Outfit Advice: Wearing 7 Hues for the End of Summer

Woman in a red orange rust outfit in sunny warm day
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Do you have specific colors you long to wear with each new season? I do.

It was jester red in autumn, ice and cognac through winter, and opalescent shades in spring. And now, as we approach the end of the season, my attention is drawn to these hues that go so well with one another. They lovingly embrace tanned complexions, although better leaning towards warm and neutral undertones rather than cool ones.

These colors also come very practical since they embody that timeless, low-key luxury feel, which transcends seasonal appeal. That’s a bingo if you are a conscious consumer like myself. 

1. Black

Portrait of attractive girl in autumn shades in black outfit
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You probably think – I already knew this one, and I’m here to restate.

Black is black, and there’s no achroma like it. It’s near perfection, and if done right with the right makeup, it could compliment anyone – whether warm, cool, or neutral undertones. But black at the end of summer/early autumn pops out in a different light. Under that warm brightness, those glitzy reflections bring a unique side of black. 

It complements the background earthy tones of sun-dried southern landscapes.

2. Mediterranean Olive

Woman standing in a village road wearing olive outfit
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Good old sacred olive tree, a gift of goddess Athens to citizens of Athens. I love how the ancient people appreciated the natural world so much that they created myths around it.

Olive works nicely with ivory, golden, and caramel tones, especially when intriguing textures come into play. Imagine an olive T-shirt in organic cotton with a printed skirt in cappuccino hues. Or a juxtaposition of feminine/masculine lines – olive feminine dress and square cargo-style gilet in deep black.

3. Red-Orange Rust

Woman in a red orange rust outfit in sunny warm day
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Bright shades of rust, the ones leaning toward red-orange spectrums, are my summer classics.

I am not a fan of bright colors like pink, bright blues, greens, yellows, and purples since they don’t fit my not-very-bubbly personality, so this one dominates in my closet. Rust asymmetric skirt fit with white tops perfectly, like tees. Perhaps add an olive green briefcase-style bag and see what happens.

4. Golden Liquid

Woman drinking coffee in autumn park
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Tell me about that dainty coastal jewelry, chainmail dresses, golden embroidery on waistcoats, buckles, and clasps. It glimmers gorgeously under the sun’s embrace, sparkingly reflecting glitzy night lights and shimmer of water.

Even those vintage-style lipsticks with golden sparkles could elevate otherwise mute summer outfits.

5. Salty Caramel

Woman with bicycle enjoying autumn weather
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Yum! Luxurious leather goods, sandals, and belts work so well in these warm shades of caramel. It spills from the visual in other senses, conjuring scents of balmy caramel, cacao, or carob-like cakes.

I own a pair of beautiful warm caramel loafers, and I love looking at them under the pleasant autumn sun.

6. Muddy Khaki

Lady in denim olive jacket with handbag
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I accidentally discovered this muddy beige shade – by wearing my boyfriend’s jeans. It’s an alternative to my regular beiges, and it goes so well with my striped orange-purple skirt and vibrant chunky sandals.

The discovery brings a new dimension to my style, and I’m yet to see where it will go and how it will develop – which makes fashion that exciting.

7. Shimmery Ivory

Elegant blond woman with leather hat & casual beige jacket
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Ivory in flowy silk or in textures like waffles and gauze looks impressive in the summer/autumn breeze. Imagine a Cuban collar shirt in a crinkled texture paired with shorts in the same fabric. Add some pretty buttons, a cool camera bag with a thick canvas strap, and, of course – chunky sandals to contrast this gentle hue.

Do You Have Your Own Steady Rotation of Autumn Hues?

Beautiful stylish girl wearing a beige trench coat
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How do you infuse a pop of unexpected surprises into your palette? These colors have become my companions for the season, and I anticipate the next one to see their evolution – along with my inner growth. What combinations will follow as my wardrobe rearranges through the seasons, I wonder.

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