The Best Summer Skirt Outfits For Summer 2024

Summer skirt outfits

Skirts are essential for summer, no doubt about it. But finding the skirt that suits your style can be hard.

Are you stuck for skirt ideas? Don’t stress. We’ve found the top summer skirt outfits and styles to help you build the perfect outfit for the warm weather.

8 Summer Skirt Outfits Options That Are Right On Trend

What length suits you?

Like us, skirts come in all shapes and sizes – but which should you rock? Choosing the right length is important; you want to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

When choosing the skirt for you, think about where you will wear it and how often. If you love swishing around in a long skirt, try a maxi, whereas if you prefer showing off your legs, go for a mini!

1. Maxi Summer Skirts

Beautiful maxi skirts will always be a summer staple. These are harder to rock in the winter as the thin fabric leaves you feeling the cold, so as soon as the warmer weather rolls around, make sure you take advantage of it. While there are many different styles of maxi skirts, popular ones are tiered ruffle skirts and maxi skirts with side splits.


Try the tiered maxi skirt trend if you’re looking for a more “full coverage” look. These skirts are often made from three pieces of fabric that ruffle slightly as they go down, don’t worry – they aren’t puffy princess shapes! The slight ruffles are an elegant look and are great for getting a boho summer vibe. These skirts are popular in dainty floral prints and pastel colors. They are usually thin fabric which makes them great for hot days.

Maxi skirts with leg splits are also popular. These feature an opening where your leg peaks out. These are great options for a flirty day outfit or an evening look, especially when paired with platforms or heeled mules. Many maxi skirts with leg splits are high-waisted, so make sure to pair these with a crop top or a bodysuit to take advantage of the cut.

2. Midi Skirts

Midi skirts often don’t get the love they deserve. This skirt length is usually the last people will try – but the style is on the rise this summer! Thanks to the 90s and 00s trends popping up on Instagram, midi skirts are being promoted by retro brands like UNIF and Motel Rocks, and many love them.

Photo: Instagram/@kisira_

If you want to rock the midi skirt, try a printed skirt and pair it with a solid-color tee or crop top. This style can be paired with chunky boots for a 90s almost-grunge look. However, your pair of favorite sandals will also do the trick. Many midi skirts have a layer of sheer fabric over the top for a feminine edge too.

3. Mini Skirts for The Summer

Mini skirts are classic and will always be in style. These are a great way to show off your legs while staying cool. You can find tight skirts, loose skirts, and the always-popular pleated tennis skirts, but for this summer, we recommend the mini skirt with a side split.


These mini skirts come in all fabrics and colors, but popular versions are in silky materials – great for an evening outfit. The side slits are small. However, this little detail elevates the skirt from a standard mini to one with detail. These minis have become popular in tartan/check patterns, perfect for pairing with a casual tee for a day out. When styling, try pairing it with sneakers or boots to keep this look casual yet chic.

4. The Perfect Beach Skirt

If you’re heading to the beach or pool this summer, you might be searching for a skirt that’s easy to cover up in. Rather than buying a standard sarong or beach cover, try the new trend – crochet!


Knit and crochet garments have become so popular this year. As many start to hit the beaches, crochet and loose knitted skirts is a trend to watch. These skirts aren’t full coverage, but when you’re by the pool, they’re perfect. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy making your own – these are already in many stores online!

5. Wrap Skirts For A Boho Summer Vibe

Wrap skirts are among the best types of skirts. However, it’s been a few seasons since we’ve seen them in style! These chic skirts have more detail than your standard type – they have a delicate wrap cut that makes them look high-fashion and chic.


Sometimes these wrap skirts have layers of thinner or see-through fabric that elevates them, making them look more expensive and bringing a chilled-out summer vibe to the outfit. Some variations of wrap skirts also leave space for a leg slit, making them an excellent option for any evening events or date nights.

This year printed wrap skirts are very in, from ditsy florals to all-out graphic prints, a pattern is a way to go. Wrap skirts pair well with Converse trainers or pumps for the day, giving you a casual city look. For the evening, try a pair of platform sandals or your favorite heels to complete the aesthetic!

6. What Is The Best Casual Skirt?

When summer finally arrives, sometimes it’s too hot to be wearing a fancy, tight skirt. If you’re looking for casual summer skirts that are comfortable yet stylish, try a corduroy skirt.

Photo: Lookbook/@camillelenore

Cords have been on the radar for a while, but these skirts are the new denim. Cord skirts give off 70s vibes, a decade that’s making its way back into the fashion spotlight.

The most popular casual style of these skirts is an aline mini with buttons down the center. This is the perfect everyday style, allowing for comfort while still looking on-trend. The most popular color for these is beige or burgundy. However, you can find pinks, blacks, and greens too – all very 70s!

7. Romantic Ruffles

Sometimes we want an extravagant skirt because, well, why not? Ruffle skirts are a great way to embrace your feminine side while staying high fashion. Ruffles have been a popular style for the last year, so buying a ruffled skirt just makes sense. These flirty skirts are great for date nights, evening events, and even day looks if you want to stand out.


The ruffle skirts are most popular in mini lengths. However, you can also find midi and maxi versions with more dramatic ruffles. We love skirts with asymmetric ruffles or ruffles that run across the garment rather than sit at the hem. Many of these skirts are in fun pastel colors with elegant prints, but you can pair these with a leather jacket and boots to add some edge!

8. Stay In Style With Knit

It’s all about knitting and not just for jumpers! Like the popular crochet beach cover-ups, knit is also in for full-coverage skirts. Knitted skirts give stretch and comfort, so this is a great casual option for the day. These can also be dressed up for the evening. Find a tight one for a figure-hugging look, and pair it with heels or mules.

Photo: Instagram/@yasminbright

Many of these knitted skirts feature beige or earthy color tones. This is good news because it makes it easier to match the skirt to other garments in your wardrobe! Whether you opt for a rib-knit for some detailing or a standard knit for a sleek look, this is an up-and-coming trend you need to try.

Summer is a great time to express your style, so hopefully, some of these summer skirt outfits shown above have inspired you!

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