5 Tutorials To Make a Messy Updo for Short Hair

A messy updo for short hair

Who would have believed that even grey hair can look fabulous when you put it in an updo? We have found out that a messy updo for short hair can make everything seem nicer. And we need that in these upcoming fall and winter days.

Something that we can make quickly, and that can make us look gorgeous.

Messy Updo for Short Hair Youtube Tutorials

These women show us how to make messy updos in no time, with the least products. We can’t decide on our favorite, but please let us know yours. 

Fluffy Big Bun – Short Hair

We all have those days when we don’t feel in the mood to wash our hair. Well, this hairstyle works the best on greasy, non washed hair! Second or third-day hair will look equally good like you have been to a hairstylist.

Use a dry shampoo to add texture to your hair. The girl in the video says this messy updo for short hair looks the best if your hair is a bit greasy. Use a comb and make sure the dry shampoo is evenly deployed. Add a lot of hair spray to get as much texture and volume as you can.

Use an elastic to secure the bun. Gather the hair at the top of your head, put an elastic around the waist and tie it to the half, then wrap it, and then another half of the bun. The key is not to make it look perfect but messy. Use bobby pins to tuck in the hair ends and get the bun shape you prefer.

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If you have some hair left at the back, use a small clear elastic and a few bobby pins and joint with the rest of your hair.

Mom-Friendly Messy Bun Updo

If you are a mom, then you know how hard it is to make your hair look decent on most days. This messy updo is perfect since it takes just a few minutes. Whether you are a mom or rushing to the work and didn’t have time to wash your hair, this might be the right style.

You should begin by applying your dry shampoo and make sure it is evenly sprayed all over your hair. Form the shape of your hair to make it look voluminous.

According to the girl in the video, you can make a French braid at the front, or if you don’t have time for it, skip it. By holding both a braid and the rest of your hair, flip it at the front and use an elastic to secure your ponytail.

Pull the French braid to make it look messy and voluminous. Take a ponytail and tease your hair a bit with a comb. It won’t ruin your hair but make it look voluminous. Pin your messy bun with a few bobby pins and tuck in all the hair ends.

Twisted Messy Updo

This is one of those updos that you can easily style but wear for multiple occasions. It is elegant enough for wedding celebrations, but also chic for work or other daily events.

Start with the deeper part of your hair, whether on the right or left side. Grab a section of your hair at the front and split it into two parts. Do a kind of a twist row braid. Once you reach the crown, add the hair only from the top. Pull out the twist to make it look voluminous.

Now you should gather your hair into a low messy bun. Make sure to leave some hair strands out and secure a ponytail with the elastic. Twist the hair to turn it into a bun and use another elastic to secure it.

Boho Messy Chic Video Tutorial

Many women like to wear beach waves. They are chic, suitable for both daily and special wear, and most of all, so easy to make. The girl in the video shows you how you can make it quickly, but then she starts with her lovely boho and messy updo for short hair.

Begin with spraying your hair with a product that will hold your hair in place. Take a top half of your hair, section it, gather it at the back, and secure it with an elastic. Make a tiny hole right above the elastic and flip the ponytail through it.

Take the rest of your hair and pin it with bobby pins to the ponytail base you have previously made. You don’t need to worry much about the shape since this is a messy look. There is no right way to do it.

You can take the hair that is left around your face and twist them and drape them over the top of the updo.

Messy Braided Updo

If you like to wear your hair wavy or curly, this tutorial might be the right for you. You can do your waves ahead, but to try this messy braided updo when you get tired of your hair getting a bit greasy.

Separate the hair in front of the ear into two sections. Use a clip for the hair at the back, so it doesn’t bother you. You should start braiding the sections of your hair in front of the ear. You do a regular braid, which is excellent for those people who don’t know or haven’t learn quite yet how to do a French braid. Stop braiding when you are at the very bottom, around two-thirds to the hair ends. Repeat on the other side.

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Split the remaining hair at the back in half. Braid two regular or French braids, as you prefer. When you are done, start pulling the braids a bit to make them look messier and more voluminous. Start with the back sections by draping one section into the other one. Secure everything with bobby pins. Drape the front braids across and tuck the unbraided hair ends underneath the braid.

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