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9 Everyday Makeup Tutorials for Every Girl

Every girl needs to know how to apply makeup especially when you are in a rush, late for the bus, on the way to work or preparing for that big date night.

But every girl knows that it is not as easy as 1-2-3. We want to look perfect. We want to extenuate our best features. However, how does one do that, without looking like a right royal clown?

Lesson one – less is more!

To get that perfect, vogue look, you need to apply some basic makeup rules. We have collated a few everyday makeup tutorials that will get every girl looking like a runway model in no time.

Applying your foundation for a makeup

Foundation application is paramount as this is like preparing the canvas for the paint. You want it to look natural but draw out your best features at the same time. Even tones are important here. You don’t want a dark face and a lighter neck for example.

  • First, you need to moisturize your skin and allow your skin to dry for a few minutes.
  • Then put a little liquid foundation onto your hand and using a slightly damp brush start around your nose and over your nose, moving in the direction of the hair growth. (downward and outward strokes)
  • Keep going over your cheekbones and down around your chin.
  • Keep applying around your mouth area, avoiding your actual lips.
  • Ensure you blend nicely into your neck area, ensuring an even tone throughout.
  • Lastly, apply to your forehead.
  • With a lighter shade apply the foundation to the under of your eyes. Blend in with your fingers.
  • Apply this lighter shade to any area where there is a little darker pigmentation.
  • Set it all in with a face powder.

Watch this video tutorial on how to apply liquid foundation:

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Working Those Eyes

Let us continue with the area that gets the most attention – your eyes! The window to your soul, the first place anyone looks, is your eyes. To make the most of your eyes you want to first begin with the color of your eyes. There are specific eyeshadows that suit specific eye colors.

Beautiful Brown Eyes


You want to create that natural smudgy effect with darker eyes.

Smoldering, smoky and sexy, that is the look you want.

  • To create that natural effect you want to start off with outlining your eyelid, leading down to the top of your eyelid.
  • Fill in the gaps as indicated.
  • Apply a light eyeshadow just below your eyebrow.
  • Then a slightly lighter shade on your eyelid.
  • Smudge in your eyeliner.
  • Apply your mascara up and out to create that fanned effect.



Create natural smudgy effect with darker eyes.Photo: Fashiondivadesign


Gorgeous Green/Hazel Eyes


Green eyes can handle any color eyeshadow and pink, smudged with purple works like magic.

  • Apply a lighter pink onto your eyelid.
  • Then smudge in some darker purple towards the outside of your lid, giving that shadow effect.
  • Now add some darker pink just above that area.
  • Apply dark eyeliner on the bottom and top eyelid area from corner to corner. Make sure it’s even.
  • Smudge in the eyeliner a bit for that smoky look.
  • Apply your mascara, flicking the lashes out to the outside as you do.


Look magical with pink smudged with purple eyes.Photo: Fashiondivadesign


Bold Blue Eyes


Blue eyes need gray. They crave grey as it pulls the color and makes your eyes pop.

  • Start with pale natural base to the whole of the eyelid.
  • Then apply a really dark grey over the oval of your eyelid.
  • Smudge in the color and bring around to the entire eyelid, along with some dark eyeliner, corner to corner.
  • Using a slightly wider, softer brush, fade in the grey eyeshadow.
  • Just above your eyelid, below your eyebrow, apply some light silver, smudging in the grey a little, so it all blends nicely.
  • Smudge in the eyeliner a bit more below your eyelid.
  • Apply your mascara with sweeping motions up and out to the sides.
  • A little glitter under the eyelid will offset your smoky look really nicely, but perhaps only for an evening look.



Look sensual in this blue-grey combo.Photo:


Luscious Lips

Your lips speak a thousand words a day, so why not plump them up to brighten up any day.

Natural Lips


Get that just kissed effect au natural.Photo:


No matter the shape of your lips, the natural look will always be in. Here are a few tricks to give you that just kissed effect.

Apply some base powder to dry your lips.

A light lip liner should be applied to the top line of our lips. This extenuates the curve of your lips.

Smudge this in a bit.

Outline your lips now with a slightly darker liner all around your lips.

A little gloss goes a long way. Pat this on.

In addition, a bit of shimmer will set off the effect we want.

All natural!


Ruby Red Lips

Red lips scream sex and sultry. Pulling off a natural red sheen is not easy, but with these steps, we know you can do it. And red lips needn’t be just for the night. A well-applied red can work it for the daytime too.


Get that sutry look with a sexy red on your pout.Photo:


Outline your lips with a thick lip liner but only on your middle top lip and middle bottom lip.

Then fill in the gaps from corner to middle of your top lip, both sides.

Complete the line on the bottom lip.

Fill in your lips with the desired red shade lipstick.

Using wax liner, outline your lips completely.

Using a lighter primer or concealer, line your lips.

This finishes off that sexy pout.


Ombre Lips

All the flavor, from the color of your hair and now to your lips. Ombre lips have a graduation from dark to light and are so the in thing. You can go really Goth, but we want something for the everyday girl, so we have chosen a natural light pink.

Here is how to get this modern vogue look.

Ombre lips have a graduation from dark to light and are so the in thing.Photo:
  • First, you need to moisturize your lips as this style can dry your lips out. Apply moisturizer at least 10 minutes before beginning the paint on.
  • Line your lips with a dark lip liner, whichever color you are going for, smudging in towards the center but not all the way, leaving the middle of your lips bare.
  • Using a lighter color, fill in the rest of your lips, all the way to the center. With an even lighter color smudge in the center of your lips, blending in the darker outlining color.
  • Continue to smudge and blend, making sure the darker color stays on the outer areas of your lips and the lighter inside.
  • Press your lips together to seal it all in and Walla! You are all ombre’d.

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Cheeky Cheeks

Apple Cheeks

Apple or higher cheek bones need a specific blush application. As they are already naturally pronounced we don’t want to over-accentuate these beauties.

Highlight your cheeks the right way and get that summer glow.
  • First prep your skin with a light base and powder coating.
  • Next, use a sponge to apply a darker shade just below the cheek bone.
  • Use a brush to blend in the color to create an angular shape.
  • With your lighter shade apply and blend above this line. This creates the shape you want.
  • This is a slightly half moon shape.
  • With an even lighter shade, create the half moon above, to complete the moon.

Look at you!

Oval/Long Cheeks and Face

For Oval, or longer faces you want to end with the effect that your face is not so long, obviously. This means we are essentially squashing your face a bit. Sounds odd, but it works.


  • First, you need to pout a bit to make that kissy face. This shows you where your cheekbone line is.
  • Then using a medium sized brush, apply a darker blush powder along the line of your cheekbone, with smooth long strokes, bottom to top.
  • Blend the color in with the same brush to create that natural effect.
  • Where the hair meets your skin above your eyebrows you want to contour with a lighter color just applying a little to below the hairline. Blend, blend, blend.
  • Under the chin, all along the length, apply a lighter color to contour your jaw line. This pulls everything in together, giving it that squashed in, but natural look.
  • Once done there, use a base powder to seal it all in.
  • Lastly, apply a light blush powder to the tops of your cheekbones.


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As you can see, applying makeup needn’t be a daunting task. Natural is key and at the end of the day you are wanting to bring out your natural beauty, and we all have it. Highlighting those parts of your face that will pop and stand out, but, again, naturally, is key here.

Less is definitely more. The trick is to apply more but make it look like less. Think of the shape of your face, the shape of your eyes as well as the shape of your lips.

You, too, can vogue it every day!