10 Exotic House Plants That Can Solve Your Decor Problems

Baobab adansonia in a pot
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Decorating your home can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Think of the hassle of creating a cohesive space with furniture and decor; that can be a challenge. Good thing house plants are easy to introduce and instantly lift your space.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer minimalism or want splendid scenery, you will surely find a suitable houseplant from this list.

1. Wine Cup (Crassula Umbella)

Wine cup (crassula umbella) plant

The Wine Cup is a succulent with waxy and cupped leaves that rotate around a stalk of green flowers. The best part about this succulent is that the center of the flow is pink, making it a good centerpiece because of the attention it commands. Since it is a succulent, it is low maintenance and easy to care for if you have a demanding schedule.

2. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera)

Monstera tree in pot
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Are you looking for an exotic houseplant that is a natural art piece? Well, the Monstera naturally grows in the jungle. It has luscious green leaves that split into graphic holes. As if its beauty is not enough, the Swiss Cheese Plant is easy to maintain and a natural climber. The plant thrives in high humidity and indirect bright sunlight. Therefore, it blooms when placed in a living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

3. Baobab (Adansonia)

Baobab adansonia in a pot
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You must think, “How will I manage a baobab tree indoors?”It’s a valid question since the tree can grow up to almost 100 feet high. However, the Boabab tree is quite adaptive. If you restrict it to a planted pot, it will not grow to its usual size. You will expect it to grow to an estimated one and a half meters. The beauty of the baobab plant will get you as close to nature as someone strolling in the forest.

4. Porcelain Flower (Hoya Carnosa)

Porcelain flower (hoya carnosa)

The white-pink flower gets its name from its even petals, which appear painted on porcelain. The flower grows fast and thrives from spring until autumn. Its pleasant scent will attract the attention of anyone walking in the room. Due to its decorative appearance, the porcelain flower would look good displayed in the living room in full view of all your guests and loved ones.

5. Living Stone (Lithops)

Lithops Living stones
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Are you tired of looking for the perfect dining/coffee table centerpiece? The Living Stone Plant could be your answer. Imagine a succulent that looks like a stone or pebble. The plant originates from South Africa and comes in pink, green, brown, rust, and grey. Therefore, you can select the shade that fits your aesthetic color scheme. This low-maintenance plant is perfect for your table or windowsill. Living Stone will bring the natural element you have been looking for.

6. Devil’s Ivy (Pothos)

Devils ivy (pothos) plant

The Devil’s Ivy is a climber that blossoms out of neglect. It is a vine with large green exotic leaves and can grow up to 10 feet long. The best part about the Pothos plant is how multi-colored it is. Depending on your aesthetic color scheme, you can choose a Pothos with silver-blue-green, neon green, or yellow speck leaves. The plant is a good decor piece for your window or stairwell. Devil’s Ivy thrives in humid conditions, and the leaves tend to curl when the plant needs water.

7. Arrowroot Plant (Alocasia)

Arrowroot plant (alocasia)
Image Credit: Freepik.

The beauty of the Alocasia is in its leaves, which resemble an arrowhead. The leaves are green, wavy, and elongated with a cream pattern for its leaf midrib and veins. Most people shy away from this exotic houseplant because they assume it’s high maintenance, but it isn’t. It is easy to care for and will give your home a rich natural feel you can only find in the rainforest.

8. The Variegated String of Pearls (Curio Rowleyanus/Variegata)

When you think about a succulent, the Variegata may not be the first thing that comes to mind. It is known as the string of pearls because its long tendrils have sprinkled pea-shaped leaves. The pea leaves store water for the plant, making it a low-maintenance exotic houseplant. Its striking beauty makes it an art piece for decorating tables, shelves, and any other place that puts it in full view of the room.

9. Majesty Palm (Ravenea Rivularis)

Majesty palm (ravenea rivularis)
Image Credit: Freepik.

The Majesty Palm is a good option if you need a big majestic plant and a high ceiling. It reaches heights of ten feet and blooms in indirect but bright light. Going by its name, the plant is dramatic and would work well in less decorated or plain rooms. The slender leaves of the Majesty Plam cast floor and wall shadows, which give a tropical rainforest vibe. Don’t place it near heat because the roots will get damaged. Any high-humidity room will work wonders for this low-maintenance exotic houseplant.

10. Butterfly Plant/Swallowtail (Christia Obcordata)

Butterfly plant swallowtail (christia obcordata)

The butterfly plant has green leaves with brown veins and mid-rib. The most striking thing about its leaves is the triangular shape that can spark a conversation even for the most anti-social person in the world. Its veins range from pink to green, making it versatile for any home, depending on the aesthetic color scheme. The butterfly plant thrives in indirect but bright sunlight and works well for shaded windows or corner plants.

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