24 Magnetic Nail Art Examples That Truly Wows

Photo: Instagram/@pickynailart

Magnetic nail art is quickly becoming a staple technique for DIY mani lovers because of the fantastic designs you can create. From out-there spacey manicures to fun, colorful nails, there are so many ways you can express yourself with magnetic nail art. 

Plus, it is super easy to do at home! I have been doing my gel nails for the last few years, but I am not particularly arty. Intricate designs are not for me, so I love techniques that look salon-quality and easy to do. 

What Is Magnetic Nail Polish?

Magnetic nail polish is a nail polish that has magnetic particles in it. Using a magnetic wand, you can create swirling patterns and textured looks. 

You can get magnetic nail polish in various colors, from darker, gothic shades to lighter, summery hues. You can use magnetic polish on its own or express your personality by using it as a base for funky designs!

How does magnetic nail polish work?

Magnetic nail polish has little magnetic particles within that are activated with a magnet. The particles are super small, meaning the polish’s texture is just the same as a regular polish. 

When the magnet is placed on the nail polish, the particles get pulled, creating patterns in the polish. Super cool!

How To Use Magnetic Nail Polish

To create magnetic nail art, all you need is the following: 

  • A UV lamp
  • Top coat
  • Bottom coat
  • Regular nail gel
  • Magnetic gel 
  • A magnet

Most of the magnetic nail polish you can buy will come with a special magnet. However, you can also pick the magnet up from most nail art stores. 

So, how can you do magnetic nail art at home?

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Before you do any nail art, you need to prep your nails! Doing this means your manicure will last, and your nails will stay healthy. Prep your nails by buffing them and getting rid of any oil. Then, push your cuticles back and cut off any skin. Once you have done that, cleanse your nails with wipes. 

Step 2: Apply a Bottom Coat and a Base Color 

When you have prepped your nails, you can begin to get creative! Apply a base coat and then cure your nails. Then, add a base color and cure. The base color you use will depend on the type of magnetic nail polish you have. Many magnetic nail polishes are dark purple or blue, which means a black base color is perfect. However, if you are using a lighter shade, opt for white. 

Step 3: Apply the Magnetic Nail Polish

Apply magnetic polish to your nails once your base color is cured. Do each nail individually, as you need to put the magnet onto the nails as soon as you have put on a coat of polish!

Apply the magnetic nail polish to a nail, then hold your magnet directly above the nail. You need to place the magnet pretty close to (but not touching) the nail. Hold it there for around 15 seconds. Then, repeat on each nail. You will see the magnetic particles move and create patterns as you do so!

Once you have done each nail, cure the polish. Then, seal it with a top coat.

Magnetic Nail Art Examples

Are you ready to embrace magnetic nail art and do your own? Let’s look at 24 unique magnetic nail art designs you can do at home!

1. Colorful Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbyjen

Who knew that magnetic nail art could be so bold and bright?! This manicure is simply stunning, and I love the mix of colors used. 

2. Long Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@plainvamp

This nail artist has stamped stars underneath the magnetic polish, and the result is beautiful. The stars shine through the polish, creating a night sky look. 

3. Black Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@n.badjuk

These galaxy-themed nails are fantastic. The nail artist has opted for only two nails with magnetic art, making the design stand out! The short square nail shape suits the look, too. 

4. Velvet Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@nails.eme11

This manicure has a beautiful, glossy look with a mix of silver and blue hues. The nail artist has picked different locations for the magnetic polish on each nail, which adds intrigue to the manicure. 

5. Sky Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbyjen

I am obsessed with this manicure! The pastel purple shade brings a dreamy vibe to the look, and the nail artist has placed the magnet on the tips of the nails to achieve a glittery, ombre effect. 

6. Magnetic French Tips

Photo: Instagram/@moonlit.nail.artistry

French tips is a classic look, and this iconic mani has so many fun twists. This manicure uses magnetic polish on just the tips to create this velvety, sparkly look. 

7. Green Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@pickynailart

I love how nail artists use magnetic nail polish as a basis for designs, and this manicure is incredible. They applied a green magnetic polish on the nails and cured them. Then, they used stamping to add floral, mystical designs. 

Nail stamping is a great way to add designs to your nails at home. They are super easy to use and look great!

