10 Bottoms To Save You From “I’ve Got Nothing to Wear” Days

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We’re all familiar with that itchy feeling – standing in front of a full closet and thinking, “I’ve got nothing to wear.” To minimize this frustration that can spill on your whole day, I’ve curated my wardrobe with just the right basics that make me feel well “equipped.” Such an approach ensures I have clothes options I feel good in, especially when I need quick solutions.

Here are 9 suggestions for foundational bottom pieces, ones you can wear over and over without losing on looking fresh.

1. Slouchy Darted Trousers in Natural

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I’ve had these trousers for three years now, and each time I wear them (which is often), they look fresh and styleable in so many ways. Their hybrid design blends 1930s men’s classic and contemporary military moments – a defined structure where needed, relaxed in the right places. Darted at the waist, with no waistband or belt loops for a streamlined finish, and gathered folds below the ankle.

Crafted from lightweight twill in neutral beige, they pair with just about anything: a classic white t-shirt, combat boots, squaretoes, a shirt… And the best thing is the quality – no wrinkles or loss of shape, and low maintenance all the way.

2. Midi Pencil or A-line skirt

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Opt for a midi pencil, midi A-line skirt, or both for a touch of femininity but also practicality. It pairs well with a T-shirt, tucked-in shirts, bodices, and asymmetric party tops, but it won’t lose on its elegance even with a jersey hoodie. Versatile for strolls, workdays, and evenings alike, it’s easily wearable on many occasions. 

3. Greyish or Blackish Skinny Jeans

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While not a huge denim fan, I believe gray or black skinny jeans is a pretty decent choice for “what to wear” dilemmas. This dependable basic effortlessly matches classics such as white tees, leather jackets, heels, sneakers, red lipsticks, flowy hair, and silver-toned jewelry. Their simplicity ensures adaptability to nearly any occasion.

4. Wide-Leg Airy Pants

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Made in cotton poplin or non-creasing linen viscose blends, these comfortable pajama-style pants harmonize with close fitted t-shirts for a sporty, yet girly look, or loose shirts if you’re going for a more relaxed southern look. Stroll through the city, lounge at home, or even at the office during summer – they won’t lose their chic.

If they come in attractive striped prints, there’s a potential for even more interesting combos.

5. Comfortable Knitted Pants

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My affection for these pants knows no bounds. I have ones in chocolate brown wool and ones in ecru with lush, high-relief texture.

Whenever I see those in my wardrobe, I get a warm feeling inside, like I have a closet brimming with beautiful, wearable options that mute background stress, even for a bit. I wore them on flights, city strolls, dinners. Always feel good and cozy in my skin. Since the knits are delicate, they require a bit more intensive care than, let’s say, jeans, but that’s okay. 

6. City-Adapted Leggings

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Not the standard workout leggings, but those in thicker fabrics made in cotton blends, synthetics, or maybe wool. I like them in gray and black, muted browns and greens, featuring interesting panel interplays and emphasized seams. These are easily transformable, from work to travel to everyday wear, pairing well with a range of footwear like sandals, sneakers, and wedges. Wear them with knits, coats, or performance jackets for diverse styling possibilities.

7. Quality Blue Jeans

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Jeans are so versatile that can effortlessly transition from casual to formal occasions. When paired with a stylish blouse and heels, they’re perfect for a night out or a special dinner date. On the flip side, when combined with a comfortable t-shirt and sneakers, they create a relaxed and trendy look, ideal for running errands or spending time with friends.

8. Smart-Casual Tailored Pants

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I like wearing these in muted checks with my caramel loafers, but lately, I am more into flare skinny ones in black. These pants effortlessly bridge the gap between casual and polished. Opt for sustainably milled, high-quality stretch wool. Take good care of them because these are keepers. You will appreciate and love them with each passing year in a world full of disposables.

9. Cargo Pants

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With their military background, cargo pants offer a hint of a ready-for-everything attitude. They are perfect for road trips, city outings, open-air fests, and evenings out. They pair so well with tees in white, grey, black, and military-inspired greens, and due to their masculine-feminine duality, pair equally well with both sandals and combat boots.

10. Maxi Skirt

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For that extra dose of femininity, a nice quality, stretch knit maxi skirt is a way to go. Suitable for both daytime and evening out, it can be easily dressed up with crop jackets and wedged sandals. Make sure it has a comfortable dose of stretch and comes in neutrals or achromatic scale.

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