8 Bag Styles for Woman of Many Interests

White tote bag
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Each day has its unique rhythm, ideally diverging from the metro-work-sleep monotony, demanding its own tools and the corresponding cases for its efficient maneuver. I am not a burning bag enthusiast since carrying something extra in my hands is not my cup of tea.

But, balancing between elegance and utility, I’ve come to curate a collection of personal favorites. Here are some bags for women leading dynamic lives.


A girl with a backpack
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I love my old good backpack. I am loyal to the classic black Nike with a contrasting logo. This backpack is a steadfast companion throughout the day. It has a sleeve to fit my laptop, side pockets for water, keys, earphones, airtags… and plenty of space to add a hoodie for windy hours.

I sometimes use it for weekend getaways or low-prep hiking trails. Its unobtrusive design rarely clashes with a multitude of my outfits. I once sported a backpack with a ballistic vest appearance – the Adidas Y3, designed for running, but I wore it in front for that military-cool look.

Travel Bag

Travel suitcase packing
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The Osprey cool and durable backpack is my choice when embarking on journeys lasting a few days. Strategically positioned pockets make packing a seamless process you look forward to, and the bright neon lining ensures ease of retrieval. Their All Mighty Guarantee is also a handy feature, safeguarding against a spectrum of backpack mishaps, sending them back to the adventures realm.

Camera Bag

Woman with a camera bag taking pictures
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This one is perfect for days you don’t have to do too much, carefree Saturdays while meandering the city streets, or casual gatherings with friends and family. It secures your essentials while having your hands free. During a stroll along the European southern coast, I encountered a particularly captivating one – the embodiment of perfect proportion, reaching just below the waistline. Hence, it eliminates awkward bumps while walking. Its beautiful brownish hue, wide canvas stap embroidered with a black logo, and nice finish still make me occasionally daydream about it.

Vintage Minimalist (Kelly) Bag

Purse with scarf
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Probably my favorite classic bag design, the vintage models from the 1950s-1970s that lean on minimal design elements for a timeless feel. Sometimes, it is referred to as Kelly bag, but I’m not referring to the Hermes one. You know, the ones your granny wore – just a rectangle with straps, but finely elaborate. 

Sleek design, thoughtful proportions, precise stitching, right handle height, leather quality, and finish, the eye-watering black, brown, beige, and caramel hues. God is in the details, once said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Tote Bag

White tote bag
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I am more of a fan of a backpack nowadays; in a busy city life, you’ll choose anything that makes your life easier. But there was a time when I leaned more toward ladylike style, with feminine bags and then some sacks around me. Among my favorites is the tote bag, with cool, contemporary, clean lines, where quality and endurance are essential. I like them in canvas or fine leather. I recently learned about the Calella bag from Hereu Studio, which I occasionally stare at. I don’t sport Omnia mea mecum porto anymore, but when I do, the tote is there for.

Evening Purse

Woman purse
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Clutch bag, while pretty, often leave me uneasy due to the need to carry them in my hands constantly – the ones without handles. I guess giving in to occasional high-maintenance charm is okay. That highly elaborated embellishment is reserved for special occasions, so even if you wear it only once or twice, it can double as a charming decoration in your home. It could bring you a sense of joy with each glance.

Find a purse that matches your favorite evening outfits, and you’ll save yourself several precious minutes before going out!

Beach Bag

Woman knitted bag beach
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Basically, it is a tote, just made in jute, paper, raffia, straw, canvas, or such breathable summer fabric. I like those from Loewe, but high quality is not paramount here – often, you could get yours for a couple of bucks or receive it as a complimentary item alongside favored purchases. I’ve got mine with a fashion magazine, it’s beautiful and light and pairs well with my summer items.

Contemporary Bag

Woman dress with handbag
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I saw a nylon bag at the fair in Milan exhibiting the potential of CNC machines. It looked like a huge rectangle with an oval-shaped cutout for a shoulder (resembling a Balenciaga glove tote). I made one in leather for myself, and it was a huge conversation starter. The maxi bags by The Row, the minimalist paper bag leather model from Céline, and the recent generation of oval, banana, and half-moon shapes, including my current favorite – Coperni’s swipe bag, are here for times when ultimate coolness is the goal.

In general, bags may be a hassle – an added item to carry. But, having the right ones, you wouldn’t worry about that too much. Being a woman of many interests, I have my own list, with a backpack being my No. 1; 2nd place goes to a tote and beach bag, and 3rd – to camera bag.

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