8 Workwear Staples for the Career Woman This Summer, and What Not To Wear

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Building your career wardrobe for the summer is a difficult task. Feeling comfy in the summer while working in the office is a must. 

While the temptation to wear shorts and crop tops exists, some things need to be more appropriate for the office, even during the heat wave. 

So what should you wear in the office during those high record-reaching temperature days? Looking professional and feeling relaxed for the career woman is challenging, but we are here to lead you. 

A Classic White Shirt

Woman wearing a white shirt
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A white shirt is always office appropriate, and no one can look bad wearing one. Invest in a few high-quality white shirts, and you no longer can not say you have nothing to wear when opening your closet. You can combine it with pants, jeans, skirts, and almost everything else!

A white shirt looks elegant and is a timeless piece. If you want to elevate your look, stack on some gold jewelry or cuffs. 

Linen Is a Go-to

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Anything linen works well for the office. For example, you can wear a pair of linen pants, a linen vest, and your favorite bag and mules. Linen looks elegant and is a highly breathable material that will keep you cooler in the office. This makes linen the perfect summer staple for your workwear wardrobe. 

A Midi Silk Skirt

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While some offices have stricter dress codes, if skirts are tolerated, opt for a midi silk dress. Mini skirts are not work-appropriate, but midi skirts can look very classy if worn correctly. Especially a midi silk skirt that will also keep you cool. 

Wear a Shirt Dress

Woman in a shirtdress
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If you are fond of dresses, a shirt dress is a must-have for your summer wardrobe in the office. Since many types of dresses are not very workplace tolerable, a shirt dress is always considered a good idea and entirely appropriate for the office. Try to find a more breathable material and opt for some prints if you want a more elevated look. Pair with your favorite bag and accessories. 

Blazers Are Always Classy

Woman in blazer in the office
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Blazers are a must in your summer wardrobe. Always choose a lightweight material, and then you can pair it with your favorite top. You can also wear an oversized blazer if you want your outfit to avoid looking very serious. While the material is quite important, you should also consider the color of your blazer. Go for lighter colors for the summer, such as white or neutral colors. 

You Can Rock a Jumpsuit in the Office

Business woman in jumpsuit
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While wearing a jumpsuit in the office can be tricky, you can always rock one if you follow these tips!

Wear a jumpsuit that has an appropriate material. Do not go for a strapless jumpsuit; if you must, pair it with a blazer. Opt for a jumpsuit with lighter fabric and not too tight around your body. You should feel comfortable in your workplace and not stressed about your outfit. 

Invest in a Good Suit

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If your workplace is stricter on the dress code, finding the right suit is a must. Even if your workplace is not that formal, a good suit would be a great addition in case of a meeting or a sudden occasion related to work. Try a lighter fabric and a lighter color as well. Purchase some work-appropriate suits that won’t leave you feeling overheated during summer days. You can pair the suit with some minimalist accessories and a pair of flat shoes or mules. Grab your favorite bag, and you are good to go!

Find High-Quality Summer Shoes

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Shoes hold great importance in building your summer workwear wardrobe. While wearing sandals will keep you cool during hot summer days, you must ensure they are office appropriate and do not show a lot of your toes. To be more comfortable, find a pair of mules, especially pointed ones, that look elegant and can elevate your look further. 

Flip-Flops or Beach Sandals Are a No-Go for the Office

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Every workplace has its dress code, but if they don’t, ensure that your outfit is always work-appropriate and do not make these mistakes.

The first on the list are flip-flops. Flip-flops are comfy and make you feel cooler, but they are unacceptable in the workplace. They also make weird noises while you walk, thus distracting everyone nearby.

Don’t Go Strapless

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Don’t wear strapless tops or dresses because they simply show off too much for the workplace. However, if you want to wear a strapless top, pair it with a blazer.

Don’t Wear Sheer Clothing

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Sheer clothing should be left for different occasions and not for a day at the office. Since anything sheer would make you look unprofessional. 

Don’t Wear Sports Clothing

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While many of us feel great in a pair of leggings, sports clothing is inappropriate for your summer office wardrobe.

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