12 Jobs People Say They Would Rather Pay For

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Have you ever held back from starting a business because you weren’t sure about the demand for your service? What if I told you there’s a way to overcome this fear and create a fulfilling business? Here are the most-voted Reddit comments and replies about jobs people would rather pay extra for.

1. Meal Preparation Service

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Have you ever dreamt of having a personal chef? Actually, quite many people struggle to find time for meal preparation. Offering personal chef or meal prep services involves creating customized, nutritious meals tailored to the client’s dietary preferences.

Such service is particularly appealing to busy professionals, families with hectic schedules, or individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the stress of meal planning.

2. Moving Services

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Moving services are some of the most in-demand services people on Reddit are willing to pay extra for.

One person stated, “Movers. After a certain age, beer and food aren’t enough to help move everything from one home to another.” “This a million times over. I’m too old for that, and I’m not even old. I will pay someone to do it for me,” another confirmed.

3. Dog Grooming

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Rather than struggling with a fussy dog, most Reddit people would rather splurge on their dog’s grooming. Additionally, some users confirmed their dogs are calmer when groomed by professionals rather than at home.

One Reddit user said, “I used to cut my dog’s nails, but I have one that is now 13, and as he’s aged, arthritis and hip dysplasia have taken their toll on him. He’s always been a loaf of a dog, and now, with mobility issues, his nails don’t wear down naturally. The $15-$20 is 100% worth it to have a professional grind them down. 

He behaves so much better for them, and it’s a good excuse for a car ride, which he always enjoys. It’s super small, but being able to take him in for nails also makes me feel wealthy. It’s a service I wouldn’t have dreamt of splurging for on the regular a decade ago.”

4. Cutting Trees

Arborist cuts down branches
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One shared, “Cutting down trees. I’m too old to climb a huge oak tree with a chainsaw”. “Really though, most people have zero ideas what they’re doing with trees, and it doesn’t even save much money to hire a pro,” said another.

5. Cleaning Service

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Whether traveling or working, cleaning is an uphill battle for most people. One Reddit user said, “Dude. Am I capable of having an immaculate home 24/7? Yes. Do I? No, because I like to enjoy my life and do things I enjoy that aren’t simply cleaning my house constantly. Get a cleaner, more so once a month for 4 hours, and you’ll never go back.”

6. Landscaping

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“Landscaping. My God, I hate pulling weeds and trimming an overgrown garden. With my allergies and sensitive skin, it’s even more of a disaster.”, one stated. A second shared, “YES!! Here in Texas, I have to battle the darn mosquitos and the ability to get out before it’s 100+ degrees”.

7. Hair Services

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One of the users shared, “Haircut. I tried to cut my hair once at the beginning of COVID-19, and yeah, it’s better if someone else does it”. 

A second user agreed, “To add a related one onto this: bleaching or dyeing your hair. I have bright, unnatural hair. It looks awesome because I paid someone to do it. If I did it myself, I’d probably make myself bald with some terrible bleach mishap. Even when I did natural colored box dye on myself in the past, it only ever looked fine, never great.”

8. Host Kids’ Birthday Parties

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“My daughter wanted to have an art party at home with clay, paint, and more than a dozen first graders in my house. My daughter is meticulous and could spend hours with that stuff, but most of the kids were done with their ‘projects’ in 10 minutes and spent the rest of the time all over making a mess.”, one person commented.

Another confirmed, “Looking back, it’s completely nuts just how many tiny, barely supervised kids parents would invite to a birthday party for a small child at their home.”

9. Pest Control Service

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Dealing with bugs can be overwhelming, not forgetting the potential health risks attached to pests. One Reddit user said, “I want nothing to do with ants, mice, bees, hornets, wasps, whatever. Worth every penny I pay monthly for the service.”

10. Roofing Service

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“Roofing. The new roof worth of shingles weighs a ton, and the pro has a handy machine to place it up there easily. Plus, the fall risk, all the bending over. Yeah, no thanks. Take my money,” one shared.

A second user confirmed, “I replaced the roof on my shed about a month before paying to have my house’s roof replaced by a pro. The few things you listed add up to about 25% of the reasons I wouldn’t consider doing an entire house as a DIY Project. That’s a miserable job.”

11. Painting

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Painting seems all fun and games until you have to do it yourself. Someone replied, “Painting your room sucks. Laying down sheets so it doesn’t drip on the floor, taping edges and moldings, and, worse, painting the ceiling. My back aches just remembering.”

12. Oil Change Service

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“I changed my oil for a while, then added up what I was spending on oil, filters, and the hassle of dealing with waste oil and realized it wasn’t worth it,” another shared. Getting someone to do the dirty work is definitely worth paying for.

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