13 Amazing Makeup Tutorials for Green Eyes

By Janice Wasem / Updated on November 15, 2018
Pink and black eye shadow

Only 2% of the people have naturally occurring green eyes making it the rarest eye color in the world. If you are one of them consider yourself lucky because you’re just as energetic and fun-loving as the green color of your eyes.

Green eyes stand out wherever they go. Be it an official meeting or a party at friend’s you are bound to enjoy attention from all corners of the place. And why not? You are part of an exclusive club. So why not enhance the beauty and glamour of green eyes with our 13 amazing makeup tutorials for green eyes. Doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short hair, or red hair or blue hair or blonde hair, this tutorial is a must read for everyone.

All these makeup ideas enhance the beauty of green eyes but since everyone has different shades of green, we recommend that while applying eyeshadow for smokey eyes you should carefully apply each coat of makeup would make a considerable difference in the final outcome.

1. Dramatic Gold

This Rihanna-inspired makeup look will be a hit.Photo: beautygala.com

This Rihanna inspired look could be yours in 5 minutes. Here’s how

1) Get hold of your Urban Decay Naked Palette for this look

2) Cover the crease of your eye with Buck. Extend it up into your brow-bone. This shade should be applied along your lower lash-line lightly.

3) Sidecar should be applied to your entire eyelid.

4) Apply Sin to the inner corners of your eyes, extending up towards brow bone.

5) Apply Virgin to your brow bone for highlight.

6) Apply a liquid liner (or a black gel) to your upper lash line and then create a feline flick.

7) Curl you lashes and apply mascara and add false eyelashes (the look is incomplete without these).

2. Brown and Gold

Get a subtle smokey look with a brown and gold combo.Photo: makeuptutorials.com

A dramatic looked could be achieved with a brown smokey eye. You could also get it by applying eyeshadow primer over the eyelid. Then apply a soft brown eyeshadow above and through the crease. Then apply chocolate brown eyeshadow to the lateral half of eyelid and gold eyeshadow to the medial half. Then apply a black pencil liner to upper lash and smudge the liner (for a softer) effect. Cover the lower lash line in a similar way. Finally apply mascara to top and bottom eyelashes (you could also apply false eyelashes to enhance the effect). Dark brown or purple mascara would be ideal to go with this style as well as the rest of looks mentioned in this tutorial.

3. Lilac Elegance

If you're looking for impact, then this lilac eye creation is for you.Photo: gurl.com

If you’re looking to make an impact on what could turn out to be the day of your life then we suggest that you use the following tutorial.

Firstly cover your upper eyelid with lilac eyeshadow, extending above the crease. Then apply to eyeshadow on the lower eyelid. Now apply a pink eyeshadow on the outer half of your upper eyelid. Then apply black pencil liner, first on the upper lash line and then on the lower lash line. Apply false lashes and then mascara to both eyelashes.

4. Green Cat Eye

If you're feeling frisky then try this green cat eye to get that unique look instead of the classic cat eye.Photo: makeuptutorials.com

Have you ever looked at cat eyes and thought how beautiful those shiny eyes are? Well if you have got green eyes then you too can have cat eyes if you follow our next tutorial.

Firstly apply skin-toned eye shadow as a base. Then using a green pencil liner, make two lines. One following the crease from its outer half to its inner half and then extending to the medial angle of the socket. The second line should then extend from you inner angle of eye to the medial end of first line. Then apply green eyeshadow over your upper eyelid: darkest on the inner side, lighter in the center, and lightest on the outer half. Similarly, do your lower eyelid. Then apply false eyelashes and mascara to finalize the look.

5. Modified Green Cat Eye

Modify the modern cat eye using the lightest shades of green and a black liner with mascara.Photo: gurl.com

Instead of applying green all over your eye you could go with a modification of the above look. First, just put skin-toned eyeshadow as base .Then apply light green colored eyeshadow on the inside of your upper eyelid and then the inside of your lower eyelid. Care should be taken that since we’re not going to apply green all over the eye, one should not use dark shades of green. Then apply black pencil liner to lower lash line. Another thing you could do instead of the black pencil liner is to use false lashes and then apply mascara.

