22 Ways To Improve Your Quality of Life You Will Wish You Did Sooner

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If you feel bored or stuck, it may be a perfect time to shake things up in your life. Add some spice.

Everyone needs a little tweak here and there. Even tiny adjustments in your routine can help you turn your life from a monotonous cycle to something much more meaningful. 

From gratitude to dealing with procrastination to JOMO – we’ll explore new habits, tips, tricks, and anything else that will make your life more exciting.

1. Take a Nap

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Toddlers know something about naps that we forgot. It doesn’t matter how busy you get; you can squeeze in some time to nap.

The best part about taking a nap is that depending on your time, you can set how long you want to nap. Ensure you set an alarm so you don’t wake up six hours later wondering which country you are in.

A nap during the day can enhance alertness, boost mood, improve memory, and reduce stress.

2. Practice Gratitude

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Do you need help with staying positive? Does your mind automatically focus on the negative? Expressing gratitude for your current state will help you divert your focus from the negative.

According to Harvard Health, gratitude steers you from the negatives and towards the positives in your life, making you happier. You’ll feel better mentally and physically and be in a better mindset and position to cope with any curve balls that might come your way.

3. Cut off Your Toxic Relationships

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Any relationship that’s taking your energy out and draining your mental health has to go. Explore relationships that feed into your energy and make you better.

Youth.Gov explores the factors of healthy and unhealthy relationships, helping you identify what is toxic and what is not. An unhealthy social connection leaves you feeling depressed, impacting your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

4. Stop Procrastinating

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Procrastinating makes life more complicated because things should be done when they are done. Crossing stuff from your to-do list will give you the momentum to improve. Moreover, you will live your life with more purpose.

If you find yourself procrastinating, don’t consider it a flaw or start blaming or stressing yourself for not getting things done. Different reasons and factors can contribute to procrastination, but with proper planning and task organization, you’ll be able to get out of the rut you’re stuck in. Simply start small and appreciate tiny victories.

5. Laugh More

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Did you know you can trick your brain out of a low mental episode by smiling? That’s the simple power of a smile. Whether it’s through a comedy show or a meme, laugh more. Laughing will lift your spirits and help you avoid a negative rut.

HelpGuide.org states that “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter helps reduce stress, relaxes, and contributes to an overall great mood.

6. Morning Dance Party

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If you struggle with getting up and staying positive in the morning, it’s time to switch things up. What better way to do this than at a morning dance party? Spare some time as you prepare for the day to shake it off to some Taylor Swift and lift your morning spirits. 

The mind-body connection is a two-way relationship where the mind influences the body, and likewise – the body influences the mind. For example, when you dance (or laugh), even if it’s artificial, your body sends positive signals to your mind, eventually transforming your mental state. You will start feeling better.

7. Playtime

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Unwinding as an adult doesn’t have to be about clubbing and drinking. Channel your inner child and explore what games make you feel alive again. It could be as simple as getting your hands dirty in clay molding, going down an adult slide, or playing with water balloons.

8. Unplug

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Silence is unique and necessary in a world that likes to stay connected. Take a break from all the devices and social media applications occasionally. Explore your surroundings. Stay grounded by touching some grass and basking in the sunlight. Here are plenty of reasons why walking in nature helps your mental wellbeing.

But you don’t necessarily have to go for a long walk. A digital detox, in general, helps prevent social media fatigue. By unplugging yourself, you’ll notice an improvement in your productivity, mental wellbeing, sleep patterns, relationships, and so much more, significantly improving the quality of your life.

9. Spread Some Positivity and Kindness

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Whether opening a door for someone or making coffee for your co-worker, positivity will do wonders for your mental health. You never know how much someone may need that extra hope in humanity. Seeing how you can change someone’s life with a simple “Thank you” note will help you focus on the positive.

10. Dance Like No One’s Watching

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When was the last time you let your body loose? We are not talking about the routine TikTok dances. We mean allowing your body to move to whatever rhythm it wants. Turn up the music and dance away your stress.

11. Create a Work-Life Balance

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Working non-stop is bound to get you drained. It’s essential to take a break from work once in a while. Create a clear boundary that helps you have some time for yourself. Exploring your hobbies and talents will make you fall in love with life again.

12. Express Your Creativity

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Creativity is a powerful outlet for stress and self-discovery. If you feel like you have blocked emotions, try some creative outlets. You could finger-paint, draw, or make some pots. Let your imagination run wild.

13. Joy of Missing Out

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In a world focused on staying connected and not missing out, embrace the Joy Of Missing Out, or JOMO. Allow yourself to enjoy solitude. Disconnect from your social media for some time; don’t attend the parties. Figure out who you are and what you like. Explore your new interests.

14. Practice Regular Self-Care

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Self-care is doing things to improve your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Self-care looks different for everyone. It could be a spa date for one person and a bubble bath for another. Read that book you’ve been holding off on. Do whatever makes you happy and be unapologetic about it.

15. Lift Weights

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It’s a simple suggestion applicable to everyone, regardless of age or body conditions. Working out is an enormous step towards a better, healthier you.

Physical activity, especially when it becomes a habit, gives great physical and moral satisfaction.

16. Be Conscious About Nutrition

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Nutrition goes hand in hand with working out. Determine your goal and learn what kind of food will help you reach your goal. You are what you eat.

17. Create a Saving Culture

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Try to streamline your finances and manage your debts. A poor saving culture will cost you your mental health and general joy. You don’t have to wait for payday to come around. Put something on the side for a rainy day.

18. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Staying in a comfortable cocoon has cost so many people their dreams. Take a leap of faith occasionally and explore how far you can go. Pursue your passions, projects, and dreams. Allow your inner child to get the thrill they deserve.

19. Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

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If your life falls off the rails, pick yourself up and try again. You don’t have to curl into a ball and give up whenever life hands you a twist and turn. Always push forward and take a lesson or two from your negative experiences.

20. Do Breathing Exercises

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Take a deep breath for five seconds and exhale. Focus on your breathing every time you feel overwhelmed or anxious. Concentrate on how the air is moving through your body as you breathe. Breathing exercises are a sure way to stay grounded.

There have been many researches that show how finding a sense of calmness and mindfulness through meditation and breathing can reduce anxiety and lower stress levels.

21. Forgive Regularly

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As humans, we are bound to make mistakes regularly. Instead of focusing on the past mistakes of others, why not focus on the growth and lessons?

Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. It will help you to grow.

22. Invest in Making Memories

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You don’t have to stay on your phone all holiday or take unlimited pictures and videos to enjoy an experience. Put that phone down and make a core memory. Travel, enjoy the scenery, touch the grass, and stare at the sky.

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