9 Sports & Hobbies Everyone Can Try Out Without Hesitation

Woman learning how to sketch draw
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Is there a better way to explore new interests, stay active and meet new people – all at once?

I am always on the lookout for new courses, hobbies, and of course, sports – sport is never a wasted time. Why not engage the mind, connect to the body, and meet all sorts of individuals through immersive participation? The pub could be enjoyable, but multifaceted activities surpass the mere act of sitting and sipping. From taking care of plants to running, from board games to vintage clothes shopping – the list is endless.

Here I present some activities that don’t require tremendous effort and that you can start already this season.

1. Man Against the Giants: Hiking

Couple hiking in nature together
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This summer, I completed my first technically demanding trail, and God, was it a beating experience. The journey requires good preparation, mental discipline, and a companion – someone experienced and fun to be around when things get onerous. From a steep uphill climb to cable-assisted ascents and even navigating abyssal terrain with 90-degree angled rock, each obstacle tested my limits.

Despite moments of doubt, occasional tears, and endless stone slides downhill, it was an unforgettable endeavor worth putting on a bucket list.

2. The Art of Language Learning

People learning language
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How we convey meaning and how effectively we communicate is paramount to establishing and maintaining healthy connections. Being good with words enriches our problem-solving skills, aids in conflict resolution and negotiation, and infuses creativity in personal interactions.

Exploring alternate languages enables us to imagine the world from fresh perspectives, develops creative expression, and expands neural pathways – always a cool thing.

3. Predator-Sharp Focus: Archery

Athletic woman aiming with bow arrow
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A practice dating back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, archery demands a predator’s focus and precision. I tried it out, and the first rule of this practice is that you handle your arch, so you never aim it at anyone by accident. In a moment of steadiness, before launching that arrow, all there is is you, an arch, and a target. I guess it is a form of meditation – being fully in the present moment. 

4. To Easily Refresh Yourself: Badminton

Women playing badminton
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I like badminton for its light-hearted nature that allows for a fun chat here and there. And I like how quickly you get better at it.

Good luck with that open-air badminton if you live in a location with common winds. You’ll have to seek an indoor court, which is not bad, except you’ll have to pay for each session.

5. Movement as a Poetry in Ballet

The classic ballet dancer posing at ballet barre on a  rehearsal room background. back view
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I never gave it my attention until one day I went on with an intensive 5-hour introductory ballet class. It’s a blend of intense stretching but in the most sophisticated way. It’s like yoga, but poetic, with beautiful sculpturesque movements at the fore.

I loved it until the part where we were required to do a short performance – with Arabesque, Passé, and Chasé… It was too soon for me; I ended up dancing like a disoriented horse rather than a gracious swan.

Except for the foot pain, it does good for your spinal health, centering your posture, just like fencing does (from which it originated). Imagine how strong and flexible you have to be to make it look like it’s nothing. 

6. Dance Jazzing, Jazz Dancing

Couple dancing
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If you love music and find your body naturally syncs with the rhythm, the pull of jazz dance is irresistible. Sensual and sensory-rich, this type of dance empowers you to move in alluring and composed ways. Tuning into your body, diminishing the mental chatter, and giving it to its flow yields beautiful and liberating movements.

7. Playing for the Soul

Woman playing acoustic guitar at home
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They say playing an instrument makes you smarter, and since both hands work simultaneously, it hones your ambidexterity – something Leo Da Vinci would approve.

They also say the same brain center is activated when knitting, which means if you ever knitted – you aren’t a total beginner for playing (that’s just a synthesis on top of my head). But for the fact, it stimulates the brain, improves memory, attention, and creative skills, and makes you feel good and connected with humanity.

8. Visual Language Processing While Drawing

Woman learning how to sketch draw
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If you aren’t that visual, drawing could be such a pain. But, if you are at least somewhat visual, going past initial growing pains will bring you a sense of great satisfaction. You could suddenly craft your own worlds, and unleash imagination, impacting how you curate your surroundings – from lifestyle choices to cultivating aesthetics in how you dress. Your observation of the world expands into a more detailed, richer picture, and your sense of visual identity refines.

9. Stay Sharp Through Reading

Woman reading book in hygge setting
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If running is a simple and effective way to stay fit, reading does that for the mind. I have a collection of books from different backgrounds – SciFi, art history, fashion, mind, quantum physics, Shakespeare, adventure fiction, poems in French… Each time I look at it, I have a certain sense of satisfaction counting those I’ve read. It feels like I know a bit more about the world, possessing an expanding toolkit for navigating life’s challenges.

Each and Every Activity Is Worthwhile

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Trying something new or continuously improving/maintaining existing skills is good for your neural pathways. The initial discomfort soon evolves into a sense of accomplishment, filling your day with positivity that extends to personal and professional goals.

Make time for it; it enhances your demeanor and appearance, even if you don’t realize it immediately. Life is all about exploration and experimentation – you never know what interesting companion you might meet along the way.

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