4 Cool Box Braid Styles If Usual Is Not For You

Box braid styles

Box braid styles are one of the most popular out of all protective hairstyles. Box braids got their name from the square shape in which you section your hair. Usually, these squares need to be precise with the braids falling out of them.

Some women braid their natural hair, then joint with braiding hair. Others use the knotless technique, where they simply braid all the hair together. There are several styles you can try.

Box Braid Styles

#1 Braided Buns

This style is very common. It is also one of those convenient ones that you can make at any time while you wear your protective style.

Box braids are easy to twist, so you can wear them on top of your hair, knotted, or as a low bun.

Always make sure to secure your bun with a lot of bobby pins or elastics. The box braids are heavy, so they tend to fall out from the bun.

Bronze Hair in a Bun

Photo: Instagram/@nikkifagbemi

Believe it or not, you can gather a lot of braided hair in a top knot. Here in the first example, this girl shows us how to rock a high bun with a bunch of box braids.

You can wear this twisted hairstyle for both casual and formal events. Why not? These gathered box braids styles can match pretty great with elegant dresses.

Bun with Accessories

Photo: Instagram/@lovecutnextion

You can position your bun wherever you want, but you can also enhance it with some accessories. While braiding your box braids, add gold or silver rings to them. You can’t over-do it, especially if you wear your protective style during summer.

2# Curly Box Braids

Some women decide to braid their hair all the way down to hair ends. Others like to leave their hair ends free or, even better – curly. You can choose the braiding hair that has curly ends or use a curling wand to make waves.

Curls give that casual, bohemian vibe to your box braid styles. They are great for those women who like to keep it minimal yet chic. You can even make braids and leave a few strands of hair to curl.

Curly Hair and Box Braids

Photo: Instagram/@braidsbygels

Instead of curly hair ends, you can leave a few strands of your hair unbraided. Then use your curling wand to make waves or even smaller curls. The rest of your hair should be braided. This style is excellent for long and medium hair lengths.

Blonde Curly Box Braids

Photo: Instagram/@worldofbraiding

If you are planning to make a head-turner hairstyle, then we would definitely recommend trying this one. Ice blonde box braids are so attractive that it will be hard for people not to stare at you!

3# Highlighted Box Braids

If you are looking for a way to enhance your braids and get them look more textured, try highlighting them.

All you need to do is buy different shades of braiding hair and incorporate all of them into braids. You can make a different combination, even in one hairstyle – that is the charm of this box braids style.

Shining Highlighted Bun

Photo: Instagram/@boxbraidstyles

Every braid will get that “wow” effect if you wrap them in a bun and highlight them. Go for blonde, honey brown, and ashy shades alongside brown or black. Those hues will perfectly match even when your hair is not in a braid.

Long and Highlighted Box Braid Style

Photo: Instagram/@boxbraidstyles

Now, this is how to do box braids for a really truly astounding look! Long box braids indeed are attractive and elegant. Make them even more enchanted with blonde highlights. If your base crochet hair shade is brown, add some more blonde to it and mix it. Leave the hair ends unbraided or curl them.

4# Braided Box Braids

Braided braids – is that even possible? Yes, and this style is unique and very popular. Instead of gathering your hair into a bun, try braiding your box braids again. You can make fishtail, Dutch, or the most straightforward French braid.

This is one of those box braid styles that is both fancy and practical. If your hair is long and your braids are thick, then you can always braid them in a jumbo fishtail braid and get them off your face.

Blonde Braided Braid

Photo: Instagram/@cazshairbraiding

These blonde box braids need to be tamed somehow! If you are into something new, yet you want to get them off your face as well, then braid them again. Choose the most basic braid – the French one. You can even add more gold or silver accessories.

Waterfall Braid

Photo: Instagram/@ladiimimi_stylist

Black box braids like these ones can be styled in many different ways. We suggest trying the waterfall braid like this one. You braid it halfway and let the rest of the braids fall freely. It is quite an attractive style you can get in less than 15 minutes (once you’ve got braids, of course ?).

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