A woman wears a camel coat, a black shirt and a pencil skirt

Plaid Clothing Styles In Winter: A Way To Add Charm And Uniqueness

Plaid clothing is a staple for winter wardrobe. It is extremely versatile since it could be used in almost every combination of colors and stripes with checks. It’s perfect not only for elegant and posh occasions but also for aggressive and glam rock n’ roll looks.

Read on to find some inspiration about super easy and stylish looks.

1) Tartan Trench-Style Coat

Directly from Scotland, tartan plaid pattern coat.

Tartan is a traditional type of plaid print born in Scotland, and has always been massively used in clothing. But if it was more of a school uniform thing before, it has seen a rise in fashion in the recent years and has become a major classical trend perfect for fall and winter times.

This coat features red, orangey and colder nuances, and it is nice to match with a basic outfit such as black shirt and denim jeans, for a trendy casual look; if you want to add an elegant touch choose heels, but if you want to go for a rock-aggressive look, try biker boots.

2) Red and Black Oversized Coat

Get cosy with this oversize coat.

Another option, if you’re looking for a coat, it’s an oversize one in classical red and black checks. Perfect for winter and fall, wool will keep you warm, and this coat is super easy to throw on a basic outfit to add a pop of color. And for those of you aiming at a glam punk look, red and black checks are just a staple!

3) Black and White Pencil Skirt

Super elegant outfit with this pencil skirt.

Pencil skirts are usually sexy and glamorous, but this plaid print on neutral tones such as black and white with a sparkle of red makes it traditional and perfect for holiday parties and winter office days.

Mix it with earthy tones such as camel, beige or dark green. Go for a total black if you want a more refined look, and add little details such as golden in bags and accessories; being high waisted, you will need just a short shirt in a basic color to complete the outfit and be ready to go!

4) The Skater Skirt

Super versatile and perfect for every season: the skater skirt.

With warmer tones like burgundy and light tangerine, this skater skirt is extremely versatile and can be light and flowy with a casual touch if wore with a sweater and sneakers, or paired with ankle boots, heels or shiny thighs for a special occasion.

5) Checks and Stripes

Tres chic with black and white!

Although being very different and usually wore separately, stripes and checks can be put together if you choose the right options. Go easy on colors, such as this basic black and white outfit, and play with textures, like cotton and wool. If you want to add color, go for accessories and make up.

For example, pair this deep red bag with a bright red lipstick, and you will look just flawless.

6) Check Shirt

Casual look for everyday, featuring a burgundy and blue check shirt.

This outfit is perfect for those days in which you have absolutely no time to dedicate to fashion and styling your look: go for basics, such as neutral nuances and denim, and simply throw on a colorful checks shirt.

The layering of shorts with a long shirt will look extremely cool, and to avoid being cold, go for some black tights. If you’re aiming for a fancier look, choose black ankle boots with low, wide heel and metallic details such as zips or small studs. Finish everything with a long coat.

7) Winter Glam Rock

Excessive and outlandish: leopard and tartan!

So, this outfit might seem too excessive, but you have the right personality to pull it off, it will look just amazing.

Mix and match bright red tartan with leopard print coat: directly from punk rock era, you will look aggressive and strong but stylish at the same time. Go for basics such as gray or black tops underneath, and complete the look with a pair of high heel to add the elegant touch: all eyes will be surely on you!

8) Blazer Style Tartan

Rock this tartan blazer by adopting an over-the-top style!

Skirts, coats, and shirts: these are the usual garments in which tartan is used. But if you’re looking for something rather uncommon and original, this blazer might be just what you need. Go all in by pairing it with a sequin skirt and a plain white t-shirt, to be at the center of attention like a real fashion victim.

9) Plaid Cut-Out Denim

Keep it original with this vintage DIY!

To continue with the original tartan versions, why not try this super easy DIY project? Just find a pair of distressed denim jeans that you like, or distress one yourself, and cover holes from the inside with your favorite tartan piece! Mix colors to make it the most original possible, and then finish everything off with the final touch: tartan on the turn up!

Wear them with combat boots for the ultimate rock and roll style, or with heels and ankle boot to give a twist to an elegant outfit.

10) Matching Accessories

Color your basic look with matching plaid accessories!

It is not strictly a look, but it is a good inspiration to use tartan, plaid, and checks as matching accessories. We all feel a bit darker on the inside in winter, and that’s when all the blacks and the grays come out: outfits in total black and cold nuances.

So, if you’re looking for an easy touch of color to add to your look, why not pairing a complete and simple total black such as a turtleneck and high waisted pants with matching shoes and bag in tartan nuances?

This dark and cold green/blue print is perfect if you want to keep it simple; go for red or orangey tones if you want to add a warmer atmosphere.