8. Half and Half Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@muddy_manis

Want to recreate this half-and-half look? Place some nail tape on the bottom half of your nails to get a clean line, and then apply your magnetic nail gel. Once you have cured the magnetic nail polish, take off the nail tape and add some sparkles before putting on your top coat!

9. Strawberry Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@le_larsson_nails

Nail artists are creating some pretty fun designs with magnetic nail polish, and this strawberry manicure is perfect for summer! After applying a red magnetic polish and curing, the nail artist handpainted the strawberry design onto the nails. 

10. Pink Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@mariesnailsbse_suffolk

Pale pink is a great color for magnetic nail art, and this design has a lovely shimmer! This minimal manicure is a perfect day-to-day look if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your life. 

11. Galactic Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@birdy_polished

I am a big fan of anything to do with outer space, and this manicure is incredible. The nail artist used blue magnetic nail polish as the base and then applied the planets using stamping.  

12. Minimalist Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@didi_nailart_diy

This manicure gives me big futuristic vibes with an exciting minimalistic dotty design. Again, the pink color really suits the magnetic, swirly look.  

13. Love Heart Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbyjen

This bold look is created by adding a thin layer of bright pink gel on top of a silver magnetic polish. Then, the artist added love hearts to the nails. They handpainted the hearts, but you could use nail art stickers for simplicity!

14. Multicolor Magnetic Tips

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbyjen

Another funky twist on the French tip trend, this manicure is created by using different magnetic polishes on the tips of the nails. 

15. Blue Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@notsonaturalnails

Magnetic nail polish goes well with many other trends, especially the OTT gemstone look! The nail artist has opted for blue magnetic polish on three nails, leaving two for gemstones. They then added a silver gel polish onto the other nails and put on a lot of gemstones. I love the 3D look of this mani!

16. Smoky Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@hypnoticpolish

Okay, I need this magnetic nail polish ASAP. It is pretty out there, with the magnetic particles revealing a stunning pink shade.

17. Short Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@lina_lackiert

I love the different colors within this magnetic nail polish, as it creates a proper spacy look. Magnetic nail polish looks great on long and short nails, so it is perfect for anyone!

18. Yellow Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@gbignails

This dark yellow shade is a fantastic color for magnetic nails, and I love how the nail artist has created a gradient in the polish. The gemstones and decals are a nice touch, too. You can pick up fun nail decals and gemstones pretty cheaply online, and they always add a bit of glam to any manicure!

19. Square Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@petsnpolish

Again, this nail artist has added decals under the magnetic nail polish to create a subtle design. I love this trend and will definitely be trying it out! 

20. Negative Space Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@fairly_polished

Negative space is a big trend in the nail world right now, and it can be easily created at home with nail tape. The strip of negative space on this manicure elongates the nail, creating a fun and expressive look.

21. Starry Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@alekto.art

Another manicure that pays homage to space and all things extraterrestrial, this simple design uses magnetic nail polish and gold stick-on stars. Perfect on short nails, too!

22. Spacey Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@nailing_painting

To create this look, the nail artist used a variety of magnetic nail polish on a black base. They then added spacey designs by painting them on with white gel polish.  

23. Marble Magnetic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@pickynailart

The nail artist has added a new layer of cool to the classic magnetic nail art by adding marbling to the design. This addition mixes it up and feels fresh and exciting. 

24. Pop Art Magentic Nails

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbyjen

Want to get on the pop art nail trend? Have a go at creating your own with a magnetic base! After applying the magnetic polish, the nail artist handpainted swirls and shapes onto the nails to create a pop art look. 


Is Magnetic Nail Polish Bad for You?

No, in terms of safety, magnetic nail polish is generally considered to be safe for use. It is formulated with non-toxic ingredients commonly found in regular nail polishes, such as solvents, resins, and pigments. These ingredients are carefully selected and tested to ensure they do not pose significant health risks when used as directed.

However, it’s important to note that individual reactions or sensitivities can vary, and some people may have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients in nail polish, including magnetic nail polish.

Additionally, it’s recommended to use nail polish in a well-ventilated area to minimize exposure to any potentially irritating fumes.

Can I Wear My Magnetic Nail Polish Through Airport Security?

Yes, you can wear magnetic nail polish through airport security without any worries. Airport security measures primarily focus on identifying potential security and safety threats, such as weapons or explosive materials. Magnetic nail polish does not pose any such threat and is considered safe.

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