Top Features People Want in Their Dream House: See What You Already Have

Smart application on tablet, house automation
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Let’s see what happens when people can dream big. What are the real estate desires where white picket fences are just the beginning? Is it something truly extraordinary, or are the dreams much more down-to-earth than we think?

Full-Height Walk-Through Dyson Airblade

Full height airblade
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OK, admit that this one isn’t surely the first thing that crossed your mind. “Step out of the shower, step through the airblade, and be perfectly dry in seconds,” suggesting a forum poster.

Bay View

Balcony with bay view
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You know the joke about the three most important things in real estate, don’t you? Location, location, and location.

Users dream about “a bay window with a window seat”, or a large window where its “seat opens up like a chest to store winter blankets so you can curl up by the window in the winter”. Sounds romantic? It is.

Heated Floor in Every Room

Walking barefoot on heated floor
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Depending on the climate where you live, this can be the heaven in the house. Not to say that floor heating is more cost-effective than radiators, and it’s undoubtedly much more pleasant than, say, blowing hot, dry air around every so often.

Secret Passages

Antique door handle
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OK, this one is intriguing. “I want a huge house built for me with secret passages, but I don’t want to know where they are. I want to discover them while I live in the house. It would be like living inside a puzzle!”.

A Hidden Room

Beautiful interior, hidden room
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Similar to the previous one, this idea got its inspiration from movies it seems. Having a hidden room behind the bookcase or a door behind a subtle wall space sounds fascinating.

Heated Driveway

Woman cleans snow on driveway
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Depending on where you live, you might either dream about it or don’t know this is a thing! It turns out to be sooo practical on snowy days.

Dog Wash Station in a Mudroom

Wet muddy dog
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It’s a sanctuary for both you and your dog. A space where mucky paws and wet fur become a breeze to deal with. No more chasing your dog around the yard with a hose, no more tracking dirt through your pristine home.

Laundry Chute

Taking laundry
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A laundry chute to send dirty clothes from the bedrooms to the laundry room may sound like an extra mile to some. Is it a big deal to pack your laundry and bring it to the laundry room? Unless you live in a grand mansion, probably not.

Central Vacuum System

Father holding baby while vacuuming
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People who don’t have it don’t realize how cool it is. “We bought our first home this year, and we got the central vac all hooked up, and I love it!” a Redditor shared his excitement.


Sauna house
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It’s one of those relatively easily achievable things that bring so much coziness, charm, and relaxation. Especially during humid, cold autumn and winter days. You can have a simple electrical sauna capsule, but a separate wood-burning sauna hud brings a truly next-level experience!

Japanese Toilets

Little boy playing in a bathroom
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It’s like having a mini spaceship inside your bathroom. “I just got back from Tokyo a couple of weeks ago, and my friend and I have decided decisively that we miss two things: the food and the heated toilet seats,” said a forum user.

Smart Home and Automation

Smart application on tablet, house automation
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This includes many things. For example, setting up an alarm for the morning, the blinds open, and coffee gets ready in the kitchen. Some people want things voice-activated, e.g., opening the garage door. All these nowadays are more easily achievable than many think.

Rainfall Shower

Shower room with flowing water

A rainfall shower for the entire ceiling, not just a spout, is another feature people dream about. Unfortunately, more than half of the water will go to waste unless you design how to reuse the water. For example, set up a water recycling mechanism for an irrigation system.

Wine Cave

Wine cave
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Imagine a wine cellar with barrels and everything, along with hanging salamis and prosciutto and some furniture set up to enjoy all that. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Mini Movie Theater

Home cinema room
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If you consider movie watching as your top addiction, think of having a separate dedicated room with a great TV or projector, a superb sound system, designated lights, and comfortable chairs. What are we going to watch next?

Large Multi-Purpose Room

Large multi-purpose party room
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A person who talked about this idea was quite specific: “I want a large multi-purpose room. Like a Ballroom. Hardwood floors and plenty of space for tables. I want to be able to set up multi-table wargames as well as entertain during the Holidays. It should have a bar and kitchenette and couches and comfy chairs all around the walls.”

Server Room

Home lab server room
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This is for the tech geeks out there. “A server room with a glass wall, a door with biometric security, proper air conditioning”. All this to host your home lab. If you’re a true geek, you already have all that, I guess.

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