6. Color bonanza

Create this vibrant look using three colors: gold, brown and green.Photo: gurl.com

Gold, brown and green enhance the beauty of green eyes. So what if we combine all three to give you the most vibrant look.

Firstly apply dark brown eyeshadow to your upper eyelid, extending above the crease. Then using a green pencil liner cover the lower lash line. Then apply white eyeshadow to the brow bone, above the area where you applied dark brown eyeshadow and below the eyebrow itself. Then apply golden eyeshadow to upper eyelid and apply glitter. To complete the look apply fine black liner to both upper and lower lash line.

7. Blue heaven smokey eyes

Blue makes your eyes pop.Photo: fashionandstylles.blogspot.com

A straightforward rule for hazel eyes: smokey eyes suit you the best. Here we present you blue colored smokey eyes which are ideal for high school and college goers.

Apply white eyeshadow over the upper eyelid extending as well as including the area of brow bone. Then take black eyeshadow and apply it to upper eyelid and then the lower eyelid. Then apply blue eyeshadow on your upper eyelid, the darkest side being the inner half. Then apply black pencil liner to both your upper and lower lash lines.

8. Lilac and Purple

Fascinating lilac and purple combo is sure to mesmerize.Photo: shechoice.com

Another combination of colors which suits hazel eyes is of lilac and purple eye shadow. This combination is great if you have an official meeting or an interview.

Firstly apply lilac eyeshadow on your upper eyelid such that it extends above the crease. Then apply purple eyeshadow on the inner half of your upper eyelid and the inner half of your lower eyelid (you may choose to apply dark pink eyeshadow over brow bone as highlight). Then apply black pencil liner over your lower lash line followed by mascara to complete the look.

9. Pink and Black

A popular combo for haze teens is the pink and black combo to impress.Photo: weheartit.com

Another highly popular combination colors for hazel teenagers is pink and black. If you haven’t tried it just look at the following pictures to see how impressive this combination is followed by our tutorial to actually learn it.

Firstly apply white eyeshadow over the upper eyelid as base. Then apply pink eyeshadow over the upper eyelid. Then apply black pencil liner at the outer 1/6th of your upper eyelid and smudge it off using a brush. Then apply black pencil liner to the outer half of lower eyelid and finally apply mascara.

10. Seductive eyeliner

This look is best for young and middle-aged women, the black sexy liner is the star of this look.Photo: topinspired.com

This look is most appropriate for young and middle-aged women and might be considered inappropriate for teenage girls. However, not everyone has the same face shape so you are welcomed to try this at least once in private and then continue with it if it suits you

First, apply white eyeshadow covering your upper eyelid and brow bone. Then apply black pencil liner to your upper lash line and smudge it off laterally using a brush. This step is followed by applying black pencil liner to the outer half of your lower eyelid and slightly smudging it as well. Finally, apply false lashes and mascara.

11. Drama and Glamour

Glamorous eyes.

This look is ideal if you are looking to make all the others jealous in a party, or if you are simply looking for someone’s attention.

First, apply silver eyeshadow over your upper eyelid. Then apply greenish gray eyeshadow to the inner half of your upper eyelid. This is followed by applying pencil liner of the same color to inner 1/6th of the upper eyelid and then smudge it off using a brush. Then apply black liner to upper and lower lash lines. In the end, apply false eyelashes and mascara to enhance your glam factor.

12. Double trouble

Double trouble eye.

Have you ever combined two eyeliners? If not, there’s a first time for everything.

First of all, shape your eyebrows and apply foundation. Then apply skin-toned eye shadow over the upper eyelid. Then using an angled brush create a correct line starting from the angle of the eye. This step is followed by making a black line over the upper lash line by using a pencil liner. Then make another line immediately above the black line using a white pencil liner. Then cover the lower lash line with the same white liner. Finally apply mascara to complete this style.

13. Finally, it’s best to leave it simple at times

Opt for this fresh, natural look by using only minimal products.Photo: beautylish.com

Sometimes it’s best to let your natural look take center stage. After all, you’ve already got beautiful eyes so let the world know that maybe you don’t need that much makeup.

Just shape your eyebrows and apply foundation. Then apply either dark green or black liner on the upper lash line and provide contrast by applying white liner on the lower lash line.

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