8 Best Apps for Hair Color Change To Use in 2023

App for hair color change

Changing the hair color is easy for some. However, for some women picking the right shade is a game that they don’t know how to play.

In today’s digital age, it seems like there are apps for almost everything imaginable. From regular games that entertain us during our free time (did you know that games paying real money is a thing!) to sophisticated planning tools, diaries, bird watching… you name it. With such a wide range of apps available, it’s no coincidence that there are apps designed specifically for changing hair color. These innovative apps provide users with the opportunity to experiment with different looks and styles, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

If you are at least curious to see how some shade would look on you, then these apps for hair color change are perfect for you. Many of these apps allow you to change your color and see how it would look on you, even if your hair is not done perfectly.

We also covered the most popular makeup apps, and some of them do allow changing hair color along with makeup, so you might want to see these apps as well.

Finding The Perfect App For Hair Color Change

1. ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-On

This app is created by the famous Tokyo-based hairstyle salon Nora. Not only is it made to look very realistic, but you can choose between a lot of hair colors and styles. The app is usually updated, and it is even better for people interested in Japanese culture and trends.

– Realistic 3D animated simulation
– Variety of hairstyles and hair colors
– Easy sharing and saving photos on your phone
– It is only available on iOS App Store

Available on iOS.

2. Style My Hair: try on & color

Style My Hair app comes from the hairstyle giant itself – L’Oreal has made it free and flexible. The 3D technology allows you to see how your hair looks like when you move your hair around, with a realistic representation of your hair color.

– 3D technology shows your hair in motion
– A daily dose of hairstyle tips and tricks, as well as the latest hair color trends
– Available on both iOS and Android app stores
– You can’t change hairstyles in this app

Available on iOS and Android.

3. Hair Color

Simple to use, this app is excellent and uncomplicated for seeing how some new hair color will look on you. You can check out the effects on your uploaded photo or in real-time in the app. The app offers around 20 different hair colors. However, if you don’t like them, you can even experiment and create your own shade.

– Simple to use
– Instantly recognize hairline and quickly load colors
– Some colors are only available with the Premium version of the app

Available on iOS and Android.

4. Hair Color Dye

If you are looking for something that will show you how to completely change your current hairstyle, then this is an app for you. Hair Color Dye will allow you to choose between many vibrant hair colors. The best thing about it – you can paint certain parts of your hair and see how it looks in combination with other hues.

– You can place the color whenever you want on your hair
– Allows you to erase or undo any mistakes
– Huge range of hair colors
– You have to pay for some colors
– It doesn’t work perfectly on all hair types
– It is only available on iOS App Store

Available on iOS.

5. Fabby Look – Hair Color Edition

This app for hair color change is great if you like unique hair shades. Fabby Look is a fun, realistic hair color app. It offers 10+ unique and bit unrealistic hair colors. From green to magenta – many other shades are also available.

– Unique hair colors and styles
– You can try on colors in photos and videos
– You should be able to choose more hair colors
– The app is not precise when coloring your hair

Available on iOS and Android.

6. Hairstyle Magic Mirror

This app comes in two versions, Lite and Premium, which costs $4.49. The Premium version unlocks more hairstyles and colors, but even the free version allows you to try many different styles. You can pick a male or female character, take a photo, or upload your photo to try on a shade or a style.

– The interface is easy to use
– The array of hairstyles for both men and women
– You can create your own hair color
– New hairstyles come with every new update
– You can’t see all hairstyles and shades without unlocking the Premium version
– The facial detection feature doesn’t work perfectly in the Lite version

Available on iOS and Android.

7. Hair Color Booth

This app makes it so easy for you to check out how lilac, pink, or strawberry blonde hair would look on you. You can mix various colors to get the desired style. The sliding tab is perfect for choosing among a vast range of colors.

– Massive selection of colors
– Color strength control, including translucency and smoothing
– You have to pay to see all hair colors
– Not a lot of classic hair colors, many unrealistic ones
– It is only available on iOS App Store

Available on iOS.

8. Hair Color Changer – Styles Salon & Recolor Boot‪h

The Hair Color Changer app for color change is perfect for those who like to experiment with different shades. Even if those shades are green or pink. The app’s library has a huge array of colors and smart tools that help you edit.

– Options clear and undo – no matter what you do, you can always go back and try again
– Pan and zoom options allow you to work more precisely
– You can share the hairstyle you have created with your friends on other social networks
– It is only available on iOS App Store

Available on iOS.

Among these great apps for hair color change, everyone can find what they need.

Whether you are looking for a simple makeover or like to play with different shades and unique colors, they provide all of these. Smart tools, share options, and many other interesting features will make your hair transformation even more fun!

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