The Best Casual Summer Skirts To Rock The Season

Casual summer skirts
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Finding good casual summer skirts for easy, spontaneous days in summer can be challenging. It needs to go with your existing wardrobe, not look too formal, and most importantly, feel comfortable to wear!

If you’re on the lookout for a casual summer skirt, look no further! We’ve scouted the most popular 2021 trends to help inspire your summer wardrobe!

Top Casual Summer Skirts Options

Iconic Pleated Skirts

When warm season comes around, one summer skirt style that never leaves style is the pleated tennis skirt. These skirts have been popular for a few years now, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to discard them yet!

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The most popular versions of these skirts are white ones, pastel colors, and check patterns, however, they come in a range of darker tones too. These iconic skirts were re-popularized by American Apparel in the mid-2010s and have stayed a summer staple ever since. Tennis skirts are great casual options as they’re not too tight and are comfortable to wear on hot days. Not only that, but these are easy to style as they can go with oversized tees, crop tops, bodysuits, and even jumpers on cooler days.

We recommend pairing these with a comfortable pair of sneakers or chunky sandals for a casual day look. Try adding a pair of fishnet stocking or platform boots for a more alternative approach to this skirt. You can dress this skirt up too for evening wear, however, this is a more popular day-to-day piece.

Knitted Skirts For Summer!

While the idea of knits makes you think of wrapping up for winter weather, knitted skirts have become a popular staple of summer wardrobes. Before you brush this trend off, give it a go! Knitted skirts aren’t as thick as chunky jumpers, plus they’re great for casual events as they’re stretchy, soft, and comfortable to move around in.


Most knitted skirts tend to be fitted to the body due to their stretchy nature. However, you can find some looser, flowy styles too! We love the rib knit versions. This small detail adds some texture to your outfit in an unconventional way. These skirts are popular in neutral tones, like beige, cream, or white, perfect for pairing with any colors or prints without clashing.

A knitted skirt is a great way to incorporate a minimalist basic into your wardrobe that gives you an interesting silhouette. These skirts are popular in stores like Zara and can be worn casually during the day or as a sophisticated evening style, too.

Flowy Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are another summer favorite. These skirts go to the wearer’s ankles and offer a modest/full coverage look. These are great for staying cool and comfortable but still looking stylish on hotter days. The more casual versions of these skirts are made from cotton, or other natural fibers, as these fabrics keep the wearer from getting too hot while wearing a longer garment.


For summer 2021, gingham print is a must! Whether it’s in red, pink, or yellow, embracing this classic pattern is in this year. Gingham works well with maxi skirts, especially if they have extra ruffles, as it plays with femininity in a high fashion way. Also, it can add an interesting print to your wardrobe without it being too dramatic. Gingham pairs well with denim or any solid colors, so styling looks with a maxi gingham skirt can be done with anyone’s wardrobe.

Mesh Printed Skirts

It’s no secret that the 2000s (or y2k as the Tiktok fans call it) is back in fashion. If you’ve seen mesh skirts on your Instagram, this is because the 2000s are back with a vengeance! This is a fun trend to embrace for summer. These skirts come in a range of bold prints that are perfect if you love making loud fashion statements.

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Mesh is another stretchy material, perfect for any casual event as it keeps you comfy and cool in the sun. These skirts come in mini and midi lengths. However, if you want to capture the 2000s spirit, try a midi length with some platform sandals. Many of these skirts have a decorative hem, whether that’s through a lettuce hem or a stitched-on trim, the detail on these skirts is to die for!

When styling, go for a crop top or button-up blouse that’s tucked in. This will keep the outfit casual but adds more style to the look than an oversized tee. Some retro sunglasses or bandana hair also work well with these skirts. Keeping the outfit playful is key!

Alternative Animal Print Skirts

Animal print is usually either leopard print, snakeskin print, or zebra print – all variations of exotic animals. These will always be in style, but have you ever considered a cow print skirt? For many, this may sound like a fashion faux pas, however, stay with us!


With the rise of the alternative fashion scene, many embrace alternative prints that would have been ignored years ago. A popular trend that’s emerging is cow print. This has been seen on fluffy bags, tops, and now skirts too!

Since cow print is black and white, this is easily paired with any color, so styling these skirts is easy. We recommend sticking to black and white for a more streamlined look, but the color does work well here, too. These skirts are most popular in mini length, perfect for a day in the city or just running errands. These are great casual options that offer a unique look rather than a standard denim mini skirt.

The Takeaway

Skirts will come and go, but you’ll always need a casual option for those lazy summer days! Whether you go for an alternative print or embrace a knitted skirt in summer, having a skirt that fits your style is important. What do you think of the 2021 trends? Let us know!

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