4 Ways to Pull Off Perfect Braided Buns with Weave

Girl wearing a braided bun with a weave. Braided buns with weave are excellent hairstyles for all occasions, they are so stylish and versatile.
Perfect braided bun with a weave (photo: Youtube/Raque P)

Braided buns with weave are so stylish and versatile. From those great for chill and Netflix at home to those suitable for elegant occasions – choices are endless. 

Here we put some of the best ways to pull perfect braided buns. Check these thorough guides showing you how to achieve this excellent hairstyle.

4 Braided Buns with Weave Tutorials on Youtube

Curly and Messy Bun with Weave

You should start by pulling your natural hair up in a top knot or a ponytail. This girl shares a little trick with elastic bands. She uses one to secure the hair and adds another to tie up the hair ends, so they don’t bother her while putting on a weave. 

She uses a method of wrapping the weave around this bun that she made out of her natural hair. Bobby pins are not necessary for this hairstyle. 

You take a bundle of a weave and simply wrap it continuously around the bun. Then you take your scrunchie out and mix your natural hair with the weave. 

Use the scrunchie to tie up the middle of the top ponytail you have just got. Hair ends should be free. Tuck in all your natural hair ends, so they don’t peek. Then you should twist the hair around and tuck it under. 

To make it look messy, simply take a few strands of weave out of your bun. The curls will surely provide you with a great and casual look. 

The Pineapple Bun

Braided buns for black hair are extremely popular.

Begin with sectioning your hair. You will need a gel and small elastic bands. This girl decided to section her hair into triangles, but you can choose circles, squares, or whatever you want. 

She starts by twisting each triangle. This helps her with weaves attached later on. Then the root of the triangle is secured with the elastic band. 

Asya warns us that the braiding and sectioning part can be time-consuming, so that we need to have patience until we are done with the whole hair. She uses a hair gel to make twists more polished. 

You should connect all the triangles and twists. Sometimes, it takes time to see what is the best way to get them hooked. 

Wrap the hair that is left in the smallest bun possible. You can use both straight and curly braiding hair to make a bun. In the meantime, you can add accessories to your triangles and twists just to make them summerish and interesting. 

Tie the weave to the bun and braid it until the hair ends. Wrap it around the small bun you have already made and tuck in all the hair that peeks. Use bobby pins to secure everything. You can add braids and accessories to finish off the look. 

Braided Stich Bun

Section your hair into two big halves. Start braiding your hair at sides, all the way across your hair in the back. 

Add weave at the end of your hair, near the neck, and slowly add it until the front section. You can braid it in the old way, using a pin and a thread. 

Now you should work on the frontal section. Divide the hair in the middle, and use the hair gel to make everything polished. Make a few small buns so that the hair won’t bother you. Braid in the weaves. Wrap the hair into a top knot, tuck in the hair and secure it with the elastic.

A Jumbo Braided Bun with Weave

When you already have your protective style over, you can also do whatever kind you want. These boxer braids are made with braiding weave, but this girl wants to show us how to turn this hair into a high jumbo bun.

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Put the entire hair over to the front and use a big scrunchie to gather it together. Make sure to miss none of the braids. By holding it throw it back again. Use a part of the hair for wrapping. It can be on both sides – as you wish.

Take a small section of hair and start wrapping it around. Tuck in the hair ends under the scrunchie. Then wrap the rest of the hair. You can even part the hair in two, or if you are in a rush, do it at once. 

You should take your time and tuck everything underneath. That is how your bun will stay secure. You can use another scrunchie just to make sure your bun won’t move. This is one of those easy and chic braided buns with a weave that you can easily make.

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