12 Most Active Polyvore Alternatives: See What Fans Use In 2024

Polyvore alternatives and outfits

Outfit planning is something we all do, whether in our heads or using apps and websites, we love to play around with clothes. There are many platforms online that allow you to curate and collect clothes, giving you inspiration for your next look. One of those was Polyvore.

What Happened To Polyvore?

Polyvore was an extremely popular mood board app. It gave users the ability to create aesthetic collages of clothes, shoes, beauty products, and even home wear products.

The app was shut down so abruptly that the Polyvore users (sometimes deemed the ‘Polyfam’) had to quickly scour for an alternative.

This could help you plan outfits, give you ideas for shopping, or even make cool Instagram posts. Many fans created and shared their Polyvore outfits. However, in 2018 Polyvore was acquired by the brand Ssense (an online retailer) and ended up being shut down.

With such an iconic app being shut down, there was a gap in the online fashion lovers’ market. The app was shut down so abruptly that the Polyvore users (sometimes deemed the ‘Polyfam’) had to quickly scour for an alternative. For those who miss virtual styling, we have searched for other options to this beloved app. Here are 12 apps that are similar:

12 Polyvore Alternatives To Use in 2021

1. Urstyle


First on the list is URSTYLE. This is another fashion mood board app, allowing you to ‘become the stylist.’ This app actually boasts that it includes some of the old Polyvore features, for example, having more than 9 million products (and more are added every day) or having drafts and backup tools that allow you to protect your work. The app even lets you import your old sets that were made on Polyvore – enabling old fans to reuse their lost work. Which actually makes this app a reasonable Polyvore alternative.

URSTYLE is easy to navigate with clear instructions, it’s iOS and Android compatible too – meaning anyone can use it. Another bonus to URSTYLE is the community section. Not only can you create stylist sets, but also you can share yours and chat with others. This is a great way to connect with others that have a passion for fashion.

– Allows Polyvore backups, keeping your old work alive
– Thriving community of stylists
– Very popular, so if you intend to get noticed on here, it may be harder

2. TrendMe


Next up, we have TrendMe. TrendMe describes themselves as a ‘fashion social network,’ a place to show your style off to the world. This app allows you to ‘shop the latest products and follow fashion trends.’ Like Polyvore, on TrendMe you can also change the backgrounds of your mood boards and also add text and buildings. This is more creative than others.

There is also a thriving community on this app, with users adding you as soon ad you sign up. This can help inspire your creativity and get criticism on your style; we all want others to know how good we look! This sign up and starting packs are easy to do, so if you’re a novice to the online styling game, this is a great choice.

– Very interactive
– Easy to join and start using
– No options for menswear

3. Shoplook


Shoplook was the app most Polyvore users made the switch to after the deactivation of the app. Shoplook’ helps everyday women discover and shop expertly designed outfit ideas for any occasion, body type, and budget.’ This app has a focus on showing you where to buy the looks you’re creating sets with, helping you curate your online style, and wear it in real life. It even allows you to set a price range when searching. Don’t be put off by this if you’re just planning on making sets, though. You don’t have to buy clothes.

Unfortunately, this app only shows womenswear. There are no men’s alternatives here. You cannot change the backgrounds, add makeup products or text – however, this is not a deal-breaker for most people as they are clothes-focused.

– Great if you want to buy the items you select– No menswear
– No backgrounds or text on the sets

4. Villoid

Villoid is an app pioneered by style icon celebrity Alexa Chung. Usually, this is enough to get people interested, as Chung has inspired generation after generation with her chic street style and messy eyeliner looks. Chung founded the app in 2015, and it allows users to collect and share fashion images. Now the app has over 4,000 strong brands that Villoid actually stocks. 

The app boasts a cult following, with Chung stating, “There’s a huge Villoid community of style freaks out there. It’s been amazing to watch how they’ve used our app, and hopefully, we’ve been able to adapt and respond to their demands.” The app is community-focused and allows users to fill their digital rails full of exclusive luxury garments.

– Celebrity endorsed
– Vogue approved

5. FashMates


FashMates is another app that calls itself a ‘fashion social network’; this app allows you to ‘share your looks with the like-minded fashionistas to buy.’ It boasts 12 million+ look impressions monthly, 18 million+ product curations monthly, and 500+ top brands. These stats are mighty impressive, so this is worth checking out.

This app also has contests, allowing you to compete with your sets and letting users in the community vote. This brings a fun level of competitiveness to the fashion world, allowing you to play in a light-hearted way. The platform’s community section is divided up into subculture groups, allowing users to find others who love the same niche as them. You can also browse by interest, and unlike other, men’s fashion is included on this platform.

