17 Best Hairstyles That Will Make You Love Your Gray Hair

Hairstyles for gray hair (collage)
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Many women dread the moment they’ll first notice gray hair strands. The first reaction? Run to hide it as quickly as they can. The gray shade is beautiful and should be celebrated, not hidden. Instead of running to the hair salon, you should learn to embrace your gray hair. 

Going gray isn’t just a natural rite of passage. Wearing gray is also one of the leading trends nowadays. Even women without a hint of gray strands ask their hairdressers for this trending color.

Here are the hairstyles that will enhance the shade, whether you have a long, short, blunt, or layered haircut, to help you wear your gray hair in the best possible way.

1. Classic Bob Hairstyle

Woman with classic bob hair
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The bob can go two ways. The modern one is with blunt fringes and sharp edges that seem polished. Another is a classic one – blow-dried and a bit more traditional. It is especially easy for styling thin and fine hair, as blunt cut adds weight. 

2. Gray Pixie Style

Gray pixie hairstyle
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Pixie haircut has a long and quite interesting history. Even though short hair boomed in the 1920s, the trend practically died shortly after. That is until Audrey Hepburn wore it again in her movie Roman Holiday in 1953. From now on, the edgy pixie haircut is a choice for many women, especially ones who prefer enhancing their hair.

The pixie is low maintenance – you can say goodbye to spending lots of time in the morning styling your hair.

3. Curly Short Cut

Woman with curly short cut hair
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You will need hair mousse and hold for this chic and sophisticated hairstyle. Embracing natural curls with gray hair was never easier. A short haircut will create even more movement to make your curls bounce. 

4. A Long Bob – Lob

Attractive senior woman gray hair
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A long bob, lob, that falls just above the shoulders is flattering on everyone. If you ask a hairdresser to make layers, you will add a modern twist. This hairstyle looks excellent when styled straight or curled.

5. Stacked Bob

Woman with stacked bob grey hair
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Everyone looking for volume and density control should try stacked bob.

This hairstyle adds texture, so it’s perfect for gray hair and enhancing it in the best possible way. What’s important about this hairstyle is that it looks equally great when straightened and curled. 

6. Choppy Pixie

Pixie haircut
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A choppy pixie that looks a bit spiky is a fun and timeless choice for a hairstyle.

Women with fine hair will have more volume control. Not to mention this style is low maintenance – so easy to style and look great with gray hair.

7. Blended Layered Lob

Blended layered hair
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Blending gray hair with some other shade is unbelievably chic. This allows your natural color to shine while also adjusting to new gray strands of hair.

With long layered hair, a transition to gray hair isn’t that complicated. 

8. The ‘Fonda’ Haircut

Jane Fonda
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Jane Fonda needs no introduction. Besides her being iconic, her hairstyles inspire from the 50s until today. While the famous Fonda look will take some blow drying and hair products, it looks fantastic on gray hair and hair that is barely medium short.

9. Side Parting

Woman with side parted bob hair
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A short side parting is a perfect way to keep the fun and youthful energy of your now gray hair. Side parting looks great on both short and long hair. 

10. Layered Central Parting

Senior woman with gray hair outdoors
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Hair tends to become thinner as we age. The quick solution to overcome this is to make layers, which will add more volume and texture. The central parting is low maintenance, yet it only contributes to volume. 

11. Straightened Fringes

Woman with blonde hair with fringes
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Fringes are always a good option for women with gray hair. Since they add frisky vibes, fringes are perfect for both daily and special wear. You can use a straightener to make the fringes polished and keep them in place with a spray or a mousse. 

12. Long and Straight Gray Hair

Long and straight gray hair
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Long gray hair looks impressive when it is straightened and polished. Adding different silver tones can only make it look better.

The key to keeping the straight hair looking good, without any flyaways and side strands, is eliminating split ends. 

13. Effortless Mermaid Curls

Woman with long curly hair
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Beach-inspired waves are anything but boring. This hairstyle is all about movement, effortless look, and wavy layers. With these things, you can create a boho-inspired look, even with gray hair.

14. Punk-Inspired Pixie Cut

Short haired woman with pixie cut
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Who said punk is dead? Women not afraid to show their wild side should try punk-inspired pixie cuts. These cuts implicit neatly shaved sides with voluminous and layered hair crowns.

15. Gray Ombre

Senior woman with grey hair
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An effortless ombre allows you a transition to full gray but at your own pace. You can ask your hairdresser to start with dark gray roots, slowly melting into soft pale gray. 

16. Silver Shag

Silver shag haircut
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The shag haircut is very rock ‘n’ roll, effortless, messy and casual. It typically features choppy ends and layers around the crown. Shags work on every hair texture and length. It also looks great on silver hair. Not to mention, it is straightforward to maintain. 

17. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob hair
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Are you in the mood for something modern and chic? A shaggy bob looks amazing whether you are young or over 60 with natural gray hair. Try it with a lot of layers around the face and bangs.

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