3 Proven Style Tips On How To Match Purse And Shoes

Find out how to match purse and shoes
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There’s an age-old saying that states, “you should always match your purse to your shoes,” but how true is this fashion myth? Should we really buy shoes and purses together? Is it critical to master how to match purse and shoes, or are there subtler ways to coordinate our style?

While you don’t need to walk around with the same shoes and purse 24/7, this fashion tip is worth noting.

Having shoes and a purse that coordinate together helps you look more stylish and put together, even if you’ve got dressed in a rush!

Do Your Purse and Shoes Have to Match?

Again, no rule suggests you can’t ever leave the house if your purse and shoes aren’t matching. Still, if you’re going for a get-together feminine style, it’s worth making an effort to be coordinated.

If you don’t want to have a completely matching wardrobe, you can use colors that complement each other to get the same effect.

For example, you can opt for cream and beige. These are similar colors but different shades.

When you’re looking for complementary shades, look for tones in the same color palette or even the same color – like a pale lilac and a deep purple. Different pastel colors are also good choices for this tip, as they’re the same shade.

How to Match Purse and Shoes?

Are you ready to start matching your purse and shoes? Use these tips to begin curating a wardrobe of accessories that will always look great, no matter what season!

1.   Match The Colors

The first thought many have when they’re told to match their shoes and bag is to match the colors. While this is a good tip, it is the simplest one.

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This matching technique works best when you choose neutral colors like beige, grey, black, or white. If you try to match bright pops of color, it can make your outfit look awkward and disjointed – especially if your clothes are a different color too.

If you do want to match colors, opt for muted tones or lighter shades.

For example, pastel colors work well. These aren’t too bold or bright, so they won’t break the outfit up too much. It can also be a good idea to wear the color you’re matching in clothing, so the whole look is cohesive and not just accessories.

2.   Find Similar Patterns

If you don’t want to match block colors, it can be helpful to look for similar patterns.

This doesn’t mean precisely the same ones as these are often hard to find. Instead, look for patterns of the same genre (for example, florals or stripes) and find purses and shoes with similar designs.

This is a bolder look, but you can choose how obvious or subtle you want the patterns to be. If you don’t want to purchase shoes and bags with extreme patterns, you can look for subtle details like panels or stitching, which will match without being too obvious.

3.   Look For The Same Material

Another way to match your shoes and purse is to look at the materials. When we wear a range of textures and materials, we can often look disjointed or heavy in areas with more texture. To avoid this look, make sure your bag and shoes are the same texture.

Good examples of texture to match are matte or suede-like surfaces. These provide a softer look than shiny textures. If your bag features metal components, look for shoes with metallic details. If you are using a canvas tote bag, try weaning some canvas sneakers like Vans or Converse.

Is There a Purse That Matches Everything?

For many women, a purse that matches everything they own would be the holy grail!

Finding a purse that you can use every day is important, as this will save you time when putting outfits together, and you’ll always look stylish too.

What Color Purse Matches Everything?

When you’re looking for a purse to match every outfit, always look for versatile tones. These include white, black, charcoal gray, light gray, and shades of brown. You can also use tan, beige, cream, and ecru shades, as these are very neutral.

You should basically look for any color that isn’t too bright or deep – stick to the basics, and you can never go wrong!

It’s also worth noting that a bag that works with every outfit should have enough space to carry your personal day-to-day items in!

Don’t pick a tiny clutch as you won’t be able to take it anywhere.

You should also avoid bags that are too large, as these can be frustrating. Opt for a midsized bag for daily use.

Do Black Purses Go With Everything?

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Black is the most popular purse color and a prevalent outfit color too. This shade is a good choice as black does go with everything. This is perfect for workwear, casual days, and evening events.

If there’s anything you need to invest in – it’s a black purse!

Look for styles that suit different outfits or needs. A good example of this is a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag, as these are easy to carry yet still have space for your essential items inside.

Remember, you want to use the purse every day and get your money’s worth!

What Is the Most Popular Color Purse?

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Wearing color can help you stand out from everyone else and their neutral purses. Incorporating color into your accessories is a bold move, but when done well, it looks fabulous!

A popular color for purses that isn’t neutral is green – in all shades.

Green has quickly become one of the most on-trend colors for 2021, so it’s no surprise that green purses are the most popular.

Whether you opt for a rich olive green shade or a muted sage green, this is a chic color – perfect for any Instagram shots of your new bag.

The Takeaway

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Matching your purse and shoes can help complete an outfit, but you want to avoid fashion faux pas like wearing too many different materials, looking dis-jointed, and matching the colors wrong.

If you want to take your matching a step further, you can try aligning your purse with your clothes, too! This can result in an ultra-chic look, especially if you like dressing in monochrome or tonal color palettes. Dressing in a matching style is another fashion skill definitely worth exploring!

Hopefully, you’ll have some new inspiration after reading this guide, so go out and invest in some purses and shoes that match your wardrobe!

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