Tricks Helping to Create a Perfect Updo For Short Fine Hair

Perfect updo for short fine hair

It is more than obvious that many women with fine short hair think that having a hairstyle is a mission impossible for them. Well, we are here to convince you otherwise. There are easy and proven ways to style an updo for short fine hair. Keep reading.

6 Ways to Add Volume to Fine Hair

Indeed, there is no one way to style your short fine hair. Not all of us have the same hair structure. While some women have super fine hair that is only good when left down, others look for a hairstyle that will pump up their volume a bit.

Here are several tips and tricks on how to add some volume and make your hair look thicker.

1. Don’t Apply Conditioner to the Scalp

You should always apply a conditioner when washing your hair. However, make sure to apply it from mid-lengths to the hair ends. Since your cuticle is open, it needs to be hydrated.

Avoid putting the product on your roots, or the hair will be greasy and limp right after you wash it.

2. Use a Hair Mousse

The hair mousse is a great product that can bring volume to your fine hair and make it look more structured.

Apply a palm-sized drop on your wet hair from roots to the hair ends. Be careful not to apply too much of a product since it will only weigh down your hair.

3. Skip the Brush

You can skip using your round brush or use it with your head flipped upside down. Your fingers should be the new brush you are using.

When you flip your hair upside down, you can maximize the volume.

4. Blow-Dry Is Good

If you use volumizing products for your hair, then you should activate them with a blow-dry. The heat is the best and the easiest way to activate ingredients from these products that will turn your flat hair into a voluminous one.

5. Do Highlights

Highlights are tested-and-proven for making fine short hair look more voluminous. And as you know, they provide you with long-lasting effects. As long as you are not overdoing it, highlights will make your hair appear more voluminous and add that great texture at the roots.

6. Good Old Velcro Rollers

Hairstylists recommend you use good old Velcro rollers after blow-drying your hair. Use a cool setting on your dryer and then finish off the style.

It is not a coincidence our moms and grandmothers have used them so much – they are super practical.

How Do You Put Short Fine Hair Up?

When your fine hair is down, it can look dull. Many women want to know how to style their updos for short hair.

Check a couple of hairstyle examples – maybe you can pick some style as an inspiration for your hair.

Lovely Top Knot With Short Fine Hair

Whether you like your hair to be polished or a bit messy, you can’t be wrong with a top knot. This is one of those hairstyles that works perfectly for both casual and elegant occasions. Twist, secure with an elastic, and style it as you prefer – with side fringes or fake donut hair. Remember – it doesn’t have to be full to look beautiful and voluminous.

Low Chignon Bun

The opposite of the top knot would be a low and elegant chignon bun. You should make it look loose or even braid it. This exactly will give you the impression of fuller hair.

Flipped Ponytail

Ponytail might show off how fine and thin your hair is, but we have another suggestion.

Try flipping the ponytail under to make it look like a bun. It looks very elegant in combination with gel, so you get the polished and smooth glamorous look.

Two Short French Braids

Perfect updo for short fine hair
Photo: Instagram/@abellasbraids

Two French braids will instantly make your fine hair look textured and with more volume. You can wear this hairstyle to the gym, yet it is also appropriate for work. Not many styles can do that, right?

Top Ponytail

Perfect updo for short fine hair
Photo: Instagram/@_wildfern

If you got tired of top knots and buns, you could try this hairstyle that blew the minds of all teenagers.

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It is inspired by the ’90s, very chic and casual. Grab the front part of your hair and make a top ponytail. The illusion of volume will be on point.

Twists and Braids

Perfect updo for short fine hair

This is one elegant and glamorous updo for short fine hair. It is perfect for brides-to-be if their hair is not in the best form.

Twisted hair with a braid that is turned into an elegant updo will surely catch the eye.

What’s The Best Way to Put Fine Hair in a Clip?

We admit it is not always easy to style your fine short hair. Especially if you have it layered – everything seems like a hard job to do. That is why you should always have a few small and big clips in your house. Clips can turn your hair into an updo in a second.

To put fine, short layered hair in a clip, you will need an elastic, two small and one big clip. It would be best if you also used a hair extension to make your hair more voluminous.

Use your comb to gather your hair into a ponytail. Secure it with an elastic, tight it, and pull it up to make the hair at the front look more voluminous.

Put the hair extension in front of a ponytail, so it holds it. Place the big clip below the ponytail to secure and style your updo for short fine hair. In the end, gather the hair that is left in the back and clip it with one small clip.

Creating a Messy Bun with Fine Hair

The citation is this: your hair is not washed, it is super fine and short, and you have no idea how to style it. The answer? Create a messy bun.

This is one of those hairstyles that look better when your hair is a bit dirty. So, you don’t need to worry about that. Start by using a dry shampoo. It will give your hair a bit of texture and volume. Comb your hair.

Use your comb to brush and grab your hair from the ear up. Gather your hair at the back in a ponytail. Now use your comb once again and gather the rest of the hair into a ponytail. You can position the ponytail wherever you want, but the girl in the video suggests to go high, to make it on the top of your head.

By still holding your ponytail, start wrapping it around your fingers to create a bun. Pull out the hair to make it look messy and to create the desired look. If you think it has a weird shape, use bobby pins to get the right one.

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