5 Shining Box Braid Colors To Choose For Your Hair in 2024

Splendid box braid colors
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Box braids are certainly one of the most popular protective styles. As you know, they come in diverse shapes, twisted, braided, long, short, thick, and thin. However, what many women don’t know is that there are many trendy and different box braid colors.

No matter if you like to wear your braids to match your natural hair or you would like something head-turning – you can achieve every style. Some colors are more popular than others. For instance, light blonde box braids are often seen, while rainbow braids are reserved only for the brave ones!

5 Box Braid Colors To Stand Out

We have gathered some of the loveliest box braid colors that you could try if you prefer this protective style.

1# Red Box Braids

Red-haired women indeed won’t walk anywhere without receiving many compliments. The vivid red braids will come great for girls with dark hair, but they can also look fancy if your natural hair is blonde or light brown.

There are many shades of red to try. From burgundy shades, copper, and amber tones, to vivid red box braids that will catch all the views.

Dark Red Box Braids

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Dark red is for those women who like to try something new, yet to keep it classy and appropriate for daily wear. These box braids are done in ombre style since the shade of red is less evident in the roots.

Vivid and Long Red Box Braids

Photo: Instagram/@zakladwarkoczykarski

For those who would like to be noticed wherever they go, we recommend trying vivid red, that real lipstick red shade that is very eye-catching. No matter if your braids are long or short, they will make every outfit exciting and stylish.

2# Blue Box Braids

Yes, you have read it well. Blue box braids are very common, and you shouldn’t be surprised! They are amazing, very eye-catching, yet so versatile. You can braid these extensions to both dark and blonde natural hair. Either way, they will enhance your daily style without overemphasizing it.

You can choose many different box braid colors of blue. We suggest trying a turquoise and to give an ombre a go.

Blue Ombre

Photo: Instagram/@zakladwarkoczykarski

Ombre gains the title of timeless hairstyle. You can combine shades and highlights as you wish. These box braids go from dark to lighter sea blue shade. Aren’t they gorgeous? Try them in the summertime, while spending your holiday at the seaside.

Turquoise Box Braids

Photo: Instagram/@sallaflinkmanofficial

If you have ever wished to look like a mermaid, then this is your chance. Turquoise box braids are the must-have for summers. You can weave box braids of different lengths, mix the blue shades, and get a fantastic hairstyle.

3# Light Blonde Box Braids

Light blonde braids might be one of the most popular ones. They match well with all-natural hair colors – from deep black to light blonde.

Blonde is great for adding other shades – strawberry, honey, auburn, or light brown hues will match just perfectly.

You can try braiding all blonde hairstyles or mix and match with other tones.

Light Blonde Box Braids with Highlights

Photo: Instagram/@brandiwynae

All-blonde box braids are great, but let’s admit that they look even better with lighter honey highlights. This girl combined two of our favorite blonde shades into one hairstyle and got a fantastic result.

Strawberry Blonde

Photo: Instagram/@dreadrocks_warkoczyki

A combination of light blonde hair and strawberry blonde highlights will quickly become your favorite. These two colors are not only beautiful but also versatile, perfect for daily wear.

4# Brown Box Braids

Brown and copper box braids might not be eye-catching like blue or red, but they certainly are classy. They give your hair a stylish makeover, even if your natural hair is in a similar shade.

If you like your box braids but would like to try a color that is suitable for every day, then don’t hesitate to try brown. Light or dark, with copper or red undertones – they will all look amazing.

Curly Ends

Photo: Instagram/@zeahbee

You can braid your box braids all the way to the ends or make those ends curly and leave them unbraided. That is how your brown shade will be really eye-catching. You can also add colorful hair accessories like a headband or pins.

Braided Brown Box Braids

Photo: Instagram/@justbraidsinfo

You can braid your already braided box braids. If they are brown and highlighted, then even better. Your hair will get that texture and volume that it needs.

5# Purple Box Braids

Purple is one of the popular shades in the box braiding industry. Even though it might sound intimidating to you at first, this color is actually suitable for everybody. It might be reserved for the brave ones only, but we suggest giving it a try.

Purple comes with many variations. Dark and deep shades of purple will look great on dark skin tones, while light-haired women should pick lilac or combine light purple shades with blonde highlights.

Deep Purple Braids

Photo: Instagram/@ghanaianhairstyles

These braids are big and dark. They will match all styles, but most women with a darker skin tone. If you are feeling brave enough, add some gold accessories to your box braids and make sure to gather them in a bun or half up.

Lilac Updo

Photo: Instagram/@innabajka_mm

Lilac is not a popular shade in fashion only. Some girls like it on their hair! Box braids in this shade will surely get you many compliments. Even with dark roots, lilac braids will look excellent no matter how you prefer wearing them.

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