20 Natural Spring Makeup Looks You Must See

Natural spring makeup looks
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Natural-looking makeup always has its own charm. Let’s go and see which makeup we can wear for warmer, sunnier spring days.

From orange tones to pinkish ones – everything is allowed. You can go completely nude or choose some of these shades. It is on you.

Natural Spring Makeup Looks

Here are some of the best natural makeup looks and ideas for the warmer season.

Light and Natural

This should be your motto for spring – just light and natural makeup. A bit of nude and brown eyeshadows will do a perfect job for you. The shade of meat is the best lipstick to go with for a beautiful spring evening or a working day.

Shimmer and Brown Eyeliner

Such makeup is perfect for summertime as well.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re going to a casual or elegant event. Your eye will shine with delicate shimmery eyeshadow. Brown eyeliner matches the color of your eyes and hair.

Lilac for Spring
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Not only lilac was one of the colors of the last season, but it also occupied the beauty industry as well. You can try it for spring by putting just a bit on your crease and lids. Make sure to put nude in the inner corners of your eyes.

Simple Glow
Photo:  Instagram/@byjeannine

Let your eyebrows be the center of affection. Put on a bit of highlighter and pink blush on your cheeks. Orange tones on your eyelids are a must.

Pink Vibes

Light makeup should include a pink shade.

It looks good on any skin type and gives a certain glow that is perfect for warm spring days. Whether you decide to go with pink lips or cheeks – your look will be perfect.

Living Coral Lips

If you’re Asian, a quick tip for great Asian makeup would be to put a bright colored eyeshadow and black eyeliner to make your eyes pop out. You can put on coral color on your lips to match with the Pantone color of the year.

Matchy Hair and Lip Color

Pink is seen on many spring makeups. No surprise there – pink is like nude. It is perfectly wearable for any occasion and matches any hair color and skin type.

Nude Lips and Orange Tones

It’s worth having matte lipstick in your makeup bag. Matte lipsticks still rule. Those in nude and meat shades are the most popular ones. You can wear it all spring in combination with orange eyeshadows.

Metallic Vibes
Photo: Instagram/@natascha.lindemann

Metallics didn’t only take the hearts of fashion girls, it also finds its way to beauty as well. Metallic lips in pink are a great way to salute spring and to show off how you can style it with any nude and neutral eyeshadow.

Black Hair and Natural Makeup

Even girls with black hair can wear colors such as millennial pink or orange. These spring shades suit everyone, and that is why they are so good. If your skin is dark, here’s a good guide for getting a flawless natural makeup look for black girls.

Pink Lips
Photo: Instagram/@neginvaand

If you have full and beautiful lips as model Negin Vaand, don’t hesitate to put on a vivid pink shaded lipstick. She decided to leave the rest of her face nude – just a bit of proper foundation, pink blush, and nude eyeshadow.

Eyebrows on Point

How to make your eyes bigger? Sometimes, it is so simple – just let your eyebrows be the main point on your face. Let them grow and shape them a la Cara Delevigne.

Red Lipstick Classic

Red lips are a timeless classic. You can wear it not only in spring but around all seasons. When putting on red lipstick, make sure not to overdo your eye makeup.

Perfect Eyeliner Wing
Photo: Instagram/@katyaa_golden

When applying eyeliner, you need a proper technique. There is nothing more beautiful than the perfect eyeliner wing. It can make your eyes more prominent, and your look – sexier. For this spring, you won’t need anything else rather good black eyeliner, a bit of foundation, and a highlighter.

Blue Eyes and Orange Makeup

If you were wondering how neutral makeup can look for blue-eyed girls, then this is the answer. An excellent combination of azure eye color and nude-orange eyeshadow creates a perfect contrast.

Bronzer and Highlighter for Spring

Yes, you can start wearing bronzer in spring and prolong it through summertime. Don’t overdo it though. Apply a small amount of highlighter, a bronzer, and even a bit of blush. On eyes, apply brownish-orange shadow and a bit of mascara.

Freckles and Natural Beauty

If you ask us, we would all agree that freckles are beautiful. For warm spring walks, choose minimal makeup and show off your gorgeous natural beauty.

Business Look for Spring
Photo: Instagram/@nikki_makeup

Along with this gorgeous grey blazer, you should consider this a perfect business look. You can look fantastic only with a few beauty products – mascara, eyeliner, and darker nude lipstick.

Brown Shimmer
Photo: Instagram/@inbeautmag

Even though this is not typical natural makeup for every day, it is not too extravagant either. Do your hair into a low French bun, put on brown eyeshadow and the same shaded lipstick.

Purple Glam

This might be a kind of glam makeup, rather than a natural one, but it is definitely adorable. Purple lipstick requires less eye makeup, and that is precisely how you should do it. Put only your favorite foundation, a bit of highlighter, and you are done!

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