25 Very Chic Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

By Sarah J. Helms / Updated on August 5, 2019
Whether you are going to your best friend's wedding, or you want to make new hairstyle, updos are great for both. We have collected chic updos for short hair.

Updos are not imposable on short hair. On the contrary, girls with short hair can make pretty, elegant or casual updos as they wish.

You can go with one or multiple braids, curl your hair or make it look messy – these updos are very practical.

Here are some of the ways on how you can style updo for short hair.

Voluminous with Retro VibePhoto: chiclifestyle.org

Short bobs are perfect for these kinds of hairstyles. You only need to make pretty big waves and add a lot of hair spray to keep it all up. This updo is perfect for those girls who like retro, a bit of pin-up style.

Triple BunPhoto: chiclifestyle.org

If one bun is just ‘meh, too ordinary’ for you, then triple it! This lovely updo consists of three buns and two braids. The result – amazing hairstyle for both everyday and special occasions.

Pinned UpdoPhoto: chiclifestyle.org

If your hair disturbs you while doing things at work, simply pin it right above your neck. You can leave a few hair strands in the front and curl them.

Chic and CasualPhoto: chiclifestyle.org

Wavy short hair is not so easy to arrange. However, this updo is perfect for all special events and everyday occasions. Leave a few strands of hair in front and updo the rest of your hair with a pearl pin. If you plan to wear it as casual hairstyle, then opt for something less sparkly.

Headbands are BackPhoto: chiclifestyle.org

If you are following fashion trends then you have probably have seen that headbands are back to style again! They look gorgeous in combination with short updos. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to wear sparkly or for instance velvet headband.

Always Go With PearlsPhoto: chiclifestyle.org

It is a fact that hair accessories can give your look more sophisticated and elegant look. If you are heading to a wedding or some other kind of celebration, think about putting on pearl pins. They will keep your short hair up and make you look fantastic.

Tucked InPhoto: chiclifestyle.org

You can do anything with classic black pins. One of the things is this lovely and cute tucked in an updo. This hairstyle is good for girls who have really short hair of bobs but need to look polished and elegant.

Simple Yet ElegantPhoto: shorthairmodels.com

This might be the easiest way to updo your short hair, but it is the most beautiful at the same time. No matter if your hair is blonde or you are brunette, this hairstyle looks good on everybody.

Crossed BraidsPhoto: shorthairmodels.com

To make your updo even more interesting, cross two braids on the back. You can hide the excess hair with hairpins and make a small bun.

Curly UpdoPhoto: shorthairmodels.com

Before making your updo hairstyle, you need to curl your hair with a curling wand. That way you will get volume and texture. Leave only one hair strand on both sides of your face and you are ready for all possible occasions.

Hidden Sparkly AccessoryPhoto: shorthairmodels.com

Sometimes, you need something to make your whole look unique. It can be jewelry or hair accessory. If you choose something luxe and half hidden accessory like this you will definitely have a perfect look.

Gathered in the CenterPhoto: shorthairmodels.com

Gather all your hair on the back of your head and pin it with hidden pins. This hairstyle looks even better if you decide to curl your hair – you will get much more volume and texture.

Perfect for BridesPhoto: shorthairmodels.com

This lovely updo is the right choice for brides-to-be with extremely short hairstyles. This pearly string accessory is perfect for updo braid.

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