm as a jumper look.

2. With Some Casual Jeans

When in doubt, add jeans to an outfit! Such a rule works for most statement garments, as denim gives you a neutral and relaxed base to work with. Whether you go for iconic blue flared jeans or stylish black skinny jeans, cape coats look best when you stay away from any loose styles. 

3. Party Dress And Heels


Cape coats are an excellent option for holiday parties, complementing your formal dress or party outfit. 

We recommend stepping out on New Year’s Eve in a cape coat and mini dress! Add some high heels to show off your legs, and let the coat do all of the talking. Pair this look with a stylish messy bun and minimal makeup too.

4. Thigh-High Boots


Another great pairing is a cape coat and thigh-high boots. Since these coats don’t cover your legs, they’re the perfect excuse to show them off! 

Thigh-high boots (especially heeled styles) are one of the best ways to compliment your figure. Try opting for black ones as these will match a range of colors and you’ll be able to wear them with other outfits too! 

5. Experiment With Winter Accessories

A key trend this year is the feminine winter look. It stems from Russian fashions, and it includes extravagant winter accessories like faux fur fats, large knitted mittens, moon boots, and earmuffs.

The cape coat is a perfect pairing for this aesthetic, so try experimenting with cute winter accessories and shoes to embrace the seasonal style. 

Extra Cape Styling Tips

Before we round up, here are some extra tips for styling your coat:

  • Capes work well in formal and business dress situations too! Make sure you show off your cape coat with some tailored pants or cigarette trousers in the office. Add chunky loafer shoes for a flat option.
  • If you don’t have thigh-high boots, long socks or tights with fake thigh-high socks are another great way to accentuate your legs. 
  • Add a mini skater dress underneath and make the hem visible for some flirty layering. 
  • If it’s cold, find a chunky scarf in a contrasting color to create modern color contrast in your outfit.
  • You can also find blazer cape garments that act like a jacket rather than a coat. These are a good option for summer or warmer winter weather. 

The Takeaway

Cape coat is a winter staple that appears in the cities and on social media every year. These coats are perfect for anyone who likes dressing super feminine or classy. They work well for all winter events. 

Owning a cape coat can complete your winter wardrobe. Be careful when choosing the color and length as you don’t want to look too costume-ish!

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