Best Tips and Ideas for Trendy Green Eyeshadow Looks

Green eyeshadow looks

Green eyeshadow looks are captivating and charming.

For example, emerald green eyeshadow is one of the unexpected makeup trends that we see all around Instagram. Looks in metallic and shimmery finishes are so popular as well.

Green eyeshadow looks good on a variety of skin tones as well as eye colors. However, it is one of the most flattering choices for brown eyes and olive skin tones.

Green Eyeshadow Looks on Dark Skin?

What color eyeshadow looks good on dark skin? This question keeps popping up on Facebook and forums.

As a matter of fact, green eyeshadow, especially rich and deep green tones, looks awesome on dark skin. Any rich eyeshadow shade will make your eyes pop. Deep shadows stand out against your complexion.

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9 Quick Tips on How to Apply Green Eyeshadow

Makeup artists are all united in one thing – green eyeshadow is not an easy color to wear. However, there are some tips they are fortunately giving to us to learn how to apply the color properly.

  1. Before applying it to your eyes, make sure to apply it at the back of your hand first.
  2. Makeup artists suggest mixing green and brown for a more elegant look.
  3. Always blend it well to get that smooth and silky look on your eyelids.
  4. Mascara and eyeliner should always be part of your green eyeshadow looks.
  5. To intensify the color, start by applying a white cream base on the lid before applying the eyeshadow.
  6. When working with bold colors like green, apply the eye makeup first and then continue with the face.
  7. If you want to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, simply add more color to intensify the green shade.
  8. Yellow-based skin tones should mix green and gold shadows in order to create gorgeous eye looks.
  9. Layer the shadow until you get the desired color and intensity.

Two Tutorials Helping to Achieve Your Perfect Green Eyeshadow Looks

If you were wondering how to apply green eyeshadow, then you will have a chance to learn it from popular Youtube makeup artists. One look is great for elegant occasions, while the second one is perfect for women who like shimmery eyeshadows.

Smokey Eye in Emerald Video Tutorial

For a start, you should make sure to use a good primer on your eyelids. White eyeshadow is the first shadow that you put on your lids. Press it, and don’t forget to put it below your eyebrows. It will make them look slightly lifted.

For the crease, An chose to go with a peachy nude shade and then with an orange one that she blended with a brush to build up the color. She started with mild green color and applied it to the crease. An warned us not to use too much of this shade and to blend it carefully since it is much darker than the rest of the shades.

You can use gel eyeliner to create a halo look. Put it in the inner and outer corners of your eye and press it gently to create a dark look. An used another green shade to make the transition between shades smoother. When you apply a dark shade, always go back to the lighter one to make sure it doesn’t look harsh.

For the middle part of the lid, An chooses a bit of neon green shade that she is lightly pressing with her brush. You can make edges look blended by applying more green shade that you used for the eyelids and crease.

In the end, you can create a simple black liner line and use a black pencil for the waterline. Apply the same green and orange eyeshadows at the lower lash line. Use some light shade for the inner corner of your eyes. Finish off the look with mascara and/or false lashes.

Look Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day

Blogger Eimear starts her makeup look by priming her eyelids first as well. She applies the peachy eye shadow first since it is a good base for the rest of the green hues she will apply later on.

She uses a brush to make a sharp edge at the outer corner of her eye. You should fade the line out the closer to the tail of the brow you get. And once she had made that guideline, she started blending the green color in her crease. Metallic shades of green are great for the eyelid. Eimear warns us to start lightly and build the opacity. Blend these two green shades with a clean brush.

For dept in your inner and outer corners, use black eyeshadow. Apply shimmery green eyeshadow in the center of the lid, as Eimear did. She blended the shades and made sure there was no harsh transitioning between the shades.

You can make the center of the eyelid even more catchy by adding a bit of water to your brush and then adding more color to it.

You can use green eyeliner on your lower lashline and waterline. Set the liner with the green eyeshadow that is used for the crease. Eimear finishes off the look with a few coats of mascara.

5 Green Eyeshadow Looks for Your Inspiration

Makeup artists love green eyeshadow. They create looks for superstars, influencers, and models that we enjoy looking at.

1. Green and Precise

Green and Precise
Photo: Instagram/@patrickta

This green eyeshadow can only look this great on a supermodel like Adriana Lima. Precise eyeliner with sparkly green eyeshadow seems to be a gorgeous combination that you need to try on.

2. Simple and Light Eyeshadow Look

Simple and Light Eyeshadow Look

Selena Gomez wears light green on her eyes, and she managed to match it with coral lipstick. This is one of those easy summer looks that can be easily achieved.

3. Smokey Emerald Green Eyeshadow

Smokey Emerald Green Eyeshadow

The smokey eye is a great look for many occasions. It makes your eyes look bold, and it upgrades all your outfits. Emerald green is such a surprising color that makes your eyes appear gorgeous and very sophisticated.

4. Neon Green Look

Neon Green Look

A little bit of neon on your eyes might sound surprising, but it looks very unique. You can find a neon green gel eyeliner and apply it all over your lid or keep it simple and chic, like in the photo above.

5. Green Eyeliner

Green Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is great, but let’s go for something more interesting this time. Think outside the box and try something new this summer – a green eyeliner wing. You can even match it with your nails!

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