– Includes many subcultures
– Competitions online
– Men’s fashion included
– Payment/Membership needed to access some parts of the app

6. Juxboard


Jux is different from other options on this list. If you like the mood board side of these apps and want to curate aesthetic posts and not clothes, try Jux. ‘Jux is built for visual storytelling. Create stunning and customized mood boards with various grid and media options in the most practical and efficient way.’

This app lends itself to the Instagram trend of aesthetic posts. Users can choose any photos (from fashion to architecture) and pair them with text, color blocks, and chic layouts. This is great for expressing an artistic idea or vibe visually. You can search Google images and Unsplash (royalty free photos) to create these. Try this out if you ever feel in a creative slump, you never know what you’ll create.

– Very artistic
– Perfect for Instagram
– iOS compatible only
– Not for shopping

7. GlamOutfit

GlamOutfit is another fashion-focused app. The app uses techniques that professional stylists use to make the most of your closet and create outfits that flatter your body type and fit your lifestyle. Outfit ideas are recommended to you based on the clothes you already own. This app is less making inspiration boards and based more on what you already own – perfect for those who want real-life fashion tips.

The app also featured a fashion calendar, allowing you to plan what to wear wherever you are. You can save these outfits to your personal look book for later on! There are options to share these looks with friends via Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know how great you look, be confident with your style!

– App gives real style advice and tips
– Calendar helps you plan
– App not available in all countries

8. Chicvore


Chicvore was created as an alternative to fill the Polyvore void. However, Chicvore promises to secure your designs and contributions forever! Chicvore states, ‘We devour the chic. We consume all fashion.’ Chicvore gained thousands of subscribers instantly after the soft-launch; obviously, they missed Polyvore a lot!

Following the late Polyvore form, you can choose from women’s outfits, shoes, accessories, home wear, and menswear.  However, for now, Chicvore stays an invite-only service. The website asks for your email, and there is a wait to get in. If you have been on the site for a while, you are allowed to invite your friends, and then they can invite their friends… and so on.

– Similar to Polyvore– Invite only
– Smaller community

9. Bantoa


Bantoa aims to provide outfit inspiration; this is different from others on the list as they allow you to create your own looks. You browse looks online and then can buy pieces from the looks. This is a better website for those that want to go shopping instead of just making mood boards. This aligns it slightly with webshops, making it less of a creative platform.

The sign-up procedure for Bantoa is also slightly different. When you are new and have just signed up, you can only buy sets. After signing up, you can use the ‘become an outfitter’ button to start putting together outfits. However, the website gives you many filtering options and can adjust images while making outfits – great for those with niche fashion tastes.

– Good for shopping choices
– Very organized
– Less creativity
– Long sign up process

10. ClosetSpace

ClosetSpace is a free personal style management website. This website gives you daily style inspiration and expert advice – as well as time-saving tips! The app allows you to view all of your favorite items in one place, so whenever you need fashion inspiration, it’s easy to pick and chose. You can also browse inspiration from 135+ bloggers. Bloggers and fashion influencers are very important these days; they always know the newest trends first.

You can even sync your outfits with Google calendar, letting you look at the weather and important dates while you pick your style. This is an excellent tool for those who live in areas with changeable weather – or for anyone in winter! To add to this, you also get deals on partner brands. These are seen on the ClosetSpace Picks page.

– Syncs with Google Calendar
– Brand deals and money off
– Reviews suggest app doesn’t always work smoothly

11. LookBook


LookBook claims to be the number one source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world. Unlike others, this app is based on real people’s looks, not creating inspiration sets. Models, photographers, and ordinary people photograph their outfits and post these. You can use this app to show off your style or to take fashion ideas from others!

The community feature allows you to ‘hype’ people’s looks and promotes them to the front page. This can give you feedback on how you look and even get you famous! If you’re not posting, you can show love to those who do. Usually, posters will keep their looks seasonal for real-time street style inspiration. Don’t be put off that this isn’t mood board based; LookBook is excellent for hot new styles.

– Outfits are seen on real people
– Interactive community
– International users
– Not for shopping

12. Combyne


As the name suggests, Combyne allows you to combine your favorite clothes in Polyvore-like mood boards. This is similar to the original Polyvore app, as Combyne promotes creativity and experimentation. It is fashion-based, and many fashion bloggers use this platform. It even offers wardrobe organization tips – which are super helpful!

If you’re a keen competitor, you can use your sets to enter competitions  – or even set your own competitions up. The app’s community is active and friendly, a like-minded community of fashion creatives at your fingertips. It’s easy to invite friends and show them your style; this connectivity is a bonus for this app.

– Similar to Polyvore
– Community competitions
– Isn’t linked to the shopping

Hopefully, these suggestions will keep you up to date on the latest fashions out there!

Many were missing the creative space in their life for fashion, beauty, and connecting with like-minded individuals with Polyvore gone. We hope these will bring back a sense of community and outfit inspiration to your life. Polyvore is hard to recreate, but life doesn’t have to be so difficult without it